Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Detail's in the Fabric

I have recently decided that Alexander McQueen is one of my Fashion Design idols. Everything the man does, he pours 100% of his soul into. He doesn't design for the mere fact of making a complete garment, but rather makes a statement every season. He is a rarity in this modern age of trend turnover, in that he actually is: an Artist. His gowns drop jaws and evoke gasps as they parade runways or steal your attention in a glossy spread.

Here. I can show you better than tell you.
*photos compliments of and harper's bazaar*

Not just another A-line 50s silhouette, rather an A-line...with a bubble hem, a sheer overlay, that's pleated, and twisted, and belted, and the pop of a lace bodice. Phew!
This dress is used in the recent Sex and the City: The Movie 2 photo shoot for Vogue magazine. I always love layers of tulle that pop from under a skirt, and I love peacocks.

I remember the day I got the magazine in the mail that had this dress as the front cover...I was speechless. How extraordinary is the dress? I still can't take my eyes off of it. Layers upon layers of endless, fire engine red feathers, and then more tulle. So bold with such a lady-like, classic silhouette.

I can honestly say this picture is my favorite piece of fashion photography for this century...and probably half of last's as well! I remember dreaming over the pages of Vogue in high school and being enthralled with McQueen's iconic Oyster Dress. How romantic and ethereal is the outcome of this shoot? It really does make you feel like she washed up on shore out of a clam and is like a pearl you've never seen before. Your eyes get lost in the skirt as the layers go on forever, I cannot imagine the skill, labor, and love that went into the completion of such a work of art...hence why its in the Metropolitan Museum of Art now.

Who is your iconic fashion designer?


Couture Carrie said...

Such a gorgeous post, darling! Love the full skirs and layered fabric...

My iconic designer would have to be Lacroix!


Miss Head Over Heels said...

Red dress. Superb!

Savvy Gal said...

Coco Chanel and Valentino. Thank you for visiting my blog and good luck on the diamond giveaway. : )

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