Monday, October 5, 2009

Escape Yourself for a Night!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for one sole reason: COSTUMES! Since I was little, I have always made my costume (with Mom's help). Then as I got older I got really into it, and the last couple years I have actually made my whole costume from the pattern to the final product!

Since Halloween is coming up, I wanted to recap some costumes for you, in case you're still in search of an idea. I'm not telling you what I'm going to be this year, you'll have to wait until after its unveiled! * I am going to put these in order of ease, so if you're not an expert sewer you can still make a costume for Halloween!
Old School Madonna. This one is comfortable and so much fun. Fishnet gloves, some kind of huge sheer bow in your hair (I added a side pony), rough layered 80s tops, tutu, leggings, High Top Chucks and LOTS of bangles. Don't forget to add your Madonna Rock Star attitude to complete the look!

Jessica Rabbit. You won't believe how many people didn't know who I was, what on Earth did they watch on TV growing up...did they miss the Roger Rabbit movie? Slinky, sexy red dress with a slit all the way up to your hip (I cut a slit up my repurposed dress). Purple satin gloves, heels, red long wig. And pucker your lips, sip martinis and be sultry all night.
The classic Marilyn. Super easy: pretty dress, pin curl hair, gloves and heels! The hairstyle makes this outfit a little harder, but if you just buy the blonde wig, it is easy. Plus you can justify buying a gorgeous dress because it can double as you costume and wedding/soiree ensemble later! Don't forget dramatic false lashes (mine have a diamond eyeliner), red lipstick, and a beauty mark!Cleopatra. This was fun because not many people do this costume! I made the skirt out of a simple McCall's pattern. Folded my cami in half and added gold around the straps. Draped gold fabric around my waist. I bought copper from a home improvement store and bent it into two armbands. Ebay provided the Egyptian necklace. Put on wig, go crazy with make-up (the Egyptian cat eye is fun), I also put on lots of bronzer and gold shimmer, since I'm not blessed with olive skin.
Flapper. This is soo much fun to be. I made a sheath dress and added each layer of fringe. Also, you can't see it, but the back is plunging with 2 horizontal sequin bands going across it. Add fishnet stockings, beaded headband, fingerwave wig, LONG pearls, heels, bright red lipstick etc. My two favorite accessories for this outfit were a long skinny cigarette holder (not shown), and a garter belt...that holds a mini gun!
Wonder Woman. This is pretty close competition for my favorite costume ever! I made blue high waisted undie bottoms and joined them with the corset top (I had to create all the patterns on this one, Warning: there are no decent Wonder Woman costumes or patterns to buy). Appliqued the gold belt on and added a loop to hold the lasso. Created patent leather boot covers tailored for a pair of my knee high boots, and then created a gold headband and cuffs. Don't forget to applique on all the stars, and sew on the gold ric-rac WW symbol. *I added sheer tights for warmth and a little extra coverage for comfort* I had to add brown extensions since my hair was a little past chin length at this point. So I felt like someone completely different, it was awesome.

Remember, always make costumes with friends. Just like you don't carve pumpkins alone because it is a fun group activity so can costuming! Go shopping for fabrics together, bounce ideas off each other, and then if you get stuck mid-way two heads are better than one!

So, what will you be for halloween? What has your favorite costume been in the past (handmade I hope)!

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Miss Head Over Heels said...

My friend and I were just discussing yesterday about Halloween. We don't really celebrate Halloween here but we really want to dress up this time. It will be fun. What should I dress up as? Any idea?

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