Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Travel to Boston: Beantown Counter Culture

I spent the weekend gallivanting around Boston, Mass and had a wonderful time. The break from the city was perfect and the travel to Boston wasn't too bad of a commute from NYC. After a short bus ride complete with WiFi and a working desk I was dropped off in the historic Beantown rightfully nicknamed for its obsession with coffee...as you can guess, we got along perfectly.

Here are some pictures from my travel to Boston along with a coffee shop definitely worth the drive by if you ever find yourself in town. I'm telling you the Beantown counter culture is the best.

 This is a memorial garden for the lost soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
It is lined with empty dog tags and very moving. 

Pavement Coffeehouse is at the start of Newberry St (shopping central) and has a great vibe. This Beantown counter culture is local hang out which is always my hunt when I travel somewhere new. I ordered a breakfast sandwich on a spinach bagel (YUM!) and an iced cold brew honey coffee. I'm pretty sure I finished it in one gulp, this stuff is seriously addicting. When you travel to Boston be sure to stop by. It's phenom!

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Squared said...

thanks for stopping by our blog!
We actually live in Boston, so it's interesting to come into your blog and see this post.
Maybe we should follow each other?
let us know!


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