Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Red Carpet Fashion: Best Dressed and Worst

A ritual girl's night commenced last night as the Oscar's 83rd award ceremony was held. Of course the only reason I watch it is for the Red Carpet Fashion...who was the best dressed and who was the worst dressed? Here's my rundown:

 Anne Hathaway did a nice job hosting the Oscars and began the night in a stunning Archival Valentino gown...and standing here with the Emperor himself I'd say its a big YES!

Little Hailee Steinfeld (Supporting Actress Nom) made her Red Carpet debut in a stunning Marchesa gown. And might I say, refreshingly age appropriate, she was the essence of beauty in a lovely styled updo and clean makeup. Bravo!

I loved Scarlet Johannason (as I usually do) in her fitted feminine choices, and this Dolce & Gabbana was no exception!

Oprah was full-figured perfection in her hour glass Zac Posen

Amy Adams has quickly become my favorite Red Carpet lady. I am already a big fan of navy blue as evening luxe but this L'Wren Scott was to die for and then topped of with $1.3million of Cartier jewels...a girl could do worse!

Jennifer Hudson had my jaw dropped as she strutted the Red Carpet in this Atelier Verasace
Her new body has definitely been the talk of the town (although I personally feel she has gotten a little too skinny) but in this classic red number it is the perfect nod to the golden age of Hollywood.

BEST DRESSED in my opinion was by far Mila Kunis in this stunning Elie Saab (go figure - he is my fav)!
Modern and interesting yet elegant and refined Mila was a supreme example of red Carpet decadence!

And now for the worst dressed...

Although I have heard mixed reviews about Cate Blanchett's Givenchy gown, I have to say I am not a fan. It has beginnings of things I might like, but the overly boxy beaded embroidery feels like its trying too hard and the empty frame on her chest that just leaves you wanting...of what I'm not sure...I just couldn't wrap my understanding around this one. 

As far as styling goes, I must say Gwenyth Paltrow more than disappointed me. First in this streamlined Calvin Klein Collection and then in what could be a nice Michael Kors she seems to have just slipped into her gowns after a day of errands at the mall. Straight, forgotten hair, and an overly tanned, blond mix made me feel like she was channeling Red Carpet Barbie rather than Oscar winning extraordinaire. 

 Melissa Leo, Winning Supporting Actress for The Fighter, accepted her speach dropping the F Bomb, mirroring her choice in fashion taste as well. As Tim Gunn was interviewing her on the Red Carpet I was at a loss of words for the stiff doily by Marc Bouwer, she had decided as her Big Night Gown!
{All photos thanks to Just Jared}

To end on a happy note, as I am almost never negative on my blog, please enjoy the opening video number to the Oscar's by hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco. I thought it was quite funny and perfect for the night.

Who was your Best and Worst darlings?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fashion Week Review: Vivienne Tam & Starbucks Video Feature!

 The buzzing excitement in the crisp white tents of Fashion Week does not leave much of time to come down from your fashion high after each show. I hopped into the Vivienne Tam tent shortly after my very first runway show with ADAM. Still hazy with sheer bliss, I sat and prepared myself to review my next show. I also just learned that I make a cameo in the Starbucks Video Feature from my interview during fashion week!!  It was just posted and I couldn't wait to show you all!

The small bad news I have is since the show was so dark, it was very hard for me to shoot without a tripod for my camera. So the few side shots are from my seat and the rest are from my saving grace Women's Wear Daily!

 A note from Vivienne Tam:
My starting point is the elaborate costumes of the Kun Opera. I turn this fantasy into everyday wear. The sculptural shapes of the opera are translated, turned into everyday wear in tweed, wool, for both day or night. Fabrics include tweed, wool, silks, and lace in a mix of weights. Silhouettes include the graceful water sleeve, an opera-cape shoulder, reminiscent of a pagoda. Motifs include the dragon, stylized wind, fire and clouds. Traditional patterns are printed in trope l'oeil; appliques, lace embroideries and crochet echo ancient handicraft, but are produced with modern materials and methods. Tassels, fringe, Mongolian lamb, and crystal embellish and highlight, adding texture. The bright colors of the opera costumes are adapted to the sophisticated palette of today's urban woman, with subtle opulence. 

Beautifully detailed clothing in the dreamiest motifs and mixes of textures Vivienne Tam did a superb job blending the Modern Woman with the grace of the Ancient Orient! You all know how much I can't resist being inspired by travel...since it's basically how I live my life!

And speaking of textures... I was asked to talk about my favorite Fall texture by E! Network's Amanda Garrigus for the Starbucks Frappuccio Question of the Day!

So what is your favorite Fall texture my dears?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New York Fashion Week Fall Review: ADAM Runway Show

I have dreamed of New York Fashion Week since I was very young... attending a glitzy runway show all decked out for Fall or Spring in the rarest of form was what I was daydreaming of in Algebra! So I must say, finally attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was most definitely a dream come true, and all I thought it would be... frenzied and fabulous!

So please enjoy the review of the ADAM fashion show,
you may even hear my heart skipping a beat through my camera!

 Everyone mingling before the lights dim for the runway show to start.

A Note From ADAM:
The starting point in designing every collection is the woman who wears my clothes. She appreciates the discovery in the everyday and reflects it in her personal style.  
Recently, I saw a small but breathtaking exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian in lower Manhattan. The show highlights art and objects from Native peoples ranging from Alaska to Argentina. I have long felt the American Indian culture to be one of the most beautiful and I walked away from the visit inspired. this led to the colors, textures, and details that are the foundation of this collection.

Nude is THE hot color, so start peeling your eyes for some fab finds while shopping!

The show was lovely and I left inspired for Fall and ready to embrace my inner American Indian...ok so I don't actually have any Native decent in me...but I can still rock the look right?!

What do you lovelies think?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't Forget to Vote!

Dear Lovelies,

The Lovelies Awards are getting closer to a close and I could really use some help s'il vous plait!
Bloggers are nothing without their community, in fact its the thing that keeps us going, and you Embellishers are fantastic! So please click me a favor that will take 2 seconds :) I appreciate it more than I can say!

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Enjoy the dreamy inspiration via Flikr!

Fashion Networking with Convertible Clothing

Pre-Fashion Week I got myself out to a Fashion Networking Event in Midtown that featured super hip 
convertible clothing line Tuc+Wes. I told you lovelies about this event before hand and I hope some of you got to make it there! 

 I was fortunate enough to speak with the lovely Orly, designer for Tuc+Wes, and she was a bubbly wealth of knowledge about the concept, the line, and what's to come! Passionate about fashion that is useful to an economy of post recession buyers, Tuc+Wes provides many different looks from each well designed article.

This event held a fun demonstration fashion show that showcased the clothing's versatility. Orly was hard at work changing the looks on the models for everyone to see, but I must say the idea of convertible clothing has me spinning with possibilities!

Here is a spread of the colors from the Fall line, I LOVE the muted jewel tones. J'adore Fall color palettes!
The event itself had many unrelated business vendors, but I did enjoy the clothing line and I met fellow blogger Carmi of the Madison Muse, who is just fabulous, so you never know what the night will bring!

Well I have enjoyed an amazingly uneventful weekend of detox from Fashion Week and oh la la I feel fantastic! Rested and rebooted I can take on the that warm weather? I'm talking to you! I was very successful in my shopping ventures though, and might I say that my Spring wardrobe is shaping up to be pretty nice!

So do you love convertible clothing darlings?

Friday, February 18, 2011

New York Fashion Week Finale & Naeem Khan

Well this New York Fashion Week has been a whirlwind, but my Grand Finale of the week was well worth the wait as I got a seat at Naeem Khan! Mercedes Benz had whisked my sparkly little heels over the rainbow this week, and now I've clicked them three times and I'm back in Kansas (or my apartment) only left fond memories and achy feet! Oh la la! This girl has some serious R&R booked...I'm thinking bubble bath, mani-pedi's, and a good sleeping beauty persona....cue Prince Charming for the wake-me-up at any time!

Outfit #7 Look Out!
French Leather Dress
Teal Scarf...scavenged from my closet
Heirloom Brooch
BCBG Silver Heels

 This young fashionista had the most Unique Look of the Week (in a very good way)! She styled this outfit herself creating the skirt from newspapers and even lacing up the back with silk silver ribbon. Details, Details!

I love this Tribal Chic with 80s Glam. This fitted LBD with the brushed gold accessories in everything from feather to studs to spikes...LOVE!
This is a look I am working on for the Spring: Over the knee socks are so cute and styled with heeled oxfords for classic Americana and rocked out with a dazzling feather skirt has me smitten!

Ready for your teaser? That's right, I snagged a seat at Naeem Khan and darlings I must say...this show blew. me. away. I have never loved a show more live, online, in print...anything. Filling New York's runway with timeless feminine glamour, Naeem's show was certainly the highpoint of my week and a fabulous Finale to New York Fashion Week!
Backless, flowing, and breathtaking. I can hardly wait to show you more!

 And a little celeb spotting for you. Robert Verdi was appearing front row all week and I finally grabbed a shot of him coming out of the LAMB show, phone in hand like all the other New Yorker' doubt texting about how fabulous Gwen Stefani's show was!

I will be back to report the runways of New York Fashion Week after some much needed rest!
xoxo my loves!

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