Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Can Pack for That: Miami - 4th of July

Well its finally the 4th of July and I hope you are all off to some excited places this long weekend! I will be celebrating here in New York City, but my mind I believe is off dreaming of sandy beaches and pina coladas a bit closer to the equator. Miami and its hypnotizing music and alluring scene would be a fabulous place to celebrate Independence Day don't you agree?!

As a Southern Bell myself, I must admit, as of late, I am jonesin' for some sweet tea, long beaches, and warm water to splash around in...oh to be able to travel right now. Well for those of you that do get to venture off to some exotic location I give you a little how to pack for a long weekend...Miami style!

I Can Pack for That: Miami

How would you pack for Miami my dearests?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fashionspiration: Fashion Archive

I thought I'd pull out an oldy but goody from the fashion archive of The Embellished Life vault! The sad thing about blogs is you put up so much information from the beginning, but it takes time to build readers so your early, inspired pieces get seen by very few people!

This dip into the fashion archive is for some visual inspiration from the fashion photography world. Please gain inspiration today from the works of Richard Avedon, Annie Leibowitz, and Thomas Legrange (as pictured above) among other greats.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NYC Digs: NoLita Brunch

Just a quick NYC local tip for you. As you may know Brunch is a very serious, city-wide sport here in the Big Apple and something I am very very fond of. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I will always favor a birthday brunch over a birthday dinner any day! My roommates and I headed to SoHo Saturday morning to walk around and choose a spot for a wonderful NYC Brunch! We ended up in NoLita (North of Little Italy) and brunched at the NoLita House!

The NoLita House boasts live bluegrass music and 
a free mimosa or bloody mary with your do you really need more reason?

Anything served in a skillet is guarenteed amazingness...
and I ordered the Vanilla Brandy French Toast. IN.CREDIBLE.

Like I said, a live Bluegrass Band, along with open window terrace seating, 
all makes for the best brunch atmosphere I've had yet!

On Houston between Mott and Mulberry, NoLita House hoasts an amazing NYC Brunch and is definitely one worth checking out!

Call me when you go...I will join!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Girl Glamour

It's a grand ol day for the birthday girl as I adventure around 
and enjoy New York celebrating... ME! 

Just wanted to quickly share with you the most beautiful dress I have ever tried is certainly the perfect birthday dress if I've ever seen one! Farah Khan does amazing work and this dress twirls and sparkles and makes me feel like an old Hollywood if only I had an event to wear it to!

Have you felt like a princess lately?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Diary of a NYC Fashion Intern: Merchandise the Mannequins!

How is your summer getting along darlings? I must say Summer in New York City is positively smashing, between the Alexander McQueen Exhibit at The Met and Shakespeare in the Park to Brunch at Balthazar how is a girl to choose? Fortunately, NYC is always going and so is the work. As my days as an NYC Fashion Intern come to a close I hope you've enjoyed the sneak peak at the bottom of the ladder. 

But sometimes a fashion intern gets a chance to be a bit creative... merchandising the mannequins!

 I did some merchandising for the boutique downstairs. 
From glam rock to pretty princess, it's always fun to dress up the windows!

This was a white dress, that is now modeled on a guitar stand with...
Yeah, studded chucks...nuff said. 

I could not be more in love with this petticoat tutu skirt!

So what are your thoughts on my merchandising skills, not half bad huh?! Too bad its a totally different direction from marketing, it would be a fun side job to merchandise the mannequins all over NYC. Maybe in another life, but this one includes being a NYC Fashion Intern which isn't half bad either :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Links a la Mode


Edited by Jessie Thorpe of Denimology
Summer is here and it's very exciting to see the change in everyone's wardrobe and more pop of color. Inspiration roams the streets at every corner! It's hypnotizing. It's hard to keep money in my pocket... I'm sure many of you can relate. Besides what I observe outside, Fashion blogs are a key influence to my style. Bloggers constantly make me smile from ear to ear and from season to season as I watch them transform.
I'm looking forward to flowing dresses, ripped up shorts, hot bright colors, basic tanks, bold accessories, This list might go on forever. Below you'll find a lot of food for thought.

Links à la Mode: June 16th

  • 1972 Projects - DEPARTURE: Christophe Lemaire's Hermès Debut

  • aNewFoundLove - The Body Shop's New Bronze Collection +  campaign to STOP sex trafficking of children and young girls !

  • All The Cool Kids - My Little Pony as some colorful fashion inspiration...

  • All The Fuss - Power Clashing: We Do It Because We Can.

  • Beautifully Invisible - Guest Post: How to Not be a Savage Blogger – “Follow Back” Alternatives for New Bloggers

  • Boheme Noir - Retrospective: The medieval warrior women of Dior Couture fall 2006

  • Chasing Louboutin - A few minutes with Rachel Roy and Karina Petroni

  • Codos on the Window Sills - A historical approach to why skinny=good

  • Denimology - JustFabulous Launches Premium Denim Line!

  • Dress With Courage - An exploration of the influence of celebrity culture on sartorial choice

  • Fashion Bucket - Dressing for your body shape. Featured this week: Petite.

  • Fumiko Kawa - Mutli-Purpose Style: Lace Cardigan to Haute Headwrap

  • Former Parades - Blogger meeting + outfit: we spreaded the blogging love last Sunday at a Dutch fashion blogger meeting!

  • Madeline Quaint - Why buy handmade? Some tips and arguments after a visit to a Design Bazaar

  • Made To Travel - Rock the bright stripes trend on your fingertips with this easy mani.

  • Midnight Cowgirl - How to do a Photo Shoot on the Cheap

  • Out Of Order Design - Cover Me In Rainbows: A beginners guide to the color wheel, color blocking and color combining

  • Sugar & Spice - How to... Colour Block: .

  • The Fashion Turd - An Decora styled outfit post inspired by all things Japanese on the web

  • TheStylishButterfly - How Thor inspired me to discover the science of Christopher Kane fashion


    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Fashionspiration: Happy Hour

    Another office to happy hour look to get your taste buds drooling! Remember a blazer makes anything look profesh! I layered my blazer over a flowy chiffon and pearl top that I bought in Ireland for a soft but professional ensemble. And again, I'm aware 98% of you could not wear these shorts to work, so bring on the pencil skirts! Just pull out these ripped jean shorts and make this quick alteration before hopping over to the nearest watering hole for happy hour drinks with your colleagues. 

     Fashion tip #131: Shorts in heels make you have legs for days!

    Add some fun heels like these Charlotte Ronson suede pumps
     for something great in your ensemble from head to toe!

    Spotted. A special chica reigning as Happy Hour Queen. 
    Be sure to enjoy your throne.

    Monday, June 20, 2011


    I hope your Father's Day Weekend was fabulous my dearies. I had a lovely chat with my Daddy, although I wish I could have been in town to actually spend time with my family...they're pretty great. I'll leave you with a quick thought today or product if you will.

    I have wanted Tom's for a while but didn't feel like there was one that particularly my style, but I just love what the company is doing for people in need. For every pair purchased, a pair is given to someone in need overseas. More companies should have this structure of giving. Well I have finally found my MUST HAVE Tom's!

    {Merci Kimmy}

    Lace Tom's. Very me. Very amazing.

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    Savage Beauty: The Exhibit of Alexander McQueen

    Spotted, on the steps of The Met, basking in the sun and ready to take in the beauty of her once beloved designer's collection, Blogger Girl is beaming in the beauty of The City in the summer... As promised my darlings, I am reporting back on the phenomenal Alexander McQueen Exhibit at The Met!

    Savage Beauty is from start to finish my favorite fashion exhibit thus far. Alexander McQueen was a true visionary, an artist whose medium was clothing. Constantly pulling from all art forms for his fashion shows, he was notorious for Wowing his audience time and time again. Every collection was a complete 180 from the last. He was truly the darling of the fashion world and set the bar high as he ushered us in to the next century of style.

    At The Metropolitan Museum of Art, between now and August 7th, you can explore the inner workings of Alexander McQueen up close and personal. I never thought in my life I would get to study his entire collection at one time, in one space...much less at all. But to see all the intricate folds, impeccable tailoring, and even a summary of the background of the collections was so inspiring. These are the things I dreamed of studying in my school classes, I'm so glad I get to study them for fun now!

    {merci for all exhibit photos}

    {Merci The Cut}

    I seriously cannot impress upon you enough how utterly amazing this exhibit is. If you are in New York this summer you simply must stop by and take it all in. And if you are, let me know!! I will definitely need to be booking time to see this again!

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Pourquoi Pas?

    Why not take a load off today mes cheris? I know this fashionista has been prancing circles around this city and needs to book some major R&R time ASAP! Today I'm sleeping in, lunching in Madison Square Park, maybe going for a run in Central Park and around Columbia University...either way, catching up on  my zzz's and my serenity will be To Do list priority Tres Importante!

    {merci Lynne}

    How will you give yourself a break today?

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Links a la Mode & Giveaway Winner

    It's that time again mes cheris, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and another Embellisher is about to become a giveaway winner!

    {merci Bri}

    And the winner of the Savannah Bee Company Tupelo Honey is... Karen!!

    True Random Number Generator  9Powered by RANDOM.ORG

    I will leave with a honey inspired cocktail to top off your great Savannah find!

    {Merci Charlotte}

    Tupelojito (mojito mix up)

    20 ounces Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey
    12 ounces warm water
    10-12 medium limes
    Crushed Ice
    1 small bouquet of fresh mint
    Light Rum
    Sparkling Water

    Directions: Combine 20 oz. of Tupelo Honey with 12 oz. of warm water. Stir mixture together until honey has completely dissolved (easiest to pour into sealed container and shake). Place ice into a pitcher. Pour the honey water syrup over the ice. Cut limes in half and juice in juicer. Pour into mixture. Squeeze the bunch of mint sprigs, add as much rum as you like, and top with sparkling water. Stir. Add more Tupelo Honey, mint, or limes to your taste. Enjoy!

    The Love Letter

    Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour

    It's  been a cerebral and cathartic week in the fashion blogosphere—the  wheels were turning in your stylish little heads about all manner of  contemplations. Why do we hate ourselves? Why do we tell ourselves that  we're not worthy? Why do we categorize and judge other bloggers by their  style? Or their handbags? Several of you had a come-to-Jesus moment and  realized that's just a whole lot of malarkey. And I'm so glad you did.

    And  you know what else bloggers realized? That blogging has enabled you to  embrace you. The real you. With your flaws and imperfections, no matter  your skin color, weight, or age. In her post, A Love Letter to Personal Bloggers, Anika eloquently captured what many of us feel when we begin to understand the deeper significance of blogging:

    You  inspire me. Your outfits, your book reviews, your thoughts, your  replies to my comments. You make me feel good about me. When I visit  your site you make me feel that I matter, that we are equal, never mind  if I am a blogger or not. When I am reading your blog it does not matter  how thin/fat/popular/lonely I am, when I am reading your blog I am  hanging out with you, knowing that you are hanging out with me too.

    ...Darling personal bloggers, you are impacting our culture, our trends, our lives, me. Thank you for that.

    And  this is my love letter to all of you. It takes tenacity, guts,  patience, creativity, and time to blog. Love you, be you. Care, share,  go forth, and go blog!

    Links à la Mode: June 9th

    SPONSOR: Women's Tees at Shopbop: 291 Venice, Vince tops, Alexander Wang tees, So Low tops, Daftbird, Sauce tees, Ksubi, Three Dots, Marcus Lupfer, Rebecca Taylor, Blue Moon, Velvet tees.

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