Friday, May 18, 2012

Brief Hiatus | Blog Redesign

My darlings, this new job is exhilarating and therefore exhausting. I'm off to LA next week for more training and I cannot wait! While I work on getting a firm career foundation established so I can better write for this blog, I have decided it is time to take a brief hiatus. Fret not mes cheris this is not goodbye! I am still very passionate about spreading the news from inside the fashion world, but I refuse to do that halfway. I am thinking of a blog redesign, something cleaner and content driven.

In this blog redesign I want to give you more depth throughout the fashion world and be more authentic. If you have any requests for what you want to stay, what you could see go, or what you haven't seen yet, PLEASE let me know! I want to factor you into the next phase of The Embellished Life. We are all here for each other after all.

I know this brief hiatus will be exactly that, brief, so while I climb this fashionable corporate ladder in my poignant Louboutins, please check in with ideas...maybe even offer up a guest blog post! I am looking to be much more collaborative in my blog redesign.


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I'll see you soon mes cheris!


Unknown said...

Wow, just came across your blog and LOVE LOVE!
Totally bookmarking you right now. Hope you are having a fab week!


Unknown said...

Hi Jessica!

I really like your blog and I would like to contribute with a blog post.

Let me know if you are interested, you can reach me at:

Sorry I am posting here, but I could not find your email address...
Can´t wait to see you new layout!

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