Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11 and Staying Strong

As I was still wrapping up emails last night (around 10pm) I heard a booming and turned around to see a fireworks show going on outside my office window! Hoboken, NJ put on a 9/11 memorial firework show remembering 9/11. It was nice to watch although I wasn't sure I was on board with fireworks as fitting the occasion....but the Twin Tower Lights were on tonight and people could see them from all around.

Either way I am praying for my city, my country, and all those affected by 9/11 today as we remember the terrible day that changed all of our lives for ever 10 years ago. Living in NYC and hearing the real stories of people that worked downtown and knew many, many people who were in the Twin Towers. Some awe inspiring, many leave you speechless and choked up, but all remind you of something very important we learned that day. Mankind can pull together in the toughest conditions and come out strong on the other side. Tragedy is hard to go through, and leaning on your neighbor for support, and reciprocating in return, is a beautiful thing to watch. Remembering 9/11 should keep us all strong together.

The plans for the 9/11 Memorial and new World Trade Center plan are very nice. I absolutely love the water installation leaving a footprint of the Twin Towers. I plan to go spend some time there myself in maybe a month when hopefully not as many tourists are around. After 10 years we have finally cleaned up the rubble, began construction on World Trade Center 1 which I believe is 80 floors up now, and have a beautifully moving memorial in place. I remember seeing the rubble, the notes and flowers, and the steel cross at Ground Zero just a year after 9/11 happened. For the last several years it has just looked like a construction site. It will be nice to have a proper reflection space for remembering 9/11 once more.

Love to you all mes cheris,
God Bless.


Fashionista622 said...

God bless America and we will never forget. I love NY.

Jessica said...

I love NY too :)

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