Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fashion Week Review: Vivienne Tam & Starbucks Video Feature!

 The buzzing excitement in the crisp white tents of Fashion Week does not leave much of time to come down from your fashion high after each show. I hopped into the Vivienne Tam tent shortly after my very first runway show with ADAM. Still hazy with sheer bliss, I sat and prepared myself to review my next show. I also just learned that I make a cameo in the Starbucks Video Feature from my interview during fashion week!!  It was just posted and I couldn't wait to show you all!

The small bad news I have is since the show was so dark, it was very hard for me to shoot without a tripod for my camera. So the few side shots are from my seat and the rest are from my saving grace Women's Wear Daily!

 A note from Vivienne Tam:
My starting point is the elaborate costumes of the Kun Opera. I turn this fantasy into everyday wear. The sculptural shapes of the opera are translated, turned into everyday wear in tweed, wool, for both day or night. Fabrics include tweed, wool, silks, and lace in a mix of weights. Silhouettes include the graceful water sleeve, an opera-cape shoulder, reminiscent of a pagoda. Motifs include the dragon, stylized wind, fire and clouds. Traditional patterns are printed in trope l'oeil; appliques, lace embroideries and crochet echo ancient handicraft, but are produced with modern materials and methods. Tassels, fringe, Mongolian lamb, and crystal embellish and highlight, adding texture. The bright colors of the opera costumes are adapted to the sophisticated palette of today's urban woman, with subtle opulence. 

Beautifully detailed clothing in the dreamiest motifs and mixes of textures Vivienne Tam did a superb job blending the Modern Woman with the grace of the Ancient Orient! You all know how much I can't resist being inspired by travel...since it's basically how I live my life!

And speaking of textures... I was asked to talk about my favorite Fall texture by E! Network's Amanda Garrigus for the Starbucks Frappuccio Question of the Day!

So what is your favorite Fall texture my dears?

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Helena M. said...

Hi Jessica! I liked the video!

I loved to meet you at NYFW! How did you like that?

Thanks for visiting my blog!

By the way, I loved yours!

Stay in touch!


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