Thursday, February 3, 2011

Upgrade Please!

Great picture right? Oh snow! Pretty. And fashion! Perfect. Yeah, I wish I could dress like this right now. But that is not happening. With a record breaking snowy New York winter and temperatures dropping to single digits, I am hitting my limit on layers.

I no longer feel winter chic...I feel like an eskimo...or less cute...the kid from The Christmas Story. I'm ready to wear fitted dresses again that hug my curves, topped off with strappy sandals that shape my legs and give me some height. So I've compiled my Upgrade List: Things I am full ready to trade in as I've hit my limit to Winter. Let's see how Mother Nature feels...I have a feeling she may not be responsive.

Thank you ShopBop for this super cute Fedora Hat that has me in the mood to cruise the West Coast and jam with Mraz!

This MaxMara scarf is screaming for a day on the Hudson...or maybe the Hamptons! Oh for the days to wear a scarf for fun and not function.

YES STYLE has really outdone themselves with this chic summer spin to the classic trench!

These ShopStyle looks are the perfect warm weather outfit. The feminine sexiness of the 1950s without the dirtiness of the early 2000's. Highwaisted shorts with a cute cropped top blouse is what I'm dreaming of...

These Badgley Miischka's are the perfect GNO shoe! Strappy, high, and oh so sexy!

From the woman who started it all, Patricia Fields. From Sex and the City to a celebrity phenomenon, half gloves were certainly stealing the show last year, now its your turn!

Dita von Teese gets the idea! Nothing is sexier than strategically placed lace...and add a good ol' fasioned garter and you have your inner sex kitten just waiting to be unleashed. Gentlemen beware!

So what will you be upgrading mes cheries?


Diana Dang said...

Oh how I wish >< The winter is freezing here in Toronto :( I can't wear the clothes I want to at all. I hope in a couple of weeks it warms up!!

Rissy said...

such a fun post! totally love the idea.

hmmm I think I will hold off on the upgrading because I am FREEEZZING

Pattie said...

Since I lost all of my clothes on my move to Central Georgia I need to upgrade everything...It is freezing and I only have borrowed not cute!

Jessica said...

@diana & @rissy I totally know! It's freezing in NY too! This is just where I alredy am mentally...makes it a bit harder to endure the weather :/

@Pattie Oh NO!! You need to get some decent warm clothes!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i like this post! it's freezing in germany and i'm ready for the beach.

Caddy Girl said...


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