Monday, October 3, 2011

Peacock Inspiration: How to Stylishly Extract Inspiration

In your wardrobe, sometimes it is hard to pull inspiration from something you love and it not be cliche. Case in point, you may really love peacocks, as I do, so you wear a shirt with a peacock feather print. How about a way to be more creative with your fashion? Just as a designer may pull inspiration from one element for their latest collection but it is never literal, it may be the color palette, or the seductive feeling it portrays, or the texture. Here are some ideas for a bit of peacock inspiration in your wardrobe. Translate it to your obsession as you will...

The God Given Original

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

The Slightly Too Literal Version (unless it's October 31st)

What Many People Might Do

Peacock Inspiration: Color

Peacock Inspiration: Soft Enveloping Texture

Peacock Inspiration: Seductive Silhouette 

So you see, for well styled inspiration you must derive aspects from the muse, not literal cliches of it. What are you obsessed with lately and how will now creatively bring that into your wardrobe in a subtle yet stylish way?

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Leticia Oliveira said...

Ual...linda as cores!!
Bela inspiração querida!
Um beijo

Monica Kosasih said...

woww,such a great inspiration :D

Leon said...

Very cool article and pictures. Peacocks are amazing, well the males are. The girls are kinda plain poor things lol. That's the bird world for you. I found this blog while commenting on a food blog and I was hoping it was ok to leave a link to my blog on health and nutrition. I am a new blogger working hard to build an audience the right way. So if you have a moment give us a visit thanks! From Organically Thought

KatieDidItt said...

Ahh! Love all of these peacock inspirations! That blouse is so pretty!

xo katie

Jessica said...

I just love peacocks so this was really fun to put together!

Emreen said...

Beautiful inspirations... !!!

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