Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I hope you have had a very happy Halloween weekend and will have an even better Halloween day! My costume this year is a Flapper, handmade by yours truly! And I made sure to accessorize appropriately, hence the pin curl wig (I also have a long cigarette holder and a garter with a tiny gun...oh la la)! Sorry they are not pictured!

What is your Halloween costume mes cheris?
Send me your pictures to be
featured on Embellished!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cocktail Dresses: Night to Day Tutorial

As fashionable ladies we all have our great cocktail dresses that we search for special occasions to wear. But why wait for a special occasion? You realize you can wear those sparkly numbers in daylight as well, right?! But fret not a night to day tutorial is on your way! Scroll down to discover the fine art of bringing that sparkle out into the sushine!

1. Start out with a show-stopping cocktail dress like this Alice + Olivia dress.
2. Layer a Flashdance sweater over it. Something very casual and soft, to balance the cocktail dress.
3. Pop bright colored accessories and some layered gold pieces.

And voila! You have your Night to Day look achieved!

Bring the Night to Day

How will you sparkle today?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pourquoi Pas? ...Have a latest obsession?

Obsessions can be good and bad, like lately I have a popcorn obsession (it is pretty much my side to every meal I eat...except breakfast) but clearly that is a good thing because it is my homemade popcorn yay! So pourquoi pas have a latest obsession of your own? Here are a few of mine...

Latest Obsession #1: Bad Verizon
I have been feeling a bit out of sorts the past week and a half because thanks to Verizon I have had no texts and no voicemail...oh and it's cost me a job...I called to reconcile the situation after going in to the store twice to fix the problem and their staff clearly does nothing above the bare minimum of what they are required and has no need to appease you as a customer any further. So BRAVO VERIZON.

Latest Obsession #2: Very Good Music
Holly Brook's Saturday has been nonstop on my repeat on my Playlist.

Latest Obsession #3: Amazing Gossip Girl Fashion
Spotted. One fashionista, who like the rest of them, can't get enough of Eric Damien's charm over the Gossip Girl closet. I am forever entranced by the costumes of the GG cast, but the latest episode (once I caught myself back up) was amazing. The funny thing was it was all Blair Waldorf!! I never like her style, I'm more a rocked out Serena, but watch out!

The Jenny Packham feature was phenom. Blair's backless sparkly number was showstopping and then her high waisted, wide leg camel pants was a not-so-subtle reference to the flawless Princess Grace of Monaco, whom she is now channeling for her character's latest fairytale scheme. These pants made her look uber tiny at her waist, I would don these with a big silk scarf wrapped around my head in a second!

{Merci FanPop}

So what is your latest obsession?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Ideas: Couples Costumes and Group Costumes

I love couples costumes and group costumes. Any theme to get friends on board with, is awesome! Here are some sparks to ignite your Halloween ideas for this weekend!

Frankenstein and his Bride. A classic couples costume.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The couples costume of the movie buffs

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Mary Poppins and Bert. Pretty sure this look exists in Brooklyn minus the broom on a daily basis.

For the group costumes I couldn't get enough of these...

Trolls. A group costume for anyone of the 90's childhood and earlier.

Army Men. Classic group costume.

And for good measure...any group costume from the below would be majorly rad!

Source: via Madiha on Pinterest

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Accessorize Your Outfit: Creative Hairstyle

Why not accessorize your outfit today via a fancy updo mes cheris? A creative hairstyle is a way to amp up your style and push your look into the next level. You can dress up a casual ensemble or just have an excuse to let those creative juices flow a la your hair! I quite often change my hair, it is usually different every time you see me whether that is up, down, curly, or straight, I am just not content with the same ol' same ol'.

PS: Sorry the photos are a little blurry, my phone has decided to cease to be amazing...another issue I have to deal with this week. Thanks Verizon.

I didn't really have a plan when I started doing this. I knew I wanted a French braid that wrapped around my head and ended with something looped and braided.

So once I got to the bottom of the braid, I ponytailed the rest of my hair together and started pinning loops of hair down, and alternated by braiding some pieces and stretching them across the updo. It turned out pretty fun.

What creative hairstyle will you try?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Costume Ideas for an Epic Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, hands down. I love going through costume ideas and then getting out my sewing machine and creating my next epic Halloween. I am a firm believer in making your own Halloween costume whether that means you actually sew the whole costume together from scratch or you go buy pieces to assemble…whatever you do STEER CLEAR OF THE COSTUME STORES!! You will overspend a significant amount on something the equivalent of a trash bag. Do not do it!

My last year's costume was Marie Antoinette. I used a mask a beautiful lace mask I had bought as a souvenir in Italy, and I styled my hair into a massive bouffant and powdered it with baby powder. It was very fun!

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Here are some costume ideas I have been toying with for this Halloween...

I always go for costumes that have very involved hair and makeup, I think that's the best thing about Halloween, getting lost in the character. So whether you are Smurfette or Dios de las Muertas, go heavy on the costume makeup!

Source: None via Jessica on Pinterest

I realized the other day, that I have never been a villain which I think has a lot of potential for a very fun Halloween costume. What do you think…Elphaba (aka The Wicked Witch of the West) or Poison Ivy?

I will be bringing you Halloween costume ideas throughout the week so be sure you are checking back in. What are your ideas for an epic Halloween this year?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do Some Good Today: Charity Fashion Show

I'm off to Connecticut today, taking the train in a cocktail dress as only the great Old Hollywood Stars do,  to volunteer backstage at a Charity Fashion Show for the Wellspring Trust foundation. The event is What's Your Worth as it features Worth Clothing. I am very excited and will report back.

Be sure to check it out and make a donation. The Wellspring Trust foundation raises support and awareness for African women and children through film making. There most recent trip resulted in a documentary from Nairobi, Kenya and proceeds will benefit the orphaned children of the Flying Kites Oasis program. This charity fashion show is not to be missed!

Remember mes cheris, 
giving to others is always in style!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Travel Home

The road home is never quite as fun as the road to adventure my dears, but one thing is sure... It is wonderful to sleep in your own bed again! Charleston proved to be a great trip as always, although it was more family wedding stuff then any tourist stuff...but I had a great time tearing up the dance floor in my bridesmaid dress!

Enjoy the Charleston photos from the weekend!
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rainy Window Seat

Here is the view from my rainy window seat. I barely made my early morning Jet Blue flight thanks to the NYC MTA changing train tracks and running local. Always awesome. But that is travel for you... always an adventure. I'm off to the Carolinas for a beautiful wedding weekend - xoxo, Jessica
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Travel Confession #19

I hate that I always wait until the last minute to pack my suitcase and book my bus tickets to the airport!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I leave for Charlotte tomorrow mes cheris, and I am so excited to see home, and even more excited to go to Charleston for my cousin's wedding. But seriously, I leave tomorrow and I have not even begun to think of what I'm packing nor booked my shuttle ticket to the airport… what is wrong with me?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shopping in Boston: LIT Boutique

Upon my recent excursion to Boston I got to explore many amazing restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques. One boutique stood out to me among the rest as my favorite while shopping in Boston: LIT Boutique! 

Upon entering LIT Boutique you are welcomed by an adorable mannequin, layered in warm fall colors and textures that get you excited for the coming season. I was in heaven, every hanger had something on it I just had to have, it made shopping in Boston the best that day!

 Check out these wedge booties! Ikat fabric back with a leather front, what a fun impression to leave as you walk away from your gang. I also couldn't control myself over these metal studded pony hair wedge boots! I was a bit obsessed! Who knew shopping in Boston you could find such amazing statement pieces?

Be sure to stop by LIT Boutique 
while you are shopping in Boston! 
Let me know what you find to take home!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fashion 101: History of Turban Fashion

Turbans have long been a cycled trend of fashion that makes cameo appearances in our Western civilization. This Eastern staple is an accessory that lends an exotic hand in completing a look. But the history of turban fashion goes back further than Sex and the City 2 believe it or not! And in today's Fashion 101 you can discover just how far back our history books had us adorning our heads with this Eastern influence!

Source: via Paula on Pinterest

Originally reigning from our more Eastern neighbors, the turban has long been worn for necessity as protection from sun and sand in the desert in addition to an important part of their religious costume. The forehead is always left exposed so that it may touch the ground during times of prayer and bowing. The colors and fabric ranges in accordance to class, education, religion, and occasion. For example, pink is associated with Spring and renewal and therefore is often used in wedding ceremonies in Northern India. And in Shi'a Islam wearing a black turban with a white cap symbolizes lineage from Muhammad and high education. Just as meanings of color vary by society so do the appropriateness of different turban styles.

Source: via Pallavi on Pinterest

{merci JBTaylor}

The history of turban fashion began in the late 18th, early 19th century, when trade with India brought on the beginning of the turban as a Western fashion accessory. Being fore fronted by Marie Antoinette and even after her death, the turban remained an accessory staple in England and France.

We have Paul Poiret to thank for the revival of turban fashion in the early 20th century. By 1910 the turban had made a complete revival and was a staple in evening wear and the ultimately luxe society position.

As any fashion trend, the turban has cycled its way through our modern era, making brief cameo's of fabulousness. The history of turban fashion is very consistent with glamour. Whether it is a classic 1946 film noir, a 1970's British Vogue feature, a 1980's tribute to Joan Crawford played by Faye Dunaway, or Sarah Jessica Parker herself reviving the turban a la Carrie Bradshaw for the 21st century… what goes around comes around. And the truth is our Western civilization will always be swept away by the exotic elegance of the East with the turban

{merci JBStyle and Mystyle}

Be sure to do your Fashion 101 homework by incorporating a turban into your own ensemble this week! Here is a great tutorial on how to make a turban from a fabulous head scarf.

How will you jazz up the 
history of turban fashion 
to match your style?

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