Monday, September 27, 2010

The New Hair Conundrum - The Guest Blogger Series

My transition to NY is moving along wonderfully and things are starting to come into place, and in the meantime I am having some lovely blogger friends help me with some posts! Today enjoy Jessica from Fashion Limbo as she debates on gettin her heer did!

New season? new hair? This is the question lodging in my brain as soon as September arrives. By the end of said month I am desperately looking for an excuse to book my appointment at the salon, bugging friends with celebrity pictures asking “would this style suit me?”. By October I have seen my stylist, with no clue about what to ask for. I’ll just let him do whatever he fancies, changing my mind along the way, begging for more length here, less there... the results end up being, more often than not, questionable. Insert sad face here.

So, in the name of patience, and good taste, I have decided to take a step back and truly consider what I want done to my hair... and more importantly, what would really look good.

Right now I’m contemplating having a new hair colour. I should add I’m a natural brunette. The good thing about being brunette is that one can go bare-faced in terms of make-up, unlike platinum blondes. A shade of red on the lips can look positively stunning, especially if one goes for blue shades. I am lusting after a shade of pink by MAC and I know it would work great with darker locks.

However, being a brunette, I’m yawning. Going platinum blonde has always been a secret desire of mine. The sad truth is that platinum is not for the regular wallflower. As stated above, one could never, and I mean never, leave the house without any make-up.

Additionally I would have to invest in good shampoos, conditioning treatments and much more. No harsh methods such as hair-straighteners allowed and head to a trusted colourist to keep the black roots at bay... every fortnight.

And then there is Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine), parading her red locks around and looking truly amazing. Maybe it’s time to become a fake, yet stylish, redhead?

Or maybe it’s just time to settle as a brunette, love my natural hair colour for what it is, embrace all chocolate shades, and stop torturing myself lusting after other people’s heads?

... naaah! that would be too boring. So! how about jet black...?

{thanks weheartit for the photos}

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