Friday, December 31, 2010

Au Revoir 2010

This year has seemed to have flown by! From staying alone in Warsaw last year, unable to be close to any friends and this year living my dream and snagging a party to watch the ball drop live in NYC... I must say words cannot properly express my elation over the past few months.

I think we're raised to be synical...dream big, but don't get your hopes up because all too often things are not what they seem. Normally this tactic works, as it shelters us from a whole array of disappointing outcomes, but every once and a while you will find yourself pleasantly surprised with sheer happiness. New York has been my surprise, since the days of dress up in my mother's high heels I have dreamed of being a New Yorker. I couldn't wait to prance across town hailing cabs and climbing career ladders... all in the highest of styles of course ;)

This city certainly hazes anyone who dares try to live here, but once you make it in, its absolutely fabulous. So this New Year's I have a bounty of greatness to celebrate. Dreams come true, home sweet home established, and new adventures to embark upon. My favorite thing about New Year's is the look back of the last year, and how many incredible changes can happen in just 365 days. I am sure 2011 will bring about some changes of its own and personally cannot wait set out on the next 365 adventure!

Here is my recap of 2010... what is yours darlings?
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 Rang in the New Year in a new country!

 Traveled to 4 new countries!

Fell in love in a romantic city!

Life long goal realized!

Not bad. No pressure 2011...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Day

Somehow falling snow never seems to lose its magic. NYC has gotten its fair share over Christmas and I must say, this fashionista is a bit worried about getting back to her casa! Here is some lovely Carolina snow... we had a white Christmas in Charlotte (first one since 1947)!

Did you get any magical flurries your way darlings?
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Travels and Happy Eggnog!

It's that time of year again... the roads are packed and the airports and trains follow suit. What is a fashionista to do? Well pass her over the knee boots and carry on LV through security and jet set off to see loved ones of course!

As I fly South with the birds for slightly warmer weather, I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas full of love and good company!
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fashion 101: Our Stylish Ancestors

A recent trip to Ellis Island had me overflowing with historic inspiration... As you may know fashion history (like fashion present) is something I really love. Something I always take away from museums and historic sites are the costumes of all the different places and times. The patterns, the colors, the culture of each time period that dictated the dress. It is so fascinating.

I can't even imagine the hope Lady Liberty must've given after being on a boat, miserable, forever, to finally feel free to live the life you dream. Walking these halls was awe inspiring. Most Americans can trace their lineage back to family that came through Ellis Island to settle here. I am one of them. Part Norwegian and part Irish I have many family members that checked in...and I was even able to find their names!

I've always loved vintage luggage, the main lobby is the room where all the belongings of the immigrants would be setting while they registered their families in the country. 

The few clothing displayed in the museum is what really got me. Attention Upper East Siders looks like your boots borrowed the fabulous style of 1906 Bohemia... good to know there's a little Cinderella in every walk down the runway. And how chic is this doctor's bag this woman is sporting? I really am on the hunt for one myself, it is my favorite closure for a bag... a bit hard to find since its not a fad right now.

Have you checked in at Ellis my dears?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Street Scene

In New York City the cold is no reason to not look tip top, quite the contrary actually... I'm having a great time challenging myself to find more and more ways to look like a fashionable winter bunny! Off to a brunch this weekend I proudly strutted my new found Over the Knee boots!

Over the Knee Boots... Shoegasm Soho
Pumpkin Hobo Bag... Gadzooks 
Gold Flecked Victorian Button Gloves.... Target
Fur Trimmed Camel Wool Coat... Yard Sale Find!
Gold Flecked Infinity Scarf.... Handmade by Moi!
Gold Flecked 3/4 Puff Sleeve Shirt... H&M
Flirty Army Green Skirt... H&M 
Gold Locket... Forever 21

Fashion Rule: Never limit yourself to select stores, just like I found this fabulous coat at a yard sale, you never know when you will stumble upon something fabulous. Keep an open mind!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

NYC Digs: Big Apple Lady

There are an unending amount of things you can dive into in this wonderful city at any time of year... but Christmas gives everything a magical spin. Twinkling streets that sing joyful music to you as you skip along 5th Ave in your button up Balmain Boots! But with so many options, how is a fashionista to decide?

You can start by leaving Manhattan for a smaller island dedicated to one lady that has had her share of dazzling magazine spreads over the years... Lady Liberty! Long before the ladies of Sex and the City, Our Lady has touched people with her independent spirit... not to mention her classic Greek fashion (that she always knew was stylish).

It is inspiring to see that New York never lost its zeitgeist as the place to go to make your dreams come true. I found 3 of my ancestors listed at Ellis Island signing in for the American Dream after a haul from Norway! But we'll dive more into the gateway to America soon enough, for now lets visit Liberty Island.

Liberty is full of history and things to explore literally! The museum sits inside our statue! But word to the wise when planning to rendez vous with this Lady... plan ahead! To tour all the way up to the crown (which is of course the raison d'etre to visit her) you must BOOK IN ADVANCE! This lady's fabulous headpiece is booked months in advance... she's like the next hot restaurant in Manhattan... no exceptions!

How to be fabulous for Our Lady? Easy for a snappy dresser like yourself right?! Climb those stairs in style with some comfy flat boots with a fancy flair like these Chloe Cutout Boots. Fight those harsh Hudson winds in something ultra warm and soft like this Karl Donaghue. And of course la meme chose pour ta tete! Try this Diane von Furstenburg beret bien sur!

Have you met Lady Liberty?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pourquoi Pas?

Why not get that Christmas shopping done this week darlings?

{merci weheartit}

The holiday will be here before you know it and I for one have yet to buy anything (very unusual)! It has been one hectic season chock full of meetings, parties, and to-do lists... but I am loving how beautiful the city is all decorated and the sounds of Christmas music ringing from every corner.... especially the smell of Christmas trees from the street vendors. Magical.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Travel Confession #17

It's almost another year and I can't wait! One of my favorite things about my travels is the possibility for exploration, and nothing gets me more pumped on possibility then the turning over to a new planner... yes I use an old school day planner... they can't be replaced.

{merci weheartit}

Have you brainstormed your 2011 adventures yet?

Monday, December 13, 2010

NYC Digs: Christmas is Chocolate!

Christmas in NYC is the most magical time of year, beautiful window shopping, ice skating, and Christmas music heard near and far. Well this past weekend was no exception, as Santas of all shapes and sizes filled the city streets full of booze aided holiday cheer for Santacon! I personally love the girl's santa costume that both these ladies are sporting for the event. It's always fun to make the holidays fashionably festive!

After much exploring the past couple weeks a friend and I ventured upon this lovely chocolate shop at Bryant Park. Lily O'Briens Chocolate Cafe lured me in with promises of Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate... and they did not disappoint! I just love here how they've decorated the store for Christmas using their chocolates as ornaments.

This chocolat chaud was of course after a dazzling whirl around the Bryant Park Ice Rink! Nothing beats ice skating in New York, its always one of my favorite things to look forward to. Bundled in a winter white pea coat and catwalk worthy trapper hat you begin to feel like you are starring in your own holiday chic flic... now where is that prince charming?

How do you hit the ice my dears?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fashionspiration: Wicked Fashionista

I had the extreme privilege of seeing Wicked this week! I have been waiting to see this Broadway for 6 years and I must say it was worth the wait. Phenomenal from start to finish, the music, the costumes, the acting, the set... no detail was left unturned. The moment I walked into the doors of the Gershwin Theatre I was enveloped by the Land of Oz.

I enjoyed reading the book, Wicked by Gregory Maguire (great for a book club if you are interested), but I must say I actually enjoyed the play better! The play takes a slightly different turn and I liked how they wrapped the original Wizard of Oz more into the story than the book did. I left the theatre already ready to see it again! And I couldn't stop thinking how fabulous the costumes would be on a catwalk...well, this inspired me for a Fashionspiration and I hope it inspires you too!

How Wicked are you my darlings?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pourquoi Pas?

Why not escape to a dreamy destination today mes cheries? You can find some foreign beau to be your tour guide and lead you on an exciting and romantic adventure!

{Merci WeHeartIt}

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's a Merry Market Christmas

It's that time of year again! Homemade yummies and fun Holiday event to experience with friends and family! Not to mention great gift guides galore!

One of my favorite things to do during December is shop the Christmas Markets... and New York has their fair share! All filled with artists ready to help you discover your next handmade treasure to complete your wardrobe... although I must admit, its never actually complete!

This year I am market hopping from Bryant Park to Grand Central to showcase all the best for you. I am making friends along the way and can't wait for you to meet! This is the Columbus Circle Market, and right in my neighbourhood! And such great finds, so many jewelry finds in fact that I will be doing a separate post for you so stay tuned!

But until then you may be stressing about what to get your man! Maybe a gorgeous work bag for the one on the go like this one from Flux. And by the way... on the right are neckties... made from oiled denim! They are incredible... very sleek from the oiled technique but still a bit rough for that manly man who sweeps you off your feet!

{Merci Flux}

If your honey is a Graphic Tee Rockstar you have to check out 1AEON

{Merci 1Aeon}

Or maybe for something with a little more NY flavor... like a where I bought something for my beau, try Gnome Enterprises!

{Merci Gnome Enterprises}

Have you found any great markets?

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Bundle Up!

After a brutally cold weekend of frigid wind whipping through the buildings, it was nice to snuggle up with my sweetie and watch a Christmas movie (Home Alone 2 to be exact :)! Even though I have Southern roots and therefore prefer my 70 degree sunny days... there is something nice about the opportunity to bundle up in my most fun furry ensembles!

Although as easily as I get cold, I often feel like I look like this model above....VERY wrapped up!

{merci weheartit}

Pops of fur makes an outfit so finished and fancy! This weekend I was sporting my knee length faux fur coat and at times my trapper hat, just like this one above! But I must tell you, I love the idea of a fur skirt... and I just may be investing in that real soon!

How do you bundle up darlings?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashionspiration: Southern Peach

Created by Deeelushious on Polyvore this look definitely had my heart a flutter today my loves. From billowing ruffles and romantic lace to tousled feathers, I would love to strut this on the town tonight!

Be your own Hollywood starlet and reclaim the spotlight today my dears!

Marabou feather bolero jacket Pink
140 GBP -
Pink jacket »

Tiered jersey skirt
$81 -
Tiered skirts »

Miu Miu Taper Toe Pump
$339 -
High-heel »




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