Friday, May 18, 2012

Brief Hiatus | Blog Redesign

My darlings, this new job is exhilarating and therefore exhausting. I'm off to LA next week for more training and I cannot wait! While I work on getting a firm career foundation established so I can better write for this blog, I have decided it is time to take a brief hiatus. Fret not mes cheris this is not goodbye! I am still very passionate about spreading the news from inside the fashion world, but I refuse to do that halfway. I am thinking of a blog redesign, something cleaner and content driven.

In this blog redesign I want to give you more depth throughout the fashion world and be more authentic. If you have any requests for what you want to stay, what you could see go, or what you haven't seen yet, PLEASE let me know! I want to factor you into the next phase of The Embellished Life. We are all here for each other after all.

I know this brief hiatus will be exactly that, brief, so while I climb this fashionable corporate ladder in my poignant Louboutins, please check in with ideas...maybe even offer up a guest blog post! I am looking to be much more collaborative in my blog redesign.


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I'll see you soon mes cheris!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Instagram Weekend

It was a glorious sunny weekend here in NYC...finally! And I spent as much time as possible out in the warm sunshine. My Instagram Weekend soaked up all the fun photos for you as usual. The sunbathing in Sheep's Meadow was the popular vote on Saturday, it felt the entire City had escaped to Central Park. But fortunately I love people, the more the merrier! 

The perfect outfit for spring! A bright but warm sweater for chilly mornings paired with casual ripped denim shorts, a fun tank with button down back and lace pocket, and gold studded flat sandals! Don't forget your round Gaga shades.

Magnolia Bakery makes the day a little cozier and just like home.

Finally saw The Avengers in 3D. It was great...although 
I wanted more Thor (Chris Hemsworth)...and more romance.

Topped the weekend off by reading out on my apartment terrace while the last bit of weekend sunshine stuck around. Of course in a bathing suit at all times to try and start soaking in a little color. Not orange mind you, but I'd like to not resemble a vampire for a change.

Tampered with mixing prints this weekend too. 
How do you like the plaid with the stripe maxi dress?

What did you do for your 
Instagram Weekend?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Menswear Monday

"American classics and Bohemian ideals" is where cool downtown brand Benson derives. Benson is for the citizen of the world, designed loosely on a transcontinental lifestyle from Europe to Manhattan. Boy oh boy do I love that lifestyle! For this Menswear Monday discover Benson...and note: they have something for us ladies too!

Benson, is for the clever world wanderer 
who loves possessions but not masses of them.

Benson, confident in their free spirit and laid back mentality.
And for this particular Menswear Monday, 
this line has something for us ladies as well.

So shop over at Benson and get ready 
for a wanderlust summer.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Artful Weekend | Brooklyn Street Artist

Be inspired by Brooklyn Street artist, Dain today. And whisk your way into a bright and delightful weekend. It has certainly been a busy and exhausting least that makes the days fly by right?

I love beautiful art.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Must Have | Doctor's Bag

What I want now is a sturdy black handbag. A purse that will stand up without assistance and hold my daily essentials without them getting lost in an abyss. Is that really too much to ask? I think no. I have always had a not-so-small obsession with the Doctor's Bag which has a pop up type opening that I find unique...and I really must have! Problem is since they are unique I cannot find one I like for the life of me.

I need a black bag and the few Doctor's Bags I do find that are cute, are brown or tan. I have a Mulberry satchel for my staple brown bag. Know I need my staple black bag. This one above would actually a spot-on must have men's bag for any stylish gent in the market for  good bag. Go for that rad umbrella too!

Of course Serena Van der Woodsen has my bag! Anyone seen my black doctor's bag? 
I'm in definite search for it, and if you can help I'd be much obliged!

What is your must have bag?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Met Gala | The Red Carpet Dresses Review

The latest Costume Institute's Annual Ball has yet again wowed us with their Red Carpet Dresses. This year The Costume Institute curated the exhibition "Impossible Conversations" honoring Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli. I will delve more into the forgotten Elsa Schiaparelli in Fashion 101 post after I visit the exhibit but for now let us see who wore what to the Met Gala on this glamorous Red Carpet night!

The Huffington Post was a reliable shutterbug to quickly post the glam from the Met Gala Red Carpet. There were a couple shorter dresses to last night's gala, and although I'm a firm believer in full length gowns for galas, these were fun to see.
 Carey Mulligan in Prada. How sequins do ombre! 

Christina Ricci in Thakoon. I don't totally love the sprouting ruffle top of the dress but I do love how the skirt is a fitted pencil with an attached train. The Costume Institute's Annual Ball always promises pieces that are a bit more avant garde.

Jessica Biel in Prada and JT in Tom Ford. He's always smashing on the glamorous red carpet.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Prada. I can't say I'm always her biggest fan, but I did like her frock for tonight. Something about the structure yet the peek-a-boo factor that usually is found on slinkier dresses.

Now for the shine factor, my favorite! Many gowns were dripping in liquid metallic right to the red carpeted floor they graced. I really wish I could wear some of these to an event. 
 Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren. That is well played sheer my dear. Well played.

 Rooney Mara in Givenchy. Love how it evaporates to lace.

 Nina Dobrev in Donna Karan. Now THIS would be my gown, it literally takes my breath away as it melts into the floor. Simply stunning.

Rihanna in Tom Ford. Perfect blend of elegance and rocker...I love it. And the edge is great for the Costume Institute's Annual Ball.

Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe. Although the headpiece is a bit much when the dress is already a lot of sparkle, it is the Costume Ball after all. What's a Met Gala without some other the top red carpet dresses n'est-ce pas? You may be aware I have an obsession with backless dresses, in which case you are not surprised why this is a favorite of mine. 

Dependable as usual, plenty of the Red Carpet Dresses can sweep you away by the timeless elegance of their hourglass figure. Classically woman. 
 Amber Heard in Zac Posen.

 Hillary Swank in Michael Kors. The man is Midas, everything he touches is gold...even when its scarlet red like the glamorous Red Carpet. 

Diana Kruger in Prada. I was stunned by this dress. If ever there was a time for me to happily wear a trapeze dress, this would be it. And embellished with feathers? It's like Prada read my mind!

Alas, not all Met Gala dresses are created equal...even when you are Prada or Elsa Schiaparelli. Here are my worst dressed list. *Note: not all of these dresses are bad, some just don't belong on their wearers. 
 Maybe for a disco themed anniversary you can rock this Prada frock. But Chloe Sevigny has not convinced me it is a good choice for the Met Gala. 

Lily Collins in Valentino. I am fully on board the long sleeve dress train, but not when it makes you look like Whistler's Mother on her wedding day. Somehow grandma made it to the Red Carpet. 

 Vera Wang in Vera Wang. She makes beautiful things but forgets to eat. Everytime I see her she looks more wasted away, and her skin is now revealing her lack of health as well. I'm not along on this am I?

 Rachel Zoe in Rachel Zoe. I always love seeing Rachel Zoe's streetwear, she always inspires me to think out of the box (into a hippier chic place) but I would've hoped her formal wear would have translated a little more appropriately. She looks like a girl at prom in 1975.

 Anja Rubik in Anthony Vaccarello. Nothing about this screams sexy to me.

 Eva Mendez in Prada. If that peplum was 3 inches shorter and that skirt pulled in, super fitted. This would be a smashing look for the curvy Mendez, but  as is...old and wide. 

 Leighton Meester in Marchesa. I love me some Leighton, but she should have laid off the tanning, 
orange clashes with Red Carpets. 

 Cameron Diaz in Stella McCartney. Beautiful dress, beautiful woman, but not together. *Note: Play close attention darlings, you must always work your body's assets. Even as a celebrity, if you don't have curves you don't magically turn into Sofia Vergara when you put on a curvy Red Carpet dress. 

What was your favorite 
Met Gala Red Carpet Dress?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Menswear Monday

A little something for the gents on this fine Monday morning...or maybe every Monday from now on. As I mentioned last week, I have officially switched over to menswear in the fashion world and I'm loving it. Such great tailoring and everything full of detail. Not to mention the sexy men...bonus. Here are some things catching my eye for the stylish gentleman. What do you think of Menswear Monday mes cheris?

A little pizazz to your button up for the work day. This one is found at Bergdorf's by Lanvin.

I believe a good man is complete with a great bag like this weekend duffle from Libero Ferrero and great shoes like these Hawkings McGill leather chambray oxfords. Great news is you can find the shoes at Urban Outfitters!

And of course in this rainy season with a fortunate break on Sunday one must be prepared at all times to pop up the umbrella and stay dry. Of course to stay dry and still maintain style is the truly accomplished gentleman so for this Menswear Monday do consider a great yet practical umbrella like this Barbour umbrella.

Which item will you go for this week?

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