Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pourquoi Pas?

Why not XOXO darlings? Have you been catching up on the latest on the Upper East Siders? This season is very good even if my Louboutins and I are struggling to keep up. So sorry for the absence of post yesterday, I'm afraid the Blogger Bouncer was giving me the cold shoulder of his velvet rope and logging in was something that was just not going to happen. But no tears for me mes cheries maybe just some Wayfarers as I've been blinded by the amazing fabulousness of last nights costume. The show featured the girls at the insta-important Fashion's Night Out event that has swept NYC by surprise the last two NYFWs with its glitz and its glam.


Blair's dress was amazing. The perfect frock to turns those heads
as you step out the cab ready to party. Thank you Pre-Fall Valentino!


But Serena's dress stole my heart. Flowy, unique, and backless,
its everything I always look for in a gown. Bisous Jenny Packham!

Whose heels would you walk a mile in darlings?

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Monday, September 27, 2010

The New Hair Conundrum - The Guest Blogger Series

My transition to NY is moving along wonderfully and things are starting to come into place, and in the meantime I am having some lovely blogger friends help me with some posts! Today enjoy Jessica from Fashion Limbo as she debates on gettin her heer did!

New season? new hair? This is the question lodging in my brain as soon as September arrives. By the end of said month I am desperately looking for an excuse to book my appointment at the salon, bugging friends with celebrity pictures asking “would this style suit me?”. By October I have seen my stylist, with no clue about what to ask for. I’ll just let him do whatever he fancies, changing my mind along the way, begging for more length here, less there... the results end up being, more often than not, questionable. Insert sad face here.

So, in the name of patience, and good taste, I have decided to take a step back and truly consider what I want done to my hair... and more importantly, what would really look good.

Right now I’m contemplating having a new hair colour. I should add I’m a natural brunette. The good thing about being brunette is that one can go bare-faced in terms of make-up, unlike platinum blondes. A shade of red on the lips can look positively stunning, especially if one goes for blue shades. I am lusting after a shade of pink by MAC and I know it would work great with darker locks.

However, being a brunette, I’m yawning. Going platinum blonde has always been a secret desire of mine. The sad truth is that platinum is not for the regular wallflower. As stated above, one could never, and I mean never, leave the house without any make-up.

Additionally I would have to invest in good shampoos, conditioning treatments and much more. No harsh methods such as hair-straighteners allowed and head to a trusted colourist to keep the black roots at bay... every fortnight.

And then there is Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine), parading her red locks around and looking truly amazing. Maybe it’s time to become a fake, yet stylish, redhead?

Or maybe it’s just time to settle as a brunette, love my natural hair colour for what it is, embrace all chocolate shades, and stop torturing myself lusting after other people’s heads?

... naaah! that would be too boring. So! how about jet black...?

{thanks weheartit for the photos}

Be sure to check out more from Jessica at Fashion Limbo everyday darlings!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Southern Beauty

Before my move, I managed to fit in a trip down to one of my favorite places on Earth, Charleston, South Carolina. A city where the Old South still reigns with its beautiful Southern Drawl and sweeping oak trees in front of gorgeous plantations. You walk the streets of downtown and feel swept into a simpler time where people still sit on front porches, sweet tea in hand, and wave to everyone who passes by.

Walking down the Battery or by Rainbow Row,
I love seeing the pretty roses being made by the Carolina Sweetgrass.
You can find many brilliant baskets of this at the Market.

You gotta love a beach town, especially when its as charming as Charleston.

Charleston's architecture is incredible,
it just proves you don't have to travel around the world to find
quaint towns filled with rich history and inspiring buildings.

Have you visited Charleston darlings?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Empire State of Mind

I must say, I have been living in an Empire State of Mind my whole life and today darlings, my dreams are finally coming true. I leave today to move up to New York City, the place where you can live large and dream big. A city that finally has the same internal speed as I do, filled with culture and unending excitement. New York is truly like no other city on the planet, it has its own heartbeat that leaves you speechless and inspired.

{thanks tumblr}

How will you follow your heart today mes cheries?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Links a la Mode

links a la mode
Working the new season with fabulous new discoveries.

Influences, Impressions, and Interpretations of Fashion and what it all means

Edited by: Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

It is without a doubt that fashion makes the world go round. Just last week, Fashion's Night Out helped revive the economy, fashion week's across the world bring together old friends, new friends, and those in between. Technology fused with fashion now offers inside perspectives- once only exclusively shared. Adding to this breath of fashion are those who blog.

This week's roundup offers a retrospect of fashion as New York Fashion Week comes to a close, designers have teased us with what's to come, and the world comes back to life- the fashion blogger's mind only now begins to race with influences, impressions, and interpretations of Fall Fashion and what it all means...

  • Amanda Brohman: How the nerds(and their style) conquered the fashion world:
  • Amanda Lee Dot Org: How to Make High Heels Bearable
  • Denim Debutante: Wearing White AFTER Labor Day
  • Dirty Hems: Fashion is a Tramp: the cyclical nature of cultural appropriation in fashion, particularly pertaining to the homeless & "hobo-chic"
  • Dramatis Personae: Fall Fantasy Lookbook- the bits and pieces I'm coveting for Fall '10
  • Fashioncents: 3 guidelines for wearing or not wearing socks with shoes. It's time we all got on the right foot with this one.
  • For Those About to Shop: So much invaluable information at the IFB conference. I decided to take Gala's advice and write my first "how to":
  • Grechen Blogs: how to make your fashion blog more user-friendly
  • Houndstooth and Tortoiseshell: So, how do you make it in the fashion industry: Real life advice on how to break into the fashion biz from a successful runway producer.
  • Interrobangs Anonymous: Gender roles in fashion blogging:
  • Mimosas in Bed: The big apple gets evolved
  • Pretty Shiny Sparkly: The Thrift Virgin - One girl's deflowering when it comes to thrift shopping fashion.
  • Previously Owned: Exclusivity vs. availability: New media taking over?
  • SLSVGG Fashion: The best bits of London's Fashion Night Out
  • Style Eyes Fashion: Join the evolution for a new fashion democracy - do you get fed up with being told what you 'must have for the season ahead' here's how to end the dictatorship and have your say.
  • Style Spotting: Fashion's Night Out in LA with celeb stylist Taylor Jacobson and her collaboration with Kasil denim. Loved her hot rocker chic!
  • The Curvy Fashionista: My Fall 2010 Luxe(wish)list- aka my birthday wishlist
  • The Lingerie Addict: Should You Buy Your Lingerie Online or In Stores? A brief guide to knowing the best place to buy your most intimate fashions.
  • The Little Curly Girl: The camel coat is one of the most talked about pieces for Fall 2010. Will you be wearing one this season?
  • Your Saving Style: A Thought About Real Women


    Monday, September 20, 2010

    Fashion & Science Date

    I found an interesting video over the weekend that intrigued me. This guy has found a scientific breakthrough with fabric that could have major possibilities and still be environmentally friendly. I do believe it is still in the beginning stages and will need to be more pliable before it becomes a mainstream designer handytool but it has some real potential.

    What do you think mes cheries?

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    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Guest Blogger Challenge

    I beg your pardon for my absent lately mes cheries. I am in the middle of relocating to the whirlwind city of Manhattan and it is proving to be have quite a lot of bumps along the way. Is moving ever easy? I don't think so, but it seems that Manhattan is quite a closed door city!

    So while I wind through my hectic yellow brick road to Gotham, I am calling all you Embellishers to a challenge! I would like to give the reigns over to you guys to be guest bloggers while I am in the middle of moving!

    {thanks weheartit for all the photo love}

    Send me your Guest Blog Post on the topic of your choice via email.

    Pick from an array of things related to Fashion, Music, Pop Culture, Travel, Inspiration, Art, Love, Life, etc. Keep it upbeat and motivational of course and if you don't have the right photos I can help you out there :)

    You can even write a post for one of your Embellished Life favorites if you wish: Pourquoi Pas, Travel Confession, Fashion 101, Fashionspiration! Have fun, get creative, and share your flair for what makes you, YOU!

    NOW! You can begin sending them in right away, and keep them coming, this will be a fantastic way to see how you all Embellish your lives every day!

    I cannot wait to see what you dazzle me with darlings!
    So get typing!

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Dreaming of a Grecian Getaway

    Just dreaming today mes cheries of floating away on a cruise ship
    to my next destination of choice, Greece.

    Oh to walk the streets where toga's were fashioned before Animal House
    and photograph the blue capped houses of Santorini.

    One day my darlings, one day.

    {thanks for all the photos Weheartit}

    Have you explored Greece?

    Monday, September 13, 2010

    Dream Big

    It is a strange feeling to know you are smack dab in the middle of living out your dreams. But your wildest dreams only happen if you seize them mes cheries. Yes it is risky, because to gain big you have to gamble big, but what if you always played it safe? If you always live in the black and white box where nothing happens to you, you may never get hurt, you may never fail, but you will also never fly and you will never succeed. Life is too short to rob yourself of its fullest potential. Have you ever considered that you are the only thing holding you back from your greatest potential?


    When we are kids we dream big and don't think about any repercussions because nothing in our minds is worth sacrificing the prize where we have our eyes fixed. Then somewhere between Barbie dolls and diplomas we enter a world of confusion and hesitation. We justify ourselves by calling this reality, but isn't reality just the environment you create for yourself? Of course we have responsibilities, financially and so forth, but who's to say you can't up and change your life if its not what you want? You can. We psych ourselves out and say that no one really lives out their dreams once they grow up, is that really being a grown-up? Living a bland vanilla life of paycheck to paycheck, mortgage payment to car payment to the grave? What if you want a world of color, a world of adventure, excitement, and challenge? What if you actually delivered on all the things you promised your daring younger self?


    Faith was never meant to be a drug,
    to sedate us through a life that we hated.
    ~Steven Furtick


    Find your dream and take that leap of faith. It is better to gain wisdom through living your dreams then to always live in the depression of what-if. Your dreams are what make you unique, so go get them and show me what you've got mes cheries!

    Friday, September 10, 2010

    Fashion 101: LBD

    "You can wear black at any time, you can wear it at any age. You can wear it on almost any occasion. A 'little black frock' is essential to a woman's wardrobe. I could write a book about black." ~ Christian Dior


    That jaw dropping Little Black Dress has been done a million and one ways over the centuries, and it somehow never goes out of style. But where did it really come from? What catapulted it to stardom? Well mes cheries, any Miley or Gaga can strut her strut her stuff in Versace's latest invention, but to be a truly schooled fashionista, one must know her history. Besides, what is more satisfying than leaving someone speechless who misjudged you as a brainless ditz with a credit card? Put those nay-sayers in their place darlings, fashion is a power house industry and deserves the respect of a full education. So class, sit down and take notes.

    Along with the Renaissance, Italy also birthed black as a fashion statement. Seen as far back as 1473 in the triptych by Jean de Witte, featuring a young woman in a lavish velvet gown with an intense scarlet ribbon. Although, the Spaniards are the reason for the initial mass appeal, as black dye was expensive, it became the color of the Spanish Royalty almost exclusively throughout the 16th century.


    Fading in and out of style, black had predominantly declined in the 17th & 18th centuries. The first half of the 19th century, black paved its way as the fashionable color for men, who wore it in the English Style assimilated with merchants and businessmen. By the latter half of the century it became a fashion statement for wealthy women as well. But black was cemented in wardrobe after Sargent painted the Portrait of Madame X, causing a scandal in Paris and emerging it as the color of seduction.


    The American Vogue of October, 1926 would forever change the game as it unveiled photos of Coco Chanel's "little black dress" that they described as "The Chanel 'Ford' - The frock that all will wear." Chanel had done much experimenting with black garb, but this piece debuted at a time when the world needed simplicity and craved a break from the extravagant canvases of her competitor Paul Poiret.


    Then Hollywood quickly climbed on board, with many starlettes featuring stunning black gowns that were crucial to their characters' role. Christian Dior became infatuated with this idea of minimalist beauty as he began bringing these desires of Hollywood to the runway and then trickling it down to the women who walked the streets. "I have no wish to deprive fashion of the added allure and charm of color, but I could perfectly well design a whole collection simply in black or white. Color cannot transform a failure of a dress into a success; it merely plays a supporting role in the cast where cut is the star performer." (Christian Dior). Continuing the phenomenon, in 1961 Hubert de Givenchy made that very rare and pure movie magic moment with Audrey Hepburn's iconic ensemble in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and women everywhere have never been the same.


    After a minor decline in the 60s, Yves Saint Laurent brought back black in steel force through the 70s and set his name in the history books. Through the next couple decades fashion wavered between whether it found black elegantly sexy or a punk statement toward anarchy. Powerhouse designer Vivienne Westwood created bridges for the fashion-antifashion opposing crowds and was the first to successfully change the industry toward an edgy, goth direction. Gianni Versace made his mark with a gift to blend the hard elements of the punk movement with the timeless seductiveness that we all know and love, and Karl Lagerfeld found a way to bring Chanel into the 21st century. With every turn of the season, designers left and right find new ways to amaze us, and somehow black is still not boring.

    Check it out for more awesome info darlings!


    I wonder what the next
    la mode en noire holds mes cheries?

    Thursday, September 9, 2010

    Fashionspiration: Fall into Fashion Week

    The curtains are officially up today darlings, as New York City begins Fashion Week Spring 2011. So why not some inspiration for your runway show ensembles, you do know the audience is just as much of a fashion show as the catwalk mes cheries?

    The oversized faux fur vests are one of my favorite trends from last Fashion Week and paired with leggings a basic top and super statement Over the Knee Boots, I would be pratically skipping to my seat. The Fall wardrobe is my favorite for one key reason: COLOR! I love mimicking the trees of vibrant red and yellow or my pumpkin obsession, and blending it with a nice rich chocolate brown to hold down the fort. With this color palette I am all gold baby! Usually a nice brushed gold since it provides a vintage flair, my favorite. Try skipping the necklace and going for a statement bracelet, like maybe crazy bangles! Bring the bling up with some shimmering earrings filled with large gemstones, they will glitter almost as much as your eyes. Lastly, weather depending, you may need a light jacket to ward off the cold, try popping your fur collar out of a hard core biker jacket! The asymmetric zip line adds a perfect attention piece pointing straight up to your fun fur.

    Girl you will be blinded by
    the light of the paparazzi, so beware!

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    Pourquoi Pas?

    Why not pull those boots over your knees and strut on down to the Lincoln Center darlings? Its in with Damrosch Park and sadly out with Bryant, who has given us many great years of inspiration, but now its time for New York to spread its Fashion Week Wings even further, so onward we go.


    Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York starts tomorrow
    and I am thrilled for the breath of fresh 2011 Spring air
    to come sashaying down the catwalk darlings.


    Do you remember the trends to be sporting for Fall 2010 mes cheries?
    Here's a recap to tickle your shopping fancy and get you prepped for this upcoming season!


    Which trend are you most excited about my loves?

    Tuesday, September 7, 2010

    Travel Confession #16

    I love going to a new place and discovering it through my camera lens. It is so exciting to get home and see my new passport stamp through a whole new angle. You get to relive all the fun memories through every snapshot.


    Any fun travel stories mes cheries?

    Monday, September 6, 2010

    Happy Labor Day & Giveaway Winner

    My darlings, I hope you are soaking up the warm Vitamin D while you can. It has been quite a Summer and I have loved every bit of the warm weather, but I must say, Autumn is my favorite season, and I am very excited for colorful leaves, adorable layers, and pumpkin flavored coffee!

    But while we still have the warmth and a day off from our working lives, grab your loved one's hand and head to the lake mes cheries. Grill out with friends and family, pull up a chair and fill your plate with hot dogs and slaw.

    And while we're celebrating, its time to announce the winner of the Celeste Lauren Designs Jewelry Giveaway! Someone's Labor Day is about to be doubly awesome!

    And the winner is...
    True Random Number Generator 3Powered by RANDOM.ORG

    #3 ... Shawnee Hopkin or My Fair Ladee!
    Congratulations girl!

    You can officially snag your first new Fall accessory,

    Happy Labor Day to you all darlings!

    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    Since the First Day

    I loved you since the first day... I believe that I love you for always.

    What is so wrong with love? When did our society build up such a phobia of this word? Love is the scariest , most thrilling, unnerving, rewarding thing you can experience. But the only way to experience it, is to take the risk and dive in head first, unprotected, and vulnerable. And yes, that is scary as hell, but the crazy insanity that follows, the feeling that you will never return to Earth, that is the feeling worth all the risk.

    Hearing I love you is such a wonderful feeling, and as people, we need love to keep us going in this nonsense world. If you love someone SAY IT! What if you never say it and then they leave and you lose the one person you ever truly cared about because they didn't know you felt the same? Don't allow movies and TV shows to convince you that I love you is this scary step in a relationship that should only be done on Society's Timeline. You know what? You decide your relationship's timeline. If you like a girl, call her, don't wait three days. If you love someone, tell them. If it feels right, then it feels right, and waiting four months isn't going to change that.

    Who do you love mes cheries?

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    Pourquoi Pas?

    Happy September darlings!
    Why not start rummaging through those boxes of
    Fall/Winter goodies and reliving your favorite outfit moments of last year?

    My favorite thing about the change on the seasons is finding my favorite pieces
    and shoes that I had totally forgotten about, and the joys of trying them on again.

    What will you find in your storage mes cheries?

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