Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decade Countdown: 2009

We started 2009 with a lot of hope, as we ushered in the country's very first African American president who was promising lots of change. News of the Swine Flu scared us all and we began searching for our next vaccination. The death of the King of Pop shocked the entire world, and we all sat in theatres lamenting the next era of Michael Jackson that would never be. News of the OctaMom leaves us confused while we search for other news on the newest craze of mini-notebooks. We learn more about Tiger Woods than the fact that he plays golf really well, and so do his many sponsors. We watch with a loss for words for how diluted Kanye West is, as he not only can't handle him losing but other celebs as well. Bravo Beyonce and Taylor Swift for remaining classy. News of Rihanna's abusive relationship surprises us, and Twilight continues to be a phenomenon as the second movie is a huge box office hit.


Peace and Love.




Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Decade Countdown: 2008

We rapidly learned how bad our economy had gotten in 2008 as "Bailout" became a commonly heard term. Historic campaigning begins for the next presidency as the country is a little too eager for a replacement in leadership. The first woman and African American to securely have a shot at the next head seat made us truly feel progress. Michael Phelps astonished the world with a perfect Olympic record! Differing lifestyles take the front pages, as Lohan decides to date girls, and Ellen ties the knot with her girlfriend. With recession in full mindset words like Recessionista and Staycation became house rules, as we all adjusted to a more responsible way of living. We sadly said goodbye to a great actor, Heath Ledger and sat mesmorized at his last and best performance as the Joker. Green became the next big thing, as everyone everywhere was suddenly concerned with the planet: buying local, shopping organic, hybrid cars and the like. Not to mention, wearing shirts and bags that show off that fact in your life. And Twitter gave a new addict avenue to constantly tell people what is up in our lives.

Go Green.


Hail Caesar.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Decade Countdown: 2007

It seemed celebrities went crazy in 2007, even by Hollywood standards! Lindsey chased down assistants, faced DUI charges and house arrest. Britney shaved her head and began a downward spiral that non of us had seen before. In the meantime we said goodbye to Anna Nicole along with the housing market followed by banking. Both which turned into quite a recession like we haven't seen since the Depression. The last Harry Potter book was released leaving a void in the lives of many hoping for more. Virginia Tech made us question our safety on even college campuses, and the release of the iPhone changed the world!

Posh Hairdo.

Refreshing Modesty.

Trapeze Please.

Be Your Own Limelight.

Aye, Aye Sargeant.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Decade Countdown: 2006

Its funny how Hollywood seems to do everything together. In 2006, we watched as many ended relationships, like Reese, Britney, McCartney, and Aniston. Then learned how the limeligher's all cared about Africa, as adoptions became the next thing to do. Hopefully, it at least did some good for Africa. Saddam Hussein's reign of terror finally took its last breath. The death of Steve Irwin shocked us all as we learned exactly how dangerous animals can be. We discovered not everyone on Oprah tells the whole truth, and we kept our spirits up with light hearted satires from Borat.

Mid Season Combos.

Just not the kitchen sink.


Pop that thang.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Decade Countdown: 2005

In 2005, Iraqi elections begin for the first time while Hurricane Katrina devestated the South of the United States. Tom Cruise jumped on a couch and scared us all, while Green Day began a second successful round of producing music, this time with politically fueled lyrics. Speaking of round 2's this is also when I became convinced Hollywood had ran out of ideas since it seemed like every new movie was either a sequel or a remake. Anyone else feel that way?

Skinny jeans.


Boho Chic.

Grandma's Sparkle.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Decade Countdown: 2004

I love 2004 and any year that involves the Olympics. But lets not forget the year kickstarted off with Janet Jackson create a "Wardrobe Malfunction" that made every Superbowl since lack any decent entertainment due to oversensorship by nervous Americans. The Boston Red Sox finally break The Curse of the Bambino, after 85 seasons of losing a shot at the World Series! America's Domestic Diva, Martha Stewart, was sentenced to 5 months in jail...of course creating great content for Saturday Night Live and other comedic acts. The nation says goodbye the wonderful Ronald Reagan and ushers in the next term for President Bush, and the giant tsunami in Asia leaves everyone grateful for what they have.



Season Confusion.

Red Carpet Casual.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Decade Countdown: 2003

A year of getting serious; in 2003 the US began cracking down on illegal music downloaders as technology became rapidly easier for mass production. After decades of disaster and to much relief, troops capture Saddam Hussein. Vintage Hollywood took office as Arnold Schwarzenegger was voted Governer and the swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean pulled Disney out of financial troubles as the country fell in love with Captain Jack Sparrow...and his rum! The death of John Ritter surprised the nation along with the sad farewell of the greats like Johnny & June Cash, Katherine Hepburn, and Bob Hope.

Dressy casual.

Mainstream Designer Knock Offs.

Working class.

From the Orient.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Decade Countdown: 2002

The year 2002 was a fun year for rebuilding and searching for positive things, as we struggled to redefine normal. Brands suddenly found advertising very easy as we began to see exactly which brand everyone preferred. While we began a war on terrorism The Osbournes kept our spirits up and the New England Patriots began an epic Super Bowl winning streak.

Brand Whore.


New Flower Power.

Faux Vintage Tees.

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