Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pourquoi Pas? Seriously Addicted to Pinterest

Bored? Pinterest. Need inspiration? Pinterest. Need anything? Pinterest! I'm telling you I have a serious problem with surfing and cataloguing all the visual inspirations I gather from blogs. Pinterest, the online inspiration board building phenomenon is amazing. Here are some things tickling my fancy for this Wednesday.

Source: via Dawn on Pinterest

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New York Fashion Week is Coming!

New York Fashion Week is right around the corner! Even though I live and breath it everyday for at least 10 hours a day, it still caught me off guard today when I realized that it is a week and a half away. Eeek! Here is a recap of some items you should have in your fashion week line up...whether all at once or spread out is entirely up to you!

1. Sheer Skirts - Be brave and bare the legs (buy good bloomers)
2. Maxi Skirts - Regardless
3. Wide Brim Felt Hats - instantly chic
4. Bold colors - Always, in my opinion
5. Cropped Tops - A loose chunky knit to anticipate the Fall
6. Heeled Loafers - Classic Americana with some height

Fashion Week is Soon!

Allude cut out sweater
$495 -

Mink Pink long maxi skirt
$101 -

Alexander Wang leather shoes
$650 -

Alexander McQueen satchel handbag
$2,345 -

Sydney Evan yellow gold necklace
$880 -

Vanessa Mooney string necklace
$135 -

Wendy Mink 18 karat gold ring
$50 -

ASOS feather jewelry
$14 -

TopShop wrap watch
$30 -

ASOS metal jewelry
$11 -

Dorothy Perkins gold jewelry
£6.50 -

Wool hat
$105 -

Got all that?!  Good. 
See you at Fashion Week mes cheris!

Monday, August 29, 2011

NYC Hurricane Party Weekend!

Well NYC has been through a crazy week! First an earthquake and then a hurricane...what's next?! When NYC started a mandatory evacuation of downtown for Hurricane Irene and announced a complete suspension of all MTA public transportation for the weekend, I felt a bit uneasy to say the least. I was on the pier along the Hudson River, Friday night with my friend who is from Connecticut. We started chatting about Hurricane Irene and how much fun it would be to have a hurricane party weekend! So I prepared my apartment, grabbed a bag of clothes, and headed out for an evacuation party in CT!

We started the NYC hurricane party weekend with a necessary stop at Target for supplies. I haven't been to Target more than a handful of times over the last two years and I miss it so much! Our Target escapade was aces and I found a new felt fedora that will be a soulful addition to my Fall wardrobe!

What I wore this weekend:
Alice + Olivia dress (as a tank)
Forever 21 ripped shorts
Gla.MAR.ous zipper headband
Vintage Tattoo print Chuck Taylor All Stars

 So many jewelry, so little time! My friend has an amazing selection of fun costume jewelry, so I always raid her closet when I visit. The watch is Michael Kors and the turquoise and gold bracelets are various vintage finds.

After that we went to this amazing chocolate cafe Chocopologie in Norwalk, CT, where I ordered a Chocopologie, a rich chocolate latte complete with lavender foam!

This shop was adorable and French feeling. I love places that don't skimp on atmosphere, and Chocopologie was full of it! Us girls had a fabulous time, and here is my amazing (and fashionable) friend and me outside, after our bellies were full of warm yummy coffee.

We later had a steak cookout on the covered porch, beauty of the burbs, and played board games all night with friends. It was a successful hurricane party weekend and just what the doctor ordered to rest up before a very busy New York Fashion Week season for Spring/Summer 2012!

What was your hurricane party weekend like?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Working Girl

So sorry to be a bit MIA via cyberspace this week, I'm officially a working girl! Not that I haven't always been insanely too busy for sanity, but this time I'm a working girl in my dream career, in my dream city. I may be pulling 14 hours days to get the world ready for New York Fashion Week but truth? I'm loving every minute of it. Even the minutes I'm hating...I'm loving.

I can't divulge too much about my new gig, but I can say it's with a prominent PR agency in NYC for New York Fashion Week, and I am working on big shows...big shows. It's truly the break through I have no joke been fervently praying for, and I thank God for opening such an amazing door full of such great experience!

So here's to the working girl! 
conquering the world in stilettos 
and loving every minute!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake in Manhattan

if you live in Manhattan for any given amount of time you will be guaranteed a full list of crazy life stories to go home with. I experienced my first earthquake yesterday, but shockingly not on the West Coast where it is normal. An Earthquake in Manhattan who knew?

I was clicking along in my new job with invite requests for many of the shows for NY Fashion Week that is RAPIDLY approaching, when my chair started rumbling and the ceiling lights started swaying. After checking outside for some catastrophe, our deduced an earthquake in NYC? So we evacuated the building for a vary fashionable earthquake break in the meatpacking district.

So East Coast, did you survive?
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Pinterest of Interest: Things to ignite inspiration

Here are some things that I hope ignite your interest, as they definitely are mine, that have popped up on my Pinterest account lately. If you haven't checked out Pinterest yet, be sure to, it's a sure fire way to catalogue your inspiration and find amazing new creative ideas!

Anything ingnite your inspiration?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fashionspiration: When Summer Inspiration Runs Dry

It is true with any season, you get near the end and you feel like you have nothing to wear. You have tried every concoction possible in your wardrobe to be stylish but inevitably you hit that point when summer inspiration runs dry. What do you do? 

Mix and Match some bold accessories to brighten up an outfit you already know is a home run.

Here I've added my Dolce & Gabbana silk scarf and bright red wedges to my high waisted navy shorts and ruffle top cream tank. Oh yeah and I added some dress socks for a little trendy pop. 

I popped in some subtle gold jewelry to pull the gold piping from the shoes up into my outfit but kept the jewelry simple since my shoes and head scarf are enough of a statement. It is always about balance mes cheris!

What bold accessories will 
save your summer wardrobe?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

French Musicians to Discover

Bonjour tout la monde! I have been obsessively scouring iTunes, YouTube, and Google over the past week in search of new cool French musicians to get stuck in my head. The results have been pretty great, although it has resulted in very late nights...very late. You see, with an American iTunes account I can only get so far, and since I can no longer listen to French radio during my daily commute, I had to make an effort myself.

Here are some French musicians I am selecting out of my YouTube playlist that you should definitely check out ASAP!

Greg Laffargue kind've has a Jason Mraz feel, happy and laid back.

Sofia Essaidi is so much fun...not to mention super adorable in this video.

Thomas Pradeau is one of those musicians who you instantly love.

Zaz has this amazing soulful voice that is rare these days. This is her doing an impressive cover of an Edith Piaf song, but her original music is definitely worth checking out as well.

Which French musician will be 
added to your playlist mes cheris? 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Magazine Cover Release Party for PCOS Awareness

As Summer rolls on, the vacations seem to be hitting a climax. I am still not accustomed to so many friends constantly jet setting off to somewhere fabulous all at one time. But true to form no matter the time of year (or how many people stay in town) New York City always has things to do and people to see!

 I was recently invited to a Magazine Cover Release Party for 24 Blogazine on the hip Lower East Side. There were great cocktails and great fashion to be had, and all in the name of PCOS Awareness (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

The event was held at White Rabbit on East Houston St. 
It was the perfect place to learn and promote PCOS awareness, 
the most common hormonal disorder in the US.

There were many beautiful ladies present like Yumnah Najah, who were selling goods to raise funds for the cause. Yumnah, in her show stopping maxi dress, hand paints beautiful statement earrings which you can find here. There really are works of art, be sure to stop by and say hello!

For the happy hour magazine cover release party I decided to go with an understated summer outfit. Nicole Miller silk tank, Hugo Boss belt, and Camaieu white skinny jeans. I love white pants....a LOT, and I look for any excuse to wear them!

What is your magazine cover release party look?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NYC Digs: Paul Labrecque Salon

It is about this time every season, the end of the season, where I begin yearning for a refreshing change in my beauty routine, to gear me up for the following months. I hit that point last week where every time I left the apartment, covered in sweat, I felt my hair needed a hairstylist's magic touch to breathe new life into it. Well that dream came true at what I think is the most amazing salon in New York City, the Paul Labrecque Salon! Prepare yourself this NYC Digs post is filled with luxury on the Upper East Side....

 I started the day off with a curly do, tousled by the NYC elements a la Carrie Bradshaw. I was eager to see my transformation as I gazed out at the sunny day on East 65th street.  Before and after lovers beware!! This one's a doozy!

I met hair stylist Jerami back in the Winter, at the fabulous Onassis Clothing Gentleman's Night Out event in SoHo...couldn't get him off my mind since then...he is AMAZING!

And so Jerami got to you see he had a lot to work with! 
I sat coddling my coffee as mornings and I get along never, and chatting.

I felt like a beauty parlor lady in the 50s while my color set 
and I sipped an espresso and read further in my book.

The whole team at Paul Labrecque works like a family, everyone chatting and smiling, checking in on each other and helping out where needed. Here I'm getting my nails done by Manana. I also went down later and chatted with their makeup artist Taymour. Paul Labrecque has a full service spa, as well as nail parlor, makeup specialists, and hair salon. It's a dream getaway for a weekend morning. 

Et VOILA before and after delivered! I was so excited when I saw my new reflection in the mirror, I'm a redhead now! I spent the day getting mistaken for Amy Adams, complimented left and right, and I couldn't have been happier. Jerami did an amazing job, I couldn't believe his talent. The whole staff at Paul Labrecque instantly feels like your family...the kind that send you away looking fabulous rather than frazzled...making you giddy for your next visit. 

Be sure to get over to a Paul Lebrecque Salon asap for your own transformation. Jerami is at the Upper East Side salon, but there is a Midtown and Upper West Side location as well. And be sure to stop by the website to learn some hair tips & tricks as well as get some great products...or start following this blog for a fabulous surprise coming soon...hmm...

What do you think mes cheris?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Giveaway Winner & What I Wore

The temperature has finally dropped a bit in New York. Nothing drastic but enough to ponder jeans at out!! With the exception of the relentless rain all Sunday (and I think for the next 48 hours), it has been pretty nice lately. What I wore last week shifted a bit by night, again nothing crazy, but to brave jeans meant a big change. Not to mention the giveaway ended Friday and somebody will be a giveaway winner today!

First things first, some style inspiration from what I wore by night recently.

After a slightly rainy day but clear night, I went for a walk past Lincoln Center with my roommate. With the weather a PERFECT 72 degrees a threw on my lace crop top with no fear of a chill and Levi Skinny Jeans and boots to compensate for the puddles. I love that this is a completely casual outfit in NYC...I am so meant to live here. Oh and yes that is a Borders bag in my hand because I'm a MASSIVE book nerd and since they're going out of business it is imperative that I buy more, trust me that is good logic.

Alright, now for what you all want to see... the giveaway winner is:

True Random Number Generator  18Powered by RANDOM.ORG

AMANDA!! Congratulations my dear, this beautiful baby will be yours soon!

But good news for all of you! 
Alex is offering FREE SHIPPING to everyone on their next Stella & Dot purchase! Just visit Alex's Stella & Dot website and shop around, then email Alex at Mention the code: Embellished Giveaway and tell her what you would like to purchase and she will process your order from there. 

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