Friday, September 25, 2009

Upgrade to a Rockstar

I finally got to make a Treasury on Etsy!! It was lots of fun finding the items to go along with my theme, and posting them. But, after a busy weekend, I did not get back to my laptop in time to read any comments on my Treasury :( I was so disappointed! So, I am posting my treasury here as a way to figure out what you all think of it!

Upgrade to a Rockstar...
because Prince Charming doesn't write you songs!

*all photos are rights of their respective shops with links provided*
#1 Skeleton Key Wallet - Urban Heirlooms
#2 Crossbones Beanie - Charliemai
#3 Guitar Barstool - Metz Functional Art
#4 Rock God Ring - Wicked Metalz
#5 Studded Necktie - Embellished
#6 Guitar Tie Tack - Dabble Designs
#7 Spade Belt Buckle - WATTOnline
#8 Tattoo Wallet - Silver Beyond Ordinary
#9 Guitar Pic Keychain - Mag Pie Designz
#10 Composer's Journal - Transient Book
#11 Tattoo Cuff - Skadi Jewelry
#12 Lyrics Guitar Strap - Barking Maddison
#13 Crossbone Cuff Links - Little Angels Jewelry

Blow up the picture, review the links, get inspired!
I had so much fun making this treasury, and I hope you have fun reading it! Please, please, PLEASE comment with your thoughts. I would love some proper feedback, after my cyber mishap!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I am in LOVE with the Guitar Pic Keychain, the Tattoo Cuff, and the Custom Lyrics Guitar Strap! And I would date any guy who wore the rest!

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