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Beauty & the Feet

Mes Cheries, as you know I am visiting home for the week and soaking up the Southern Sun! I thought while I'm gone this would be the perfect time to invite my favorite blogger to guest blog on The Embellished Life. Erika of Cafe Fashionista daily posts lovely inspiration on fashion, music, and fun with compelling writing that leaves you pondering the gift of life. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do, please begin the habit of visiting her blog, it is fabulous and will never disappoint.

Dolls it is common knowledge that many of us, if not all, were raised upon a steady stream of fairytales. We were barraged with “Once Upon A Times” before we could even talk; force-fed “Happily Ever Afters” the moment we started toddling about the house garbed only in bulky diapers; and by the time we were old enough to play dress-up we had already been completely overwhelmed with the notion of being swept away by a Handsome Prince trotting along on a winter white Stallion.

*photo compliments of Tumblr - jemappelle*

It was not until adolescence, when we began navigating the playing field for ourselves, that we were coerced into coming to the realization that, like the perfect pair of shoes, the Handsome Prince was not so easily attainable. Nevertheless, for the fashion-forward fair maiden, giving up is not an option!

Like the princess on a quest for a paradisiacal pair of pumps, who must spend hours upon hours searching for sublimity; the damsel in distress must succumb to kissing loads of frogs before she is finally swept off her feet by Prince Charming. It is a commonality which goes to show that shopping for shoes and love is a daunting duo which works hand in hand with one another. Therefore, to accomplish full satisfaction in both departments, you must first fulfill the requirements for one, and the other will fall fashionably into place.

Darlings you’ve already unearthed a promising boy; now it’s time to find a favorable form of footwear to take your impending date from blasé to blissful, and ensure a second!

*photo compliments of We Heart It*

1) Destiny Wears Combat Boots – Kitty cats, before you undertake the task of shopping for a shoe that wows your Boy Wonder, it is of the utmost importance that you at least learn what activity your date will entail so as to ensure that you select a pair that is par for the course.

Now, unlike we of the fairer, genteel gender, who contemplate and plan for weeks upon weeks before an expected event; boys fly by the seat of their pants. Many are indecisive to an almost obnoxious point, waiting until the day-of to determine how they will be wining and dining you. For this reason alone, nailing down your plans may be synonymous with prying teeth; but for the sake of your sanity and fashionable finesse, do find out ahead of time. After all, you most certainly do not want to find yourself the wearer of stilettos when you should have been styled in combat boots!

*thanks Shannon Nicole Smith Photography*

2) It’s All About Me – Sue Grafton once said, “If high heels were so wonderful, men would be wearing them.” Nothing could be more true. Men are quite capable of admitting that they adore the way one’s hips sway and swivel when they’re accoutered in high heels; yet many, if not all, are unaware of the skill, and strength such shoes require of the wearer – not to mention the pain that we endure after long hours of having our tantalizing tootsies stuffed into such a style! Thus, only wear high heels if it’s what YOU want to do.

While shoes have the ability to create confidence, they are not the sole telltale factor in whether or not you will be overwhelmed by such a feeling. Confidence radiates from within, only being boosted ever so slightly by the inclusion of heels. Remember, my loves, there may be two of you on this particular date, but when selecting your shoe du jour, it’s all about you!

*Thanks Tumblr - allthatshoes*

3) A Compromise for Comfort – Let’s be honest here kittens, Alice in Wonderland pulled off her tumble down the rabbit hole with complete adorableness; and though we may say that, should we trip and fall, or merely stumble, in front of a cute boy, we have enough courage to shake it off and be on our merry way…once it actually happens to us, however, that fearlessness goes straight out the window!

Don’t deny it, first dates are nerve-wracking events. Though we may be loathe to admit it to ourselves or anyone else, we are plagued with jitters that leave us unsteady in our minds and on our feet; therefore, it is essential to take such notions into consideration to achieve complete success.

You may feel blissfully comfortable strutting around in your Rock & Republic Alayna Chain Pumps when shopping with the girls, but when out with a potential mate, an individual whom you are trying to make a lasting impression upon, you may find yourself tripping up, and overcome with embarrassment. Compromise your typical style by allocating the use of wedges or chunky heels in place of stilettos (designs that will not make you forsake height!) to guarantee both peace of mind, and complete comfort!

*photo compliments of Tumblr*

4) Walk the Talk – First dates are a prime time for individuals to rest on their laurels, and rely upon small talk, or menial observances to break the ice between both parties; thus, accomplish two things at once by selecting a style that doubles as a conversation starter.

Darlings, it’s a known fact that boys are oblivious to a handful of things – specifically the not-so-subtle hints we drop for them quite frequently much to no avail; but trust me when I say that even the most bewildered of boys is incapable of not noticing the influx of fringe adorning Joie’s Rock Steady Fringe Suede Booties, or the slightly ostentatious crystals speckling Ash’s Cult Studded Motorcycle Boots.

Just think of it this way, lovers…the boy may not stick around, but your fabulous choice of footwear chosen specifically for the occasion will forever stick by your side – or, rather, on your feet! Like Carrie Bradshaw once said, “The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.”

*Thanks for the photo Tumblr - jemappelle*

Happy dating and shopping, darlings!

Fashionably yours!


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Meream said...

Fab! Shoes will be the death of my savings account. Haha :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Love, love, love! Jessica this looks phenomenal! The pictures you chose are just stunning! Thank you so much for inviting me to guest post, my love!! :)

Leia said...

Lovely post as usual, Erika! :)

K said...

The comparisons crack me up!

Leah said...

I love this post... and I love the last paragraph. You always write so well Erika! xoxo

Robyn said...

So cute! I adore Erika's blog; it's nice to find others with similar tastes. :) Will be reading more of you!


Aury said...

I LOVED IT! Oh Erika you are too fabulous for words :)

gleenn said...

haha! who doesn't love shopping? I love those pink shoes. mademe think if i should get them :)

hiven said...


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