Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Curl-tastic Giveaway

Let me share with you something, I have curly, thick, long hair and by 23, I thought I had pretty much gotten it under control. Then I moved to France...and it hasn't curled properly in 6 months!

Do you have curly hair? Have you struggled with maintaining it all your life? I do and I have, and I am here to present to you, your solution! Ladies, presenting: DevaFuser. When I heard about this product, I was so intrigued because the design is so original, (and the founder herself has very curly hair) so it perked my interest. Of course after over 2 decades of being promised things for my difficult hair and only being disappointed, I had my doubts. Well the lovely people at Devachan Salons in New York City stand behind their product and dared me to try it...and guess what? IT'S AWESOME! It is hands down the best diffuser I have ever used and it makes my curls look wonderful. I was so excited. But this isn't only an answer to my problems, one lucky (and curly) Embellisher gets to win one of these babies for herself!

In 1988, the Deva line evolved from Lorraine Massey mixing botanical ingredients to find a solution for her own curly hair, her intent was never to revolutionize the curly hair world, but yet that is what DevaCurl is certainly doing.

The DevaFuser’s innovative hand-shape design fits easily underneath curls and uses 360-degree airflow to dry hair from the inside out. Conventional diffusers only allowed the hair to be dried on the surface, creating frizz on the top and leaving hair wet underneath. The DevaFuser gently dries the hair without creating frizz or disturbing the natural curl formation, According to its innovator, Denis DaSilva, using the DevaFuser is simple, “Just attach the DevaFuser to your hairdryer using the Universal Adapter.

Next, gently guide the DevaFuser onto the scalp at the nape, forehead, and temple regions, holding it for two minutes at each position to set the curl. The 360-degree airflow means you no longer have to move the diffuser around. You simply hold the DevaFuser in a couple of places and you have fabulous, frizz-free curls!.” Until now, people with curls had limited options for effectively styling and drying their hair. “Air drying” meant waiting hours until their hair felt dry and even then frizz and limp curls were frequent problems. The use of conventional diffusers often resulted in a dry, frizzy, hard-to-manage “scare-do.” Now, as long as people with curls have a blow dryer, the DevaFuser lets them look forward to a head full of bouncy, beautiful curls.

Depart from the ordinary with this botanically drenched, 100% sulfate free, curl care system. DevaCurl took the “poo” out of shampoo by removing the harsh, dehydrating detergents found in conventional shampoos. Whether your hair is curly, wavy or chemically dehydrated, there’s a DevaCurl product that is right for you. Choose from DevaCurl or DevaCare and enjoy the benefits of shiny, manageable, frizz free curls. With DevaCurl, curly hair is not a trend…it’s a lifestyle.

"You can combat any curly hair conundrum when you embrace your natural hair texture" is the motto Massey lives by that has gotten her here today. From the gentle cleansers and hydrating conditioners, through the complete range of styling products any curly girl who chooses the right combination from the 14 different selections, will become a true believer.

The Corkscrew
Hair Role Model: Lorraine Massey
Hair Stats: Tightly wound, begs for moisture, rain actually keeps you in doors (like for real)
Rx: MOISTURE! 1-Cleanse with No-Poo 2-Hydrate with One Condition and use Heaven twice weekly until hydration is reached, then only twice monthly 3-Style with AnGEL and Set it Free
Deva Tip: Leave some conditioner in hair when rinsing for added hydration and frizz control!

The Botticelli
Hair Role Model: Sarah Jessica Parker
Hair Stats: Cascading curls, fine-medium texture, gorgeous bottom layer curls are often covered by not-so-curly top layer
Rx: LAYERS to lighten your curly load! 1-Cleanse with No-Poo 2-Hydrate with One Condition and use Heaven twice weekly until hydrated, then twice monthly. 3-For definition, style with AnGEL ArcAnGEL, Set it Free or Set Up and Above
Deva Tip: For frizz prevention, do not agitate your curls during the drying process!

Wavy Curls
Hair Role Model: Eva Mendez
Hair Stats: Occasional natural wave which you've tried to blow straight, texture fine/med and wavy/straight, tends to look unkempt, often flat on the crown
Rx: WORK WITH IT not against it! 1-Cleanse with No-Poo 2-Hydrate daily with One Condition and use Heaven twice until max hydration is achieved 3-For definition style with AnGEL or Arc AnGEL; for volume/hold use B'Leave-In and/or Set Up and Above
Deva Tip: Use Deva Clips at the base of your scalp to ensure max volume at the top of your head

S'wavy Curls
Hair Role Model: Kate Winslet
Hair Stats: Seems straight, could be encouraged to do more, you only THINK its incapable of the perfect wave!
Rx: 1-Cleanse with No-Poo or Low-Poo 2-Hydrate with One Condition 3-For definition/hold style with AnGEL, Arc AnGEL, or Set Up and Above. Added curl volume, style with B'Leave In
Deva Tip: Before applying selected stylers squeeze enough water from the curls to encourage max curl definition.

NOTE: All four hair types will benefit from using Mist-er Right, Deva's second day curl revitalizer, refresher, and scalp deodorizer.

To purchase the DevaFuser and learn more about Deva Curl’s complete collection of cleansing, hydrating, and styling products created specifically for curly hair, please visit the Devachan salons (www.devachansalon.com) or a professional salon near you that embraces curls. Prices range from $7.95 - $39.95

Bottom line: I used it. I loved it. My life has changed...well my hair routine anyway!
Usage: *The adapter fits onto any normal hairdryer (not travel dryers), if you think its too tight just give it a good push, its supposed to be that tight because its brand new. *1-Place on low heat/low power 2-Set in a few places on your head (under your hair) for a couple minutes and watch the magic! *Due to its design you arm is resting while it works, YAY for no tired arms! *Plus the hand design is comfortable since it curves naturally, like...a hand.


Devachan Salons is giving one lucky curly girl their own DevaFuser Set!

This is a TWO WEEK Giveaway so get in your entry and cross your fingers, this is definitely a Mega Giveaway!

To enter leave a comment below on your worst Curly Hair Trauma from growing up!

For Extra Entries:
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That's 4 comments total if you use all your chances!
I look forward to hearing all your stories, I know I have plenty of my own!

Giveaway ends Sunday April 11th
at Midnight NYC Time!

Bonne Chance My Curly Girls!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

What better way to start off the week than by divying out awards? I came back from my wonderful travels to the good ol USofA to find I had received a wonderful little blog award from Christina of Consider the Coffee!! Thanks girl!

Upon receiving this award I have to share 7 things I have never shared before...hmm lots of possibilities!

1. I live for thrills in life and am always seeking new exciting things to do. Right before I graduated college, I went skydiving with a friend and it was AWESOME! I will definitely be doing this again.

2. I am a constant contradiction: I'm very girly, but love camping and being outdoors; I'm a huge chocoholic, but really hate regular milk choc bars (they're boring), just for a couple examples.

3. My secret dream career has always been a Broadway Star! My dream role would be Eliza DoLittle in My Fair Lady.

4. Since I was 12 years old I have wanted to be a Fashion Designer and own my own Wedding and Evening Gown clothing line (that dream is still around).

5. I LOVE weddings! I have bought wedding magazines randomly ever since I was a little girl, I really love event planning, and I get so many great ideas and inspirations for parties and dress design by looking through them!

6. I love dressing up! Probably why Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I love theme parties and any reason to where an outfit that is out of the ordinary. I always make my own costumes for these events which makes it 10 x's more fun.

7. I enjoy little things that can make life fancy, for example drinking my tea out of really beautiful china, or sleeping on really nice sheets. Its the little details that can make you feel like a Queen.

Well that was fun! Now I will pass this lovely award onto 7 bloggers...

Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunny Saturday & Giveaway Winner

Bonjour darlings! I have returned to France and what a whirlwind it was. My trip was absolutely fabulous, seeing friends and family and eating my favorite foods was great. Not to mention loads and loads of shopping! But boy that trip to get back was gruesome! I left in the afternoon and after 15 hours of security check points, two flights, one extended layover, and a train ride, I finally made it back to France. I barely stayed awake, but I was determined to get back on French time. Last night I slept 13 hours...clearly I was completely worn out!

*thanks Tumblr Bikinifetish for the photo*

So now its up and adam and back to normal. With that in mind, its time to announce the winner of the Emma in Wonderland giveaway! I hope you enjoyed her beautiful work and learning about the artist, I know I did.

True Random Number Generator 9Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Congratulations Spring Colors! I hope you enjoy your very own 8x10 wonderland in your home!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Travel Confession #9

There is something calming about coming home after a whirlwind of travels. As much as I truly love being on the go, and exploring new lands, it is nice to get back to routine and SLEEP! I have had a wonderful visit home and seen many friends and family (and have ate my fill of yummy fattening American food) but alas my journey now takes me back to routine and work.

*thanks WeHeartIt for the photo*

Wish me safe travels!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

True Love

*thanks Le Love Blog for the photo*

No Matter young or old
there is not much more I can add to this statement
that could make it land any more on the dot.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Emma in Wonderland Giveaway

I love finding new artists to be inspired by, and what better than to have some of that inspiration to call your own! Good news darlings, Embellished has teamed up with Emma in Wonderland to offer you an 8x10 piece of your own At Home Inspiration! I chatted a bit with Emma and was so interested to learn about this dreamy shop!

What got you started in photography?

My parents bought me my first 35mm camera when I was about 13. One day I saw some Ilford black and white film in Boots, tried it and was hooked! Photography was always a passion and in 2006, after my son was born, I decided to study it formally. I’m now 35 so I was a fairly mature student!

What brought you to the business side of things?

I started college with ideas of becoming a commercial photographer, but to be honest it wasn’t where my heart lay and that was obvious from the outset. My work has always been conceptual and as I suffer from mental health problems I started to use it as therapy.

A year ago I put a portfolio of my best work together and people began offering to buy my prints. Encouraged by this I decided to start trying to sell my fine art work and, after hearing about Etsy through Flickr.com, I took a deep breath and went for it! Luckily there actually were people out there who liked my work and wanted to own it!

What's your favorite thing about Emma in Wonderland?

Sharing my work with an appreciative audience and finding other like-minded artists and crafters to sell alongside. (It’s also nice working your own hours without the pressures of deadlines and a boss breathing down your neck!)

How did you decide on that name? I love it!

Thank you! I’m a lover of great literature, including the children’s classics, but the name really came about when I first began sharing my work with others on Flickr.com. I fell down the metaphorical rabbit hole many years ago when I was formally diagnosed with clinical depression. Unlike Alice, however, I’m not so keen to climb back out again as I think a world of nonsense and wonder is a creative gift!

What is your creative process?

Sometimes I know exactly what I’m going to be shooting (such as a still life) and plan the set-up down to the last technical detail, other times I just happen to be out and about with my camera and a scene just presents itself! That’s why I don’t really have a specific niche, image-wise; my work is eclectic and deliberately so! Having said; that there are certain themes close to my heart which I often use and revisit, such as mental illness, Christianity and childhood. I hope it doesn’t sound trite, but the whole world is my inspiration!

If you had a super power what would it be?

Oh my goodness, I’m such a geek that I decided that years ago! It would definitely be the power of invisibility. I could take my camera anywhere, anytime… the possibilities are immense! I could also sneak into places and seriously indulge my people-watching and fly-on-the-wall tendencies! (I’d be very discrete though, and wouldn’t dream of humiliating or hurting anyone. I’m too nice for that and besides, my conscience would never let me sleep again! (I’d have an incredible stash of private shots though!)

Any extra tidbits?

I’m hoping to increase my range over the coming year, to include mounted prints, magnets and possibly even textiles. I’d love to see one of my digital artworks on a cushion cover! J

I’m also aiming to start giving a percentage of my profits from certain images to relevant charities, such as mental health, wildlife, Christian and children’s charities.

Can I also be cheeky and mention my newest venture, an arts and crafts supplies shop on Etsy under the name of Needs Must? Check it out HERE!

This giveaway is 4 days. Contest ends Midnight, Friday, March 26th.

Winner gets to pick an 8 x 10 print!

You have up to 4 entries (4 comments in total)

1. Visit Emma in Wonderland and pick our your favorite photo
2. Tweet this Giveaway - tag @FashionDiva304 (leave the URL below)
3. Be a follower of The Embellished Life
4. Be a fan of Embellished on Facebook HERE

Don't forget to comment for each entry or you won't get credit!

Bonne Chance Mes Cheries!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beauty & the Feet

Mes Cheries, as you know I am visiting home for the week and soaking up the Southern Sun! I thought while I'm gone this would be the perfect time to invite my favorite blogger to guest blog on The Embellished Life. Erika of Cafe Fashionista daily posts lovely inspiration on fashion, music, and fun with compelling writing that leaves you pondering the gift of life. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do, please begin the habit of visiting her blog, it is fabulous and will never disappoint.

Dolls it is common knowledge that many of us, if not all, were raised upon a steady stream of fairytales. We were barraged with “Once Upon A Times” before we could even talk; force-fed “Happily Ever Afters” the moment we started toddling about the house garbed only in bulky diapers; and by the time we were old enough to play dress-up we had already been completely overwhelmed with the notion of being swept away by a Handsome Prince trotting along on a winter white Stallion.

*photo compliments of Tumblr - jemappelle*

It was not until adolescence, when we began navigating the playing field for ourselves, that we were coerced into coming to the realization that, like the perfect pair of shoes, the Handsome Prince was not so easily attainable. Nevertheless, for the fashion-forward fair maiden, giving up is not an option!

Like the princess on a quest for a paradisiacal pair of pumps, who must spend hours upon hours searching for sublimity; the damsel in distress must succumb to kissing loads of frogs before she is finally swept off her feet by Prince Charming. It is a commonality which goes to show that shopping for shoes and love is a daunting duo which works hand in hand with one another. Therefore, to accomplish full satisfaction in both departments, you must first fulfill the requirements for one, and the other will fall fashionably into place.

Darlings you’ve already unearthed a promising boy; now it’s time to find a favorable form of footwear to take your impending date from blasé to blissful, and ensure a second!

*photo compliments of We Heart It*

1) Destiny Wears Combat Boots – Kitty cats, before you undertake the task of shopping for a shoe that wows your Boy Wonder, it is of the utmost importance that you at least learn what activity your date will entail so as to ensure that you select a pair that is par for the course.

Now, unlike we of the fairer, genteel gender, who contemplate and plan for weeks upon weeks before an expected event; boys fly by the seat of their pants. Many are indecisive to an almost obnoxious point, waiting until the day-of to determine how they will be wining and dining you. For this reason alone, nailing down your plans may be synonymous with prying teeth; but for the sake of your sanity and fashionable finesse, do find out ahead of time. After all, you most certainly do not want to find yourself the wearer of stilettos when you should have been styled in combat boots!

*thanks Shannon Nicole Smith Photography*

2) It’s All About Me – Sue Grafton once said, “If high heels were so wonderful, men would be wearing them.” Nothing could be more true. Men are quite capable of admitting that they adore the way one’s hips sway and swivel when they’re accoutered in high heels; yet many, if not all, are unaware of the skill, and strength such shoes require of the wearer – not to mention the pain that we endure after long hours of having our tantalizing tootsies stuffed into such a style! Thus, only wear high heels if it’s what YOU want to do.

While shoes have the ability to create confidence, they are not the sole telltale factor in whether or not you will be overwhelmed by such a feeling. Confidence radiates from within, only being boosted ever so slightly by the inclusion of heels. Remember, my loves, there may be two of you on this particular date, but when selecting your shoe du jour, it’s all about you!

*Thanks Tumblr - allthatshoes*

3) A Compromise for Comfort – Let’s be honest here kittens, Alice in Wonderland pulled off her tumble down the rabbit hole with complete adorableness; and though we may say that, should we trip and fall, or merely stumble, in front of a cute boy, we have enough courage to shake it off and be on our merry way…once it actually happens to us, however, that fearlessness goes straight out the window!

Don’t deny it, first dates are nerve-wracking events. Though we may be loathe to admit it to ourselves or anyone else, we are plagued with jitters that leave us unsteady in our minds and on our feet; therefore, it is essential to take such notions into consideration to achieve complete success.

You may feel blissfully comfortable strutting around in your Rock & Republic Alayna Chain Pumps when shopping with the girls, but when out with a potential mate, an individual whom you are trying to make a lasting impression upon, you may find yourself tripping up, and overcome with embarrassment. Compromise your typical style by allocating the use of wedges or chunky heels in place of stilettos (designs that will not make you forsake height!) to guarantee both peace of mind, and complete comfort!

*photo compliments of Tumblr*

4) Walk the Talk – First dates are a prime time for individuals to rest on their laurels, and rely upon small talk, or menial observances to break the ice between both parties; thus, accomplish two things at once by selecting a style that doubles as a conversation starter.

Darlings, it’s a known fact that boys are oblivious to a handful of things – specifically the not-so-subtle hints we drop for them quite frequently much to no avail; but trust me when I say that even the most bewildered of boys is incapable of not noticing the influx of fringe adorning Joie’s Rock Steady Fringe Suede Booties, or the slightly ostentatious crystals speckling Ash’s Cult Studded Motorcycle Boots.

Just think of it this way, lovers…the boy may not stick around, but your fabulous choice of footwear chosen specifically for the occasion will forever stick by your side – or, rather, on your feet! Like Carrie Bradshaw once said, “The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.”

*Thanks for the photo Tumblr - jemappelle*

Happy dating and shopping, darlings!

Fashionably yours!


And don't forget to hop on over to

Cafe Fashionista

for more where this came from!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, Coffee, and a Good Book

*thank you We Heart It's Sweetly2wisteds for the photo*

Nothing beats a lazy day, a warm brew, and a page turner. One of my favorite things to do is sit by a window and get enveloped by my Book du Jour. Runner up? Page turning by a fire sunken in a plush chair in a soothing cafe. I'm telling you, life is good when I'm here.

What is your dream read mes cheries?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunny Saturday with Love on the Mind

I hope you have a happy weekend darlings, I personally am off to a wedding in Washington DC today. I just love weddings, mainly because I love planning (and attending) parties, and weddings are generally very extravagant parties. I love all the details that go into them, and most importantly I LOVE dancing.

*thanks Gyan on Flickrista for the photo*

So all in all...good times are to be had, just as long as I avoid that bouquet toss I am golden. haha!
Although I suppose it will be nice when I finally do meet someone I want to dance ALL my dances with to fight for that bouquet!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Young Love

Isn't young love the best? Nothing has hurt you yet, and you can truly give all your heart and be swept away in the fun of loving life. I always love watching movies and seeing the characters experience love for the first time. It takes me back to my childhood experiences. The thrill when "That Boy" locks eyes with you diliberately, or passes you a note in class, holding hands and walking in the park. And of course nothing replaces the spark of the first foot popping kiss!

*thanks Le Love Blog for the photo*

That is the best thing about youth, the ability to experience everything unbridled, whole heartedly and without baggage. In fact what I probably love most about watching this through these characters is the renewal in myself to be more free in my own life, because life is fleeting and you have to savor every moment while you have because all to soon it passes you by and is just a memory.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Classy Gem

I really have an obsession with old Hollywood. I love the class, the elegance and the magic that it possesses. I can count on one hand the celebrities that today hold such qualities to actually be worthy of comparison to this Golden Era which is quite a shame.

But I will tell you a celebrity I have recently started noticing, not only for adorable charm but her clean and admirable standards and bubbly personality: Amy Adams. Starting out in supporting roles in fun movies here and there, I always knew who she was but in the last few years she has really catapulted her self to some lovely leading roles and I am always under the spell of her smile while watching her on the silver screen.

I just love watching her for infectious joy, and when I saw these photos from a magazine spread and was blown away at how classically beautiful she can be as well. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paris, Paris You're Amazing

Sorry for my tardiness darlings, with all the travel preparations my research for the Paris Fashion Week sadly fell to the wayside, but never fear I have not forgotten my promise! Here are the highlights from the Paris Fall/Winter 2010 Ready to Wear collections, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I am pretty excited about the forecast for this fall, bring it on!

Brilliantly contrasts of unending textures flooded the Parisian catwalks and Christian Dior was no exception. This gorgeous palette from smooth to ruffly makes you yearning to prance around like the falling leaves.

Collette Dinnagan gets an A+ for Absolutely Amazing work! This incredible armored bodice juxtaposed to the sheer ruffles are so dreamy, it makes me feel like a little ballerina again.

Marc Jacobs leaves Louis Vuitton nothing but classy elegance in an array of figure flattering textures that are thinning and trés riche!

Vionnet walks us on the wild side pairing fur as a skirt with leather thigh highs boots and an armored belt, don't mess with this vixen!

This is such a casual way to accomplish the asymmetrical look while still remaining a grouwn up demeanor, thank you Emanuel Ungaro.

Collette Dinnagan places us right in a modern day fairy tale where I'm very comfortable staying.

Ahh...Alexandar Mcqueen, his last collection I think might be my favorite of his life's work, there were so many pieces I pulled from this season that were just breathtaking. This new twist on pulling the asymmetry down to a "One Glove - One Sleeve" combo is brilliant. I also love the reflected shape as the glove flares and the sleeve tapers!

Channel your modern Audrey Hepburn in this darling Isabel Marant ensemble that will leave you looking 5 pounds lighter instantly by the great belting and cut.

Menswear and Hats.
Ok, so maybe Balmain forgot the hat, but I just loved the Gold thread pin striping in this suit, very chic.

Christian Dior made me swoon over and over with this season's collection. This perfectly fit blazer with a wider plaid matched with such a vintage inspired hat is to die for! And how lovely are the double points from the jacket and the vest?

Hérmes flaunted the runways with tons and tons of hats, and top hats no less which I have been telling you about for months now! Plus, don't you love the subtle Mad Hatter feel about this ensemble, yes its actually from a much older, classy time period but I can't help but enjoy that little pop culture notion.

Wunderkind pulled me in with this awesome belted skirt, it has a belt and then a top hem that consists of a leather belting. It gives this really interesting layering effect that I quite like.

The other half of the Hérmes models that weren't strutting in top hats were prancing in bowler hats! How original, many designers usually incorporate some type of head piece into their runway looks, but I haven't seen bowler hats circulate the runways in quite some time. I must say, after seeing Jenny Humphrey rock the bowler hat on Gossip Girl last season I really wanted one.

These pants are stunning, I love that they are black but have this rock awesome pattern on them to catch people off guard. I love keeping people on their toes and Balmain always does a great job at supplying this need.

Dare to be different.
I thought this pocket dress by Emanuel Ungaro was way cool, and since they are so obviously protruding as pockets (and not an attempt to "give models curves") I love them rather than hate them for being placed at the hip.

Something about this Loewe outfit drew me in and made me interested. The short jacket immediately interrupted by a skinny belt and a really flowy dress to counteract the stiff leather. I'm not even sure I can formulate words for an opinion of it, but something about this look makes me like it.

Prepare yourself for a whole lot of McQueen coming up...yes this season was that good. Another pocket dress that I loved, but to be pulled in by such an exquisite pattern and create this regal countenance is stunning.

This jacket dress gives such a nice shape, and although I'm not personally crazy about the pattern on the fabric, I actually don't hate it (which says a lot since I normally would be appalled). I think I just really love that McQueen made a jacket...and a dress.

I've already briefed in the previous Fashion Week Cities on my love for capes (and my love that they are back) but this one is great. McQueen did an outstanding number with embroidery and patterns this season...and it must be said that I pretty much love her mohawk headpiece!

My favorite McQueen piece for his last season was this flirty number. I love how the belt is so thinning and that the print of the fabric is subtle enough to not compete with the gorgeous folds he has created above and below the visual resting point.

I wasn't totally thrilled with this Nina Ricci number until I noticed on the next slide, the back of the dress...unbelievable! Literally, my favorite thing about dresses is doing really interesting backs or a complete lack there of. This pleated sheer is so seductive and unique.

From about the shoulders up, I stop liking this outfit, but Talbot Runhof certainly was creative with the shoulder trend by placing a form right on top of his dress. Speaking of, the dress is amazing! Gorgeous color, touchable fabric and so well crafted, I get lost in a dream of detail at the neckline.

Show Stoppers.
As always my favorite thing about runway shows are the stunning dresses at the finales. Andrew Gn throws Classic Hollywood in your face with this show stopping number, gorgeous neckline, draping for days, and a color that has me head over heels.

Louis Vuitton keeps you in a fairy tale trance with this red carpet princess dress. The tight ruching up top juxtaposed to the million billowy layers of sheer on bottom creates a modern day princess before your eyes.

Valentino creates a dichotomy with this flowy yet form fitting wonder. The stunning red will leave you speechless and the ruffles will keep you floating for days.

My favorite dress of the season goes to Elie Saab, and its certainly not the first time. This talented man creates the most gorgeous things, and this transparent goddess was no exception. Down to every detail this dress leaves me mesmerized: the draped shoulder to the fitted sleeve; the dual toned flutter of the dress broken only by an up-to-there slit...of lace. I love lace, I love layers, I love Elie!

Hope you loved Paris Fall Fashion Week 2010 as much as the inspiring City of Love itself! So take what you love from NYC, London, Milan, and Paris and create your own gorgeous interpretation this fall.

As always, embrace being unique my loves.

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