Friday, September 30, 2011

What I'm Reading in Fashion News: The Louboutin YSL Case

Sure enough as Fall creeps in life is getting busier and busier. New York is bustling with everyone back from their Summer vacations and now in addition to juggling job searching and blogging, I'm trying to squeeze in mes amis as well. Here is the fashion news I've read lately that caught my eye out of the chaos. New York Magazine ran a piece on The Louboutin vs YSL Case which has been going back and forth for a while, for those of you not up to date allow me to brief you...

Any fashionista worth her salt can spot those coveted red soled Louboutin's from a mile away. In the past 10 years they have really taken on a life of their own, although Christian Louboutin has been cultivating this trademark since 1992. In their 2011 Cruise collection YSL {Yves Saint Laurent} included a pair of red soled pumps that started an battle of the soles between the two companies.


It is the never ending battle of fashion, what can a designer own? The biggest problem designers face these days, is low end, fast production store chains like Forever 21 rip off their latest runway designs and distribute them to the mass market. But since they have been tweaked just enough, it cannot be fined as plagiarism, the designers have little to no protection over their art. Christian Louboutin filed for a trademark for his red sole in 2002 but was denied until 2008 when it finally cleared.

But YSL has featured red soled shoes now and again in their collections since the 1970s. They argued that the survey conducted by Louboutin was misleading as 96% of people confused the YSL shoes with the Louboutin brand because they were only shown a picture of the outsole rather than the entire shoe. YSL conducted a survey showing a woman walking around in the shoe and <5% mistaken it for a Louboutin shoe.

Ultimately, Judge Marrero denied Christian Louboutin's appeal to stop YSL from producing their red sole shoes. YSL was of course pleased with the verdict as stated by YSL's Lawyer David Bernstein, "We're gratified that Judge Marrero has agreed with YSL that no designer should be allowed to monopolize a single color for an article of apparel. As Judge Marrero indicated, YSL designers are artists, and like other artists, they should have the right to use the full palette of colors."

Where do you land on the 
red sole debate mes cheris?

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pourquoi Pas? Go Pomegranate Red

Hello mes cheris, I hope you are having an amazing week with successful workdays and wonderful fun nights. I'm being inspired by pomegranate red today so I thought pourquoi pas go for it all the way? Pomegranate red is such a rich inviting red that is intensely passionate. So here's a color palette to get you through the day!

Source: via Linda on Pinterest

Are you Pomegranate red today?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fashionspiration Giveaway: Garter Tights

With Fall back in session it is that time of year to switch that fashionspiration over to your favorite knit, layered, and rich colored ensembles. As Fall is prime tights season, Lingerie Please is stepping in for a fashionspiration giveaway! And as garter tights are my "it" pick for a rockstar Fall wardrobe I've put together a little fashionpiration for you...enjoy!

 The Summer is trying to hang on as long as possible here in NYC... which I am enjoying as long as possible but one of my favorite things about September is getting to wear my favorite Fall clothing before I have to cover it up with my full length coat.

Fashion out of fun rather than necessity 
garners for the best ensembles! 

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Travel to Boston: Beantown Counter Culture

I spent the weekend gallivanting around Boston, Mass and had a wonderful time. The break from the city was perfect and the travel to Boston wasn't too bad of a commute from NYC. After a short bus ride complete with WiFi and a working desk I was dropped off in the historic Beantown rightfully nicknamed for its obsession with you can guess, we got along perfectly.

Here are some pictures from my travel to Boston along with a coffee shop definitely worth the drive by if you ever find yourself in town. I'm telling you the Beantown counter culture is the best.

 This is a memorial garden for the lost soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
It is lined with empty dog tags and very moving. 

Pavement Coffeehouse is at the start of Newberry St (shopping central) and has a great vibe. This Beantown counter culture is local hang out which is always my hunt when I travel somewhere new. I ordered a breakfast sandwich on a spinach bagel (YUM!) and an iced cold brew honey coffee. I'm pretty sure I finished it in one gulp, this stuff is seriously addicting. When you travel to Boston be sure to stop by. It's phenom!

Monday, September 26, 2011

NY Fashion Week Part Deux

Sorry for the delay in fashion week updates but I have been playing catch up since NY Fashion Week closed its curtains. My weekend trip to Boston was just what I needed to rest and revive myself after the sleek runways were rolled up at Lincoln Center. I will post more on Boston soon but in the meantime, here are the great looks that have me excited for Spring Summer 2012!

L.A.M.B.  {all photos merci to}


Skirts are taking front and center on many outfits as the latest standard 3 piece suit. They began popping up prominently in Spring Summer 2011 and have only grown their prominence as a way to create a complete look while still maintaining a feminine ensemble. Be sure to have fun with the prints and shapes to switch up with your favorite tops (don't be afraid of color)!

Anna Sui

 Bibhu Mohapatra

Cynthia Rowley

 Oscar de la Renta

Whether its short in the front, long in the back, lace and flawy or completely sheer baring some chic bloomers underneath the vibe for skirts and dresses are feminine feminine, feminine! So channel your inner Jackie O and have a ball as the beautiful woman you are. 

Oscar de la Renta

Jason Wu

Hike that wait line up because it is all about the long legs that this 40s and 70s silhouette provides! The high waisted shorts and high waisted pants that were dancing down the runways of Lincoln Center ranged in color and print and were typically paired with a chiffon button up blouse. So add your personal flair to that and go with it!

How will you interpret NY Fashion Week?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Travel to Boston

After Fashion Week I felt the need for a break, a city that has nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with a really good beer accompanied by a great time. So travel to Boston it is! And I must say...I am liking the 21st century's approach to travel. I'm bussing it to travel to Boston and this bus has plugs to charge your phone, tables to work on and wait for it...WiFi! I'm literally blogging to you from the road right now which is insane.

My morning was a bit of a debacle though. My bus was booked for 9:10, I literally got there at 9:13 and it had already arrived, boarded, and left! What happened to board time and then leave? And isn't travel always running at least 5 minutes late? Well I had to wait an HOUR for the next bus, and praise God it didn't start raining until I got on the bus in the last Stand By Seat left! I was praying hard for that seat!

Source: via Cathy on Pinterest

So I've only spent..mmm...9 hours in Boston prior to this trip, and I absolutely loved what I saw. So I'm excited to stay for a long weekend and get to see a much bigger picture of it! I will report back with pictures of my own of course but I'm not promising perfection with this gross rainy weekend we have ahead of us across the whole East Coast. For now, here are some pictures that have me excited.

Source: None via Tracie on Pinterest

Enjoy your cyber travel to Boston!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hallelujah It's Pumpkin Season

Anyone who knows me, is well aware that I have a not so slight obsession with Pumpkin anything! Autumn is one of my seasons for the rich colors, the perfect weather, and the pumpkin everything! This pumpkin season comes in various shades and flavors of loveliness so here is an inspiration board to get you guys in the mood as well. Embrace the bold goodness of pumpkin season!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NYC Digs: Tasty Guest Blogger: Laurel on Health Food

As you know my dears, I love sending you to new places for your shopping, food, and general fabulous needs. Living here in NYC one of my favorite things is talking to people about new places to go! NYC has thousands of restaurants to choose from and there are always new ones coming in, living here has seriously made me a major foodie! Which is why I had to create the NYC Digs series just to catalog all of them! Well I bumped into Laurel at the 24Blogazine Cover Launch Party and we bonded over our mutual love for mini cupcakes. As a trained health coach, Laurel enjoys finding amazing and healthy places to dine wherever she goes...and she puts all of her discoveries on her fabulous blog Laurel on Health Food.

So without further ado read a NYC Digs (sweet tooth - health) special and then hop over to Laurel's blog to learn more about eating right, the tasty way!

Laurel on Health Food

NYC is absolutely bursting with amazing places to eat and healthier restaurants are no exception. Lately I’ve been having a ball checking out bakeries and dessert shops that feature vegan, gluten-free, or raw items. Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery was one of my latest stops.

Tu-Lu's store front 

Tu-Lu’s is an adorable, small bakery tucked away on 11th Street in the East Village. Tully, creator of Tu-Lu’s, opened the shop in February 2010. Tully has gluten intolerance and wanted to offer “gluten-free baked goods that taste just as delicious as products containing wheat.” Tu-Lu’s also offers several vegan items, meaning they’re free of dairy which is the source of the cholesterol-packed butter and cream typically used in baked goods.

Tu-Lu's chalkboard menu 

Tu-Lu's granola 

Besides offering healthier treats, Tu-Lu’s is in such a charming location. It has a laid-back vibe, but the decorations really make it stand out when you walk by the store front. The inside walls are painted a soft pink and the bakery is lit up by pretty paper lamps. When you walk in, there’s a hand-painted tree to the right with a blue owl and pink frosted cupcakes resting on the branches. So cute! Another thing, the staff was gracious, helpful, and were clearly having fun baking back in the kitchen. 

Hand-Painted Art at Tu-Lu's 

Tu-Lu's Pink Walls and Paper Lanterns 

While I was there, I tried a few of the miniature cupcakes. There were bite-sized baby cupcakes (one vanilla-chocolate, one chocolate-chocolate, and one vanilla-coconut). I’m a health food blogger and a trained health coach, but I actually think it’s important to indulge once in awhile, but I always look for healthier ingredients and small-portioned treats, such as mini cupcakes. They were moist and delicious!
I also sipped an unsweetened Passion Plum Iced Tea and a picked up a few more baked items on my way out, figuring my boyfriend would be happy when I showed up with a brownie and fresh Carrot Morning Glory Loaf for the next morning. 

Mini Cupcakes at Tu-Lu's 

Tu-Lu's Carrot Morning Glory Loaf 

Definitely check out Tu-Lu’s when you’re in the Village. It’s a fabulous spot to bring a date or meet a few friends over the weekend. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome to, blazers, and color oh my!

Well out of nowhere Fall dropped into the lives on New Yorkers a few days ago and now everywhere you turn are great boots, adorable blazers, and floppy beanies. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, it has the most vivid colors and the layering is still fun rather than a necessity from the miserable cold. I have to say though, surviving last years Winter, makes me wary with Fall this year because I know what is looming in the future!

Regardless, I am embracing Fall for all it brings which yesterday was brunch with a friend followed by a street fair on the Upper West Side and then a casual stroll through Central Park! Best day ever! Here is my outfit (consisting of every great thing about Fall according to me). Gloves, blazer, boots...I was tres heureuse indeed!

How are you celebrating Fall mes cheris?

Monday, September 12, 2011

New York Fashion Week Spring 2012: part un

New York Fashion Week is frantic, full force, but fabulous of course. Working in the Lincoln Center tents is so exhilarating and getting to see my fashion idols in person is surreal. I will be placing seat cards, and the run of shows (programs) and I will turn around to find a designer a foot from my face. Of course I remain calm and professional, even when there is a screaming 12 year old inside of me.

Thusfar, here are some of my favorite looks I found from, it is always great to surf, let's be honest...stalk, this site for the latest shots of shows, after parties, and any great detail pics. New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 is really giving us some great stuff to work with...

Spring 2012 has PRINTS
You should see the barely there racer back on this Diane Von Furstenberg dress...super sexy.

This Prabal Gurung look may not classify as a print..but it's bold artwork and it's amazing.

Spring 2012 has COLOR
 I am finding a new favorite in Christian Siriano. 
The trumpet in this maxi skirt makes this look super slendering.

Who geometry wasn't sexy? 
Prabal Gurung proves us wrong with this sheer geo showstopper.

Spring 2012 has CAPES
 I love this Christian Siriano top.
How do you love capes more? Make it a top to never take off!

Spring 2012 has DROPPED WAISTS

And just for something pretty to look at...
This Christian Siriano *red carpet worthy* number is on my radar!

Stay posted as NY Fashion Week goes by, 
there is plenty more magic to come!

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