Thursday, September 23, 2010

Empire State of Mind

I must say, I have been living in an Empire State of Mind my whole life and today darlings, my dreams are finally coming true. I leave today to move up to New York City, the place where you can live large and dream big. A city that finally has the same internal speed as I do, filled with culture and unending excitement. New York is truly like no other city on the planet, it has its own heartbeat that leaves you speechless and inspired.

{thanks tumblr}

How will you follow your heart today mes cheries?


Beckerman Girls said...

FAB NY post!!! Did you see Glee yet where they sang this song the other night!?! It was funny!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Debbie said...

Jessica, I hadn't realized you blogged too! I'm excited about your move even though I've never met you. I know your mom since childhood. Her mom Greta was a bridesmaid in my parents' wedding in Brooklyn. And her dad Stan was also in the bridal party. My dad was good friends with him. We went to all of the birthday parties throughout your mom's childhood years on Long Island.

It's amazing but the next generation is moving back to NY. My niece Katie lives in Brooklyn and works in a hair salon in the city. This was her dream after her first trip to NYC with Aunt Debbie (me). She just moved to a new apartment yesterday after her basement one got flooded with all the rain.

I am going to follow along on your dream. Even though I'm older I still have dreams too. I like to say I'm a life long learner and we never retire from Kingdom work anyway.

Blessings and love,

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