Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Milano Milano...part one!!

Milan FW was amazing. So many big names and so many great pieces hit the catwalk. So many in fact that I am making a two part post. So enjoy part one as I gear up for part deux (sorry I know French and Italiano)! *photos compliments of*
Trussard 1911 made quite a statement with this edgy dress. Recently shoulder pads have reappeared...I am NOT ok with this, but I will say these are done quite nicely, subtle, but structured. Plus the studded waistband and knockout figure flatterer does tons for making a statement!
Pollini had quite a well done blend of menswear and classy lady in this double breasted dress. You can let people know you are in charge without ever saying a word.
I absolutely LOVE this Monet inspired floral jacket by Aquilano Rimondi. Bright enough to pop without being overbearing but still subtle enough to be classic. Its fabulous and perfect for that Spring breeze!
Grecian, romantic perfection in this garment from Alberta Feretti. It makes me think of a nice walk after the perfect first date and the Spring weather is still warm enough to wear a dress, but cool enough at night for you to wear his coat...which would be the perfect accessory to this outfit.
Moschino did a knock-out job with this party girl ensemble. Very 80s-tastic meets Sex and the City.

I admit Dolce & Gabbana's line was somewhat a lot for went from 70s western to 80s western to completely 80s in one line up. Some pieces I was NOT a fan of, for example anything acid wash, or too much denim (especially when paired with denim ruffles and lots of fringe), but these pieces were perfection. This could easily be the same girl going from day of shopping to nice dinner date, vintage cool to shabby chic.

My favorite, so far, for the Milan FW 2010 is Emelio Pucci. I loved most of his pieces that strutted the stage, but I was able to narrow down to two for showcasing. Many designers have begun showing bathing suits on the runway and all are playing with technique and skill to create a different look, but I thought this one shoulder one piece was truly unique. Still shows the belly in a demure, hidden way that is seductive. Then, this bright blue show stopper. Obviously the one shoulder look is going to stay longer than its brief stint in 2000, but Pucci found a way to bend the trend in a creative direction. I really like the outcome, many ripped pieces wrapped around the model, so its flowy yet contained...not to mention a bright color like I like!

Be on the lookout for Part 2 in the next day or two. My apologies for not posting the past couple of days (I've been moving) hopefully things are settled and scheduled for me now. Also, stay tuned, I will be posting some more travel photography. I know it has been a lot of fashion lately, but it has been Fashion Week season...what did you expect?!

Monday, September 28, 2009

School Days, Forget The Golden Rule Days

Today I start my job and my French classes! Big day for me. So I thought I would post on my favorite school some. I absolutely LOVE Gossip Girl, and my favorite style of all the girl characters is definately Serena van der Woodsen. Her style is everything I love about fashion:unique, edgy, and known to break all the rules. *photo pulled from*
Although no real school would allow that mini-skirt, even in tights, I love the essence it has. Over the knee boots, slouchy boyfriend vest, very loose tie. But also how she pairs boots with short items and long sleeves. Its a very "I'm out the door" kind of look, together yet!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Detail's in the Fabric

I have recently decided that Alexander McQueen is one of my Fashion Design idols. Everything the man does, he pours 100% of his soul into. He doesn't design for the mere fact of making a complete garment, but rather makes a statement every season. He is a rarity in this modern age of trend turnover, in that he actually is: an Artist. His gowns drop jaws and evoke gasps as they parade runways or steal your attention in a glossy spread.

Here. I can show you better than tell you.
*photos compliments of and harper's bazaar*

Not just another A-line 50s silhouette, rather an A-line...with a bubble hem, a sheer overlay, that's pleated, and twisted, and belted, and the pop of a lace bodice. Phew!
This dress is used in the recent Sex and the City: The Movie 2 photo shoot for Vogue magazine. I always love layers of tulle that pop from under a skirt, and I love peacocks.

I remember the day I got the magazine in the mail that had this dress as the front cover...I was speechless. How extraordinary is the dress? I still can't take my eyes off of it. Layers upon layers of endless, fire engine red feathers, and then more tulle. So bold with such a lady-like, classic silhouette.

I can honestly say this picture is my favorite piece of fashion photography for this century...and probably half of last's as well! I remember dreaming over the pages of Vogue in high school and being enthralled with McQueen's iconic Oyster Dress. How romantic and ethereal is the outcome of this shoot? It really does make you feel like she washed up on shore out of a clam and is like a pearl you've never seen before. Your eyes get lost in the skirt as the layers go on forever, I cannot imagine the skill, labor, and love that went into the completion of such a work of art...hence why its in the Metropolitan Museum of Art now.

Who is your iconic fashion designer?

Mad Top Hatter

Johnny Depp will be playing the role of the Mad Hatter in the new Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland, set to release in late March 2010. The story is going to be a sequel to the original animated film rather than a remake, and I think Tim Burton is perfect for this drug induced bedtime story. My real excitement for this movie is to see all the costume! Costume designer, Colleen Atwood, has set the bar high with just the movie posters alone. Her list of experience is impressive, including many Tim Burton films, Big Fish, Sleepy Hallow, and Edward Scissorhands.

Seeing the poster for the Mad Hatter got me thinking...How cool are top hats?? Just admire the detail she has put into this one: a green lace overlay with a variety of hat pins, and a stunning satin sash...I could easily see this on a runway...Wait a minute, I have! So in honor of Colleen and her anticipated work, as well as the ever classic top hat, lets just see what spin the modern millennium has decided to take on this upcoming trend!

From Christian Dior to Zac Posen, many designers have sprinkled their runways over the past couple years with top hats. Which means it is about time to start seeing them at a fun night out on the town! Let's see what shopping options we have for Runway to Celeb to Reality!

Britney, Madonna, and Heidi. All stylish women, all trendsetters, all workin the top hat!

*all photos compliments of their respective shops*
Sparkley Jem starts us off with the adorable mini version. I really love the mini top hat because it is a way to make a modern statement.
Greene Goth brings a vintage cameo onto the scene. I love anything that incorporates cameos, the Victorian vibe is just so elegant.
Topsy Turvy Design uses feathers which is a favorite material of mine.
Pink Tigers Den is adorably cute. Small enough for street fashion, bold enough for a statement piece.
I love this Bubbles and Frown hat! It is so runway-tastic with a Mad Hatter vibe. I love the play on proportion and the curled technique of the shape and the brim!
Lastly, Gypsy Lady Hats, brings a classic Fedora dip to a standard Victorian top hat. Remaining true to the era with a lush satin ribbon and popping it up with a textured finished look. How Humphrey Bogart meets Mr. Darcy is that??!

I can't wait to get my own top hat! I'll rock that on an awesome Girl's Night Out with a cocktail dress and stilettos! How would you rock it?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Upgrade to a Rockstar

I finally got to make a Treasury on Etsy!! It was lots of fun finding the items to go along with my theme, and posting them. But, after a busy weekend, I did not get back to my laptop in time to read any comments on my Treasury :( I was so disappointed! So, I am posting my treasury here as a way to figure out what you all think of it!

Upgrade to a Rockstar...
because Prince Charming doesn't write you songs!

*all photos are rights of their respective shops with links provided*
#1 Skeleton Key Wallet - Urban Heirlooms
#2 Crossbones Beanie - Charliemai
#3 Guitar Barstool - Metz Functional Art
#4 Rock God Ring - Wicked Metalz
#5 Studded Necktie - Embellished
#6 Guitar Tie Tack - Dabble Designs
#7 Spade Belt Buckle - WATTOnline
#8 Tattoo Wallet - Silver Beyond Ordinary
#9 Guitar Pic Keychain - Mag Pie Designz
#10 Composer's Journal - Transient Book
#11 Tattoo Cuff - Skadi Jewelry
#12 Lyrics Guitar Strap - Barking Maddison
#13 Crossbone Cuff Links - Little Angels Jewelry

Blow up the picture, review the links, get inspired!
I had so much fun making this treasury, and I hope you have fun reading it! Please, please, PLEASE comment with your thoughts. I would love some proper feedback, after my cyber mishap!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

London Town

As we tick further into fall, so goes another fashion week. Now that the glitz and glam will be moving on to Paris lets see what the dust has settled, before England's rain washes back to a clean slate. *all photos compliments of*

Jasmine di Milo had some pieces too avant garde for my pret-a-porte taste but these two left me smitten. I love the 40s high-waisted shorts with a billowing top. Its so breezy and perfect for Spring. Give any dress pockets and I am hooked, and this perfect night out ensemble screams for attention.

Ledija e Dijan, contestant in Fashion Fringe (a form of Project Runway), had very inspiring pieces for the season. I of course love the bold colors, but I also love the drapey quality they each possess, its a nice signature if you ask me.
New London staple, Christopher Kane, had an interesting collection, not all my style but fun to work with. Most of his pieces for Spring consisted of this double split skirt. This one I liked more than the others because it was a little less Dorothy, a little more classic with the sheer floral print. I still like the one slit better, the double split, when walking, makes that flap feel a little like a loin cloth.
Graeme Black was inspired by British Colonial Africa, and I love the result. Colorful, draped, yet structured and proper, it'll be a great maxi dress for Spring.

Erdem really impressed me, I loved the lace overlays, and classic elegance. These two dresses are so older Hollywood, and SO on my wish list!

And of course you cannot speak of London fashion without discussion London fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood. The Vivienne Westwood Red Label surprised me, because I like a lot of the pieces. Usually, I love the Westwood flavor but can't quite pull it off, this Spring her pieces are much more toned down. I love the high-waisted 40s pants and the billowing top, it is my favorite era, and I'm so glad to see it getting some play on the runways lately!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lets Go Fly a Kite

The weather is the best now out of all year. The heat of the day has cooled, the cool breeze is sweeping through, and it is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy this beautiful life we are given!
If the French now how to do anything right, they know how to enjoy life.

You could ride a bike. This adorable old man was very snapshot worthy!
You could spend sometime with that special someone. Europeans are also not big on PDA. haha
*all photos copyright of me!*
Or you could go dancing. This looks like so much fun to me! I personally have been running, and reading in the park.What have you been doing with your wonderful weather?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Statement Gloves

My fall must have currently is over-the-knee boots, a faux fur vest, and half gloves! I have got my vest, my boots are still in the shopping process (nothing fits my athletic calves), and there has been no progress on my long awaited gloves! I have been on the look out for the elusive Half Glove ever since Carrie Bradshaw sported them on the big screen in the Sex and the City movie. Patricia Fields has some for sale on her website for $35 but I was hoping for something a little more affordable. Since they won't exactly be my practical "keep warm" gloves!
*photo compliments of*

I would dare to upcycle old gloves and make some myself but my sewing machine is currently not available to know being across the Atlantic Ocean and all! I was hoping one of you may have had better shopping luck than myself. Please help a fashionista out if you can!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oscar Oh La La

I always can find pieces from every fashion show that I can pull inspiration from, but rare is it that I feel my closet craving an entire runway lineup! Oscar de la Renta gets my gold star for Fall 2010 as the best overall collection. Classic, colorful, and fantastic!
I love the folding of fabric along the neckline, not only does it add interest, but it lends a delicate quality to the look of the dress. The brooch brings a nice pop...I love brooches, and the natural waisted belt is so lady like. The best thing about the dress is it can be used all year! Its the perfect fall dress as well, I love it when fashion marries function!
Pink makes me smile, so I really like this dress. Although too many layers sometimes annoys me, I actually like the layered ruffles dropping down the length of the dress. This is definitely a modern day princess dress!
How wonderfully girly is this? I love the fade to transparent sheer at the bottom, it makes you want the 50's back immediately!
This feels very Carrie Bradshaw to me. The cocktail dresses are short, flirty, and fun this season and I am excited to go out on the town. The more interesting folds of the fabric gets me again with this dress and the brighter orange is not a color I wear...but I am loving!

I already love this deep Mediterranean Blue but in classic shorts paired with a slouchy casual sweater it is perfection! This will be the perfect season transition outfit, I can just see it now out shopping, or on a picnic. I'm telling you...Perfection!
*all photos compliments of*
Saving my favorite for last as always, this dress is totally on my wishlist. I am not a fan of the shoulder pads coming back to the pages of Vogue, but I am a fan of how Oscar married the trend with a large ruffle. I love the compliment of the wider shoulders brought in by a plunging neckline, a staple trademark in my outfits. But then pulled in small with a dainty bow and then giving such a perfect hourglass figure puts the icing on the cake. And this amazing intense purple is to die for, as well as the whole collection. Bravo Oscar bravo!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bryant Park Baby! that New York City Fashion Week has come and gone in a whirlwind of chaotic bliss lets see what trends it left behind! Candidates rolling us into the new decade for Spring and Summer 2010 are..
*photo compliments of*
Flirty, fun, colorful dresses. Not super surprising, but it is the reason I look forward to Spring after all. Viviene Tam does an outstanding job bringing us the perfect girly spring dress. Funny thing is, I am not a very 60s-70s girl, but I love how she captured the essence of those decades and put them into a garment I would love to get my hands on!
*photo compliments of*
Old school menswear...redone. There are always menswear trends year round in fashion, and I usually like them all. But Ralph Lauren really WOWed me with this one. A lot of the suits this year had a very old school 40s vibe that I loved, but Ralph took it even farther to a Knicker Suit! What??!! Love it. How perfect is this for Spring? A fitted womanly three piece suit, except with cropped pants to match the warming weather and hot heels reminiscent of oxfords. I am so excited to find a pair of these!
*photo compliments of*
1950s Romance. I always love the Badgley Mischka line, they seem to pull everything off with the right amount of elegance and girliness to consistently impress me. This season is no exception! Again with the classic 40s shorts, like in my earlier Oscar de la Renta post, but paired with a kimono inspired top. Again with the plunging neckline to balance out the extra fabric, and belted in a way that feels like I found a way for my fun winter capelet to turn into a flirty Spring top! Date night in April...I can't wait!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Learning Lille

Today has been an interesting but exhausting day! I had a 6-7 course dinner where everyone spoke French the whole time! On top of all that translating, I test drove my car for the first time. Did I mention it is a stick shift...and I've only driven a stick one time before today! Therefore, today was extremely overwhelming. I am finding myself dead tired every night and even though I get a full night's sleep, I'm working so hard all day that I pass out again at night. I will overtime talk about all the differences in Europe to the US which should be interesting and a little funny. Until then here is a quick tour of Lille, the 4th largest city in the North of France. Enjoy!
The fountain at the center of La Grande Place in Lille.
Beautiful bell tower and opera house of Lille. All the buildings here are so gorgeous. Every corner brings a unique building. Europe has the best architecture!
There is a lot more graffiti here, as I talked about in my recent post. I love the edginess it gives the traditional buildings.
Classic little European car..everything here is smaller, some might say pocket-sized!
The perfect way to spend an afternoon: reading by the fountain. The French way of life is interesting to adjust to, it is much more relaxed. Its nice but at the same time I wonder when people get things done! haha!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Straight from the Streets

There is something that I have come to notice I really love about France; there is such a variety in personal style. In America, style changes but everyone seems to go through the same changes together. In France, it seems anything goes which caters to an environment of creativity. Layering is big in the North due to the cold, but that makes each outfit all the more fun to find new ways to dress. I am excited for the nip in the air, to see all the looks it will bring!
A layered look on a sunny day in Paris which can be paired with jeans in the winter. Also there were a lot of shorts with cropped leggings to accommodate the brief warm spell.
I love this woman's dress, such a beautiful brown and perfectly paired with a pop of yellow. I also love the vintage bowling bag style to her purse.
This lady was actually not modeling for me, although the composition seems perfectly staged. I was trying to get the shot with her and the carousel and she happened to tilt her head into the warm Parisian sun at the moment I snapped the shot. Parfait!

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