Friday, March 30, 2012

Funny Fashion Girls

For a funny Friday edition, I thought I'd honor the funny fashion girls I get to work with every day. I really love people, and love people watching. Fashion girls are always fabulous, a little neurotic, and very dedicated to their loves...let's watch and learn.

This is how the fashion girls I work with dress everyday. I do love working in an industry (finally) where everyone dresses with style, even when it's not your style it is done on purpose. I love the girl above for example but picture 2 and 4 are too loose and Olsen Chic for my taste. My style is girlier, with shape so I tend to have more fitted, less androgynous pieces.

Source: via Olivia on Pinterest

Funny Fashion Girls Obsessions:

1. Yoga
Bikram, bikram, bikram. It'd be a top trending topic if fashion offices got #Hashtagged. Where is your yoga studio? Who is your instructor? OMG She is totes AMAZING! How long have you been practicing? Did you see the latest LuluLemon yoga line?! I actually am a runner, and like to cross train with dance classes like Zumba and Hip Hop Abs, so yoga...not so much my thing.

2. Coconut Water
Fashion girls live and breathe by the hydrating promises of Coconut Water... How else would you survive the morning following the late nights of fashionably partying? I personally need a little sweetener and swear by VitaCoco, Rihanna endorsed, which tastes better than it's competitors.

3. Celine
This not so little trapeze bag can be seen all over town and in every fashion office at least once. It's the latest staple of the fashion girls for It Bag Status. I personally hate that the sides are designed to stick out like that, but if you love it, it absolutely is great quality.

4. Cleanse
Any craze that involves not eating solid foods to be "healthy" is an automatic go with the fashion girls crowd. I can't speak to the mood of the girls while on the liquid only 24 hour a day diet, but apparently they are a must. Personally...I love food. A lot.

I love my funny fashion girls and I love how entertaining my crazy fast paced industry is. Hopefully you've taken some great pointers on how to assimilate with this society! To watch them in their natural habitat even in you don't live in a fashion capital watch the hilarious video created by Harper's Bazaar, Shit Fashion Girls Say. Every time I watch this movie I feel like I catch something new that cracks me up!

Cheers and have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Libertine Fall 2012 and Sitting Front Row

The last stop on my blurbs road about the craziness of New York Fashion Week is Libertine Fall 2012. The Libertine line is studded and rocked out. Lots of rhinestone skulls and punk rock glory. And guess what? Yours truly got a front row seat for the action! Here are a few shots I snapped from my phone!

And here is the show video...look at who's sitting front row on the's me! Just look for an unbelievable amount of Strawberry Blond hair if you have any trouble. So what do you think of the Libertine Fall 2012 line? I personally loved the 2nd look I have pictured above. Everything else was a bit too bedazzled for my taste, I love things that are Embellished bien sur...but Embellished in a strategic composition, not just for the sake of being sparkly. But the feel of the show was very fun, and it never gets old to take a trip to Milk Studios...always cool.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Faux Bob Hair Inspiration

I will tell you what, Busy Week, doesn't even begin to cover the warp speed I am traveling at this week. So sorry to be a bit delayed on posting this week! But it is nonetheless always a good busy when you are hitting the pavement and being productive right? Especially when you keep it in style. As you may be aware, I change my hair a lot and love finding new creative hairstyles to try. Some planned, some not. But unfortunately with long hair, the only downside is you can't have it short right? Wrong! Inspired from a Faux Bob Tutorial on Pinterest, I decided to take a whack at getting my old coiff back. Yes, believe it or not too long ago my hair was actually this short! I hope this hair inspiration gives your the motivation to try it for yourself!

The best thing about the Faux bob is built right in the title. You get to have a faux bob for just a day, a few hours, however long you feel like committing to the short do, without actually snipping any shears! This is a relatively easy hair do, that didn't take me too long the first time and it only gets easier each time. Plus it's always good to find new hair inspiration styles right?

It's as easy as 1,2,3...5?
French braid the bottom half of your hair and pin to your head. 
Tease the top. 
Ponytail at the back. 
Tuck under and pin. 
(And for me) Curl the shorter layers that fall out. 

Don't forget to layer on the hairspray when teasing and then when finished to keep your faux bob in place. But when pieces do fall throughout the day, don't fret! The messy strands give this bob the edge it needs.

I just love Pinterest and all the Hair Inspiration it provides! 
Be sure to follow my boards for inspiration everywhere!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Paris in Spring

With this lovely Spring weather we've been having this year, my mind can't help but wonder over the pond to Paris, the city of lights, the city of love! What a perfect time to walk hand and hand with your special beaux, through the unending flowers in bloom at the Jardin des Tuileries. Paris in Spring is magical, as all seasons are in Paris, the blooming flowers and warm sun, it's no wonder they have so much vacation over there...

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Source: via Lara on Pinterest

J'aime bien le printemps a Paris!! And I hope you get the chance to visit Paris in Springtime if you have not already. Be sure to get a Macaron in my honor!

Relish the Magic of Paris in Spring!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashionspiration Friday | Rooftop Season

It's that time of year again, the flowers are blooming, the sun is kissing faces, and the rooftops are open again with awesome Manhattanites lounging with artistic cocktails in hand! The Spring and Summer in New York City are my absolute favorite and it's what keeps me going through the Winter. Here's a fun Spring outfit for the office to beat out the fluorescent lighting.

Neon is hot hot hot for Spring/Summer and this neon sequined tank from Urban Outfitters reminds me of a highlighter...but one I really like making notes with! To top it off with this bold cobalt blue pleated Banana Republic skirt, I'm in girly heaven. With some gold chains and accessories I am ready to go. And don't forget a rugged denim jacket for when the office is chilly. This ultra faded Levi's red tab jacket is cropped, ripped, and fabulous.

And don't forget the most important part... shoes! Look how adorable my pink suede Charlotte Ronson shoes are?! I love them, they are the perfect amount of girly and put an extra skip in my step.

I had the priveledge this week of working in the iconic 4 Times Square Conde Nast Building where fashion legends have graced the halls. I am at Glamour Magazine and the team here is amazing, I love coming in to work. Here is a peak at my view of Times Square all day. Also since the weather has been amazing, I have had lunch in Bryant Park everyday this week! Sitting by the fountain, overlooking the great lawn, and the architectural gem that is the New York Public just does not get old. Here is a pic for you of my little piece of heaven.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

How To Be Stylish and Still Be a Real Man

Today I was inspired by the Brad Paisley song I'm Still a Guy, and the all too often overlooked fact that being a man, a real man, is always sexy. Unfortunately, the drawback to living in my sparkly dreamy New York City is that the men seem to get girlier and girlier. And I'm not even talking about my fabulous gay guys who are always fashionable, I'm talking about the straight men I'm trying to date...and I own more tools in my tiny New York apartment than they do. Seriously? Not cool. Why does it have to be either/or? Why can't a man be stylish and still be a real man? So listen up boys, here's a little lesson to be a sexy stylish real man. A man's man is effortlessly sexy and stylish and dresses for women. A guy's guy dresses like an eternal adolescent an dresses for his video game buddies...who are you trying to be?

The Basics:

1. A Great Fitting Pair of Dark Jeans

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

These Bonobos jeans are a perfect example. FIT KEY: A nice slim cut, but just loose enough to not be innappropriate or mistaken for your girlfriend's jeans. And please STOP wearing Old Navy Carpenter Jeans. It's not working for me.

2. Properly Fitted Button Down Oxford Shirts

One of the most versatile items in your wardrobe, so don't worry if it's expensive, count it as an investment. You can them to work, church, dates, and casual events...they work for almost everything. FIT KEY: The shoulder seem should rest exactly on the edge of your shoulder. Hanging over is too big, resting on top is too tight. You don't want to look like you played dress up in your Father's closet!

3. Fitted V-Neck Tees

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

The All American jeans and a t-shirt and boots is always a great stylish man look. Just remember 2 things...FIT KEY: You are not on the Jersey Shore (nothing shrink wrapped). You are not 14 in your favorite team's shirt (nothing you can swim in). The same seam/shoulder rule applies from Basic #2.

4. Boots

You'll be great with one great weekend pair. Only buy high quality leather, authentic boots. Cheap ones are very obvious and loose the sexy man appeal.

5. Three Piece Suit

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Something every real man should own is a tailor fitted three piece suit. You will always have a place to wear suits, even if it's just weddings, funerals, and church, but most of you have jobs where you must suit up and that third piece makes your entire look go from careless to stylish. Plus, you can wear just the suit, just the vest with jeans, or all three for different occasions.

The Extras:

1. Hats

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Fedoras, golf hats, and even sometimes baseball real men look great in hats. Plus, it allows you to stand out from the crowd (well not baseball hats). It's that extra touch that is stylish but manly.

2. Details

Pocket squares, socks, jacket lining, suspenders. The most important about a real man being stylish is in the most minute details that says you care. Honestly it makes me jealous, as much as I love the embellished frilliness of womeswear, menswear has us beat with clean, impeccable craftmanship. Don't let that go to waste!

3. Sunglasses

Aviators or Wayfarers will improve your man look every time, guarunteed. And we notice.

4. Jewelry

Source: via Thom on Pinterest

I once dated a guy who was obsessed with really nice men's watches, and I don't blame him. Guys jewelry though less frequent is really nice, really quality, and really sexy. But please beware, do not wear the medium length chain don't want to be flagged as a dated Eminem lackey.

So who's a stylish sexy real man now?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fashion Show | Yigal Azrouel

I realize it has been several weeks since New York Fashion Week, but believe it or not, I still have some behind the scenes photos for you guys! Yigal Azrouel was a fun show to work because it was in one of my favorite fashion show spaces, The Highline Stages. Exposed brick, Meatpacking District industrial chic, and of course's all a great combination.

Nestled next to the Highline Park at the ground floor of the Milk Studios building is The Highline Stages, the setting for the Yigal Azrouel fashion show Fall/Winter 2012. After the seat cards have been placed, along with the run of show (programs), and any front row gifts, rehearsal can begin.

The models, most usually still in Converse sneakers, skinny jeans, and hair rollers, walk the Yigal Azrouel runway after the camera crew are in place in the photographer's pit. This is the opportunity the fashion show crew has to adjust lighting, make sure the timing of the music and models walks is in sync and address any last minute changes.

After a successful Yigal Azrouel rehearsal at The Highline Stages, the house opens and the people fill in to take their seats. Then the lights will dim and the show, complete with fully dressed and styled models, can begin. The crowd gets quite, the front row tucks their feet and purses underneath their seats for the camera's best view, and the music fades up.

 Yigal Azrouel had a very chic line full of many gorgeous trapper hats, long leather gloves, and well constructed modern clothing. A bit too androgrenous in the shape for me, but beautifully made nonetheless. Here are a sampling of my favorites from his New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 line. I hope you like winter white and'll be getting a lot this go around!


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