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Paris, Paris You're Amazing

Sorry for my tardiness darlings, with all the travel preparations my research for the Paris Fashion Week sadly fell to the wayside, but never fear I have not forgotten my promise! Here are the highlights from the Paris Fall/Winter 2010 Ready to Wear collections, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I am pretty excited about the forecast for this fall, bring it on!

Brilliantly contrasts of unending textures flooded the Parisian catwalks and Christian Dior was no exception. This gorgeous palette from smooth to ruffly makes you yearning to prance around like the falling leaves.

Collette Dinnagan gets an A+ for Absolutely Amazing work! This incredible armored bodice juxtaposed to the sheer ruffles are so dreamy, it makes me feel like a little ballerina again.

Marc Jacobs leaves Louis Vuitton nothing but classy elegance in an array of figure flattering textures that are thinning and trés riche!

Vionnet walks us on the wild side pairing fur as a skirt with leather thigh highs boots and an armored belt, don't mess with this vixen!

This is such a casual way to accomplish the asymmetrical look while still remaining a grouwn up demeanor, thank you Emanuel Ungaro.

Collette Dinnagan places us right in a modern day fairy tale where I'm very comfortable staying.

Ahh...Alexandar Mcqueen, his last collection I think might be my favorite of his life's work, there were so many pieces I pulled from this season that were just breathtaking. This new twist on pulling the asymmetry down to a "One Glove - One Sleeve" combo is brilliant. I also love the reflected shape as the glove flares and the sleeve tapers!

Channel your modern Audrey Hepburn in this darling Isabel Marant ensemble that will leave you looking 5 pounds lighter instantly by the great belting and cut.

Menswear and Hats.
Ok, so maybe Balmain forgot the hat, but I just loved the Gold thread pin striping in this suit, very chic.

Christian Dior made me swoon over and over with this season's collection. This perfectly fit blazer with a wider plaid matched with such a vintage inspired hat is to die for! And how lovely are the double points from the jacket and the vest?

Hérmes flaunted the runways with tons and tons of hats, and top hats no less which I have been telling you about for months now! Plus, don't you love the subtle Mad Hatter feel about this ensemble, yes its actually from a much older, classy time period but I can't help but enjoy that little pop culture notion.

Wunderkind pulled me in with this awesome belted skirt, it has a belt and then a top hem that consists of a leather belting. It gives this really interesting layering effect that I quite like.

The other half of the Hérmes models that weren't strutting in top hats were prancing in bowler hats! How original, many designers usually incorporate some type of head piece into their runway looks, but I haven't seen bowler hats circulate the runways in quite some time. I must say, after seeing Jenny Humphrey rock the bowler hat on Gossip Girl last season I really wanted one.

These pants are stunning, I love that they are black but have this rock awesome pattern on them to catch people off guard. I love keeping people on their toes and Balmain always does a great job at supplying this need.

Dare to be different.
I thought this pocket dress by Emanuel Ungaro was way cool, and since they are so obviously protruding as pockets (and not an attempt to "give models curves") I love them rather than hate them for being placed at the hip.

Something about this Loewe outfit drew me in and made me interested. The short jacket immediately interrupted by a skinny belt and a really flowy dress to counteract the stiff leather. I'm not even sure I can formulate words for an opinion of it, but something about this look makes me like it.

Prepare yourself for a whole lot of McQueen coming up...yes this season was that good. Another pocket dress that I loved, but to be pulled in by such an exquisite pattern and create this regal countenance is stunning.

This jacket dress gives such a nice shape, and although I'm not personally crazy about the pattern on the fabric, I actually don't hate it (which says a lot since I normally would be appalled). I think I just really love that McQueen made a jacket...and a dress.

I've already briefed in the previous Fashion Week Cities on my love for capes (and my love that they are back) but this one is great. McQueen did an outstanding number with embroidery and patterns this season...and it must be said that I pretty much love her mohawk headpiece!

My favorite McQueen piece for his last season was this flirty number. I love how the belt is so thinning and that the print of the fabric is subtle enough to not compete with the gorgeous folds he has created above and below the visual resting point.

I wasn't totally thrilled with this Nina Ricci number until I noticed on the next slide, the back of the dress...unbelievable! Literally, my favorite thing about dresses is doing really interesting backs or a complete lack there of. This pleated sheer is so seductive and unique.

From about the shoulders up, I stop liking this outfit, but Talbot Runhof certainly was creative with the shoulder trend by placing a form right on top of his dress. Speaking of, the dress is amazing! Gorgeous color, touchable fabric and so well crafted, I get lost in a dream of detail at the neckline.

Show Stoppers.
As always my favorite thing about runway shows are the stunning dresses at the finales. Andrew Gn throws Classic Hollywood in your face with this show stopping number, gorgeous neckline, draping for days, and a color that has me head over heels.

Louis Vuitton keeps you in a fairy tale trance with this red carpet princess dress. The tight ruching up top juxtaposed to the million billowy layers of sheer on bottom creates a modern day princess before your eyes.

Valentino creates a dichotomy with this flowy yet form fitting wonder. The stunning red will leave you speechless and the ruffles will keep you floating for days.

My favorite dress of the season goes to Elie Saab, and its certainly not the first time. This talented man creates the most gorgeous things, and this transparent goddess was no exception. Down to every detail this dress leaves me mesmerized: the draped shoulder to the fitted sleeve; the dual toned flutter of the dress broken only by an up-to-there slit...of lace. I love lace, I love layers, I love Elie!

Hope you loved Paris Fall Fashion Week 2010 as much as the inspiring City of Love itself! So take what you love from NYC, London, Milan, and Paris and create your own gorgeous interpretation this fall.

As always, embrace being unique my loves.

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