Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Milano Milano...part one!!

Milan FW was amazing. So many big names and so many great pieces hit the catwalk. So many in fact that I am making a two part post. So enjoy part one as I gear up for part deux (sorry I know French and Italiano)! *photos compliments of*
Trussard 1911 made quite a statement with this edgy dress. Recently shoulder pads have reappeared...I am NOT ok with this, but I will say these are done quite nicely, subtle, but structured. Plus the studded waistband and knockout figure flatterer does tons for making a statement!
Pollini had quite a well done blend of menswear and classy lady in this double breasted dress. You can let people know you are in charge without ever saying a word.
I absolutely LOVE this Monet inspired floral jacket by Aquilano Rimondi. Bright enough to pop without being overbearing but still subtle enough to be classic. Its fabulous and perfect for that Spring breeze!
Grecian, romantic perfection in this garment from Alberta Feretti. It makes me think of a nice walk after the perfect first date and the Spring weather is still warm enough to wear a dress, but cool enough at night for you to wear his coat...which would be the perfect accessory to this outfit.
Moschino did a knock-out job with this party girl ensemble. Very 80s-tastic meets Sex and the City.

I admit Dolce & Gabbana's line was somewhat a lot for went from 70s western to 80s western to completely 80s in one line up. Some pieces I was NOT a fan of, for example anything acid wash, or too much denim (especially when paired with denim ruffles and lots of fringe), but these pieces were perfection. This could easily be the same girl going from day of shopping to nice dinner date, vintage cool to shabby chic.

My favorite, so far, for the Milan FW 2010 is Emelio Pucci. I loved most of his pieces that strutted the stage, but I was able to narrow down to two for showcasing. Many designers have begun showing bathing suits on the runway and all are playing with technique and skill to create a different look, but I thought this one shoulder one piece was truly unique. Still shows the belly in a demure, hidden way that is seductive. Then, this bright blue show stopper. Obviously the one shoulder look is going to stay longer than its brief stint in 2000, but Pucci found a way to bend the trend in a creative direction. I really like the outcome, many ripped pieces wrapped around the model, so its flowy yet contained...not to mention a bright color like I like!

Be on the lookout for Part 2 in the next day or two. My apologies for not posting the past couple of days (I've been moving) hopefully things are settled and scheduled for me now. Also, stay tuned, I will be posting some more travel photography. I know it has been a lot of fashion lately, but it has been Fashion Week season...what did you expect?!

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