Saturday, May 29, 2010

London's Calling

I hope you all are set out to have a wonderfully exciting weekend! I am off to London today for the first time ever and I am very excited to add this stamp onto my passport. Don't you love racking up those stamps? I will of course report back with fun photos from the fun life of the Brits next week!

*merci Tumblr*

Do you have any fun London Must-Sees?

Friday, May 28, 2010

In Lights

Let me tell you about a little obsession I have had since childhood darlings: singing. I also happen to love dancing, although I have no training in this area. So naturally a world where you can break out into song and dance at any (and most) given moments is of course one in which I would love to live. Just think of Amy Adams in Enchanted and you will understand.

*merci tumblr*

I usually manage to catch one musical a year and I am beginning to feel the urge to be enchanted by another one soon, although I know it will sadly be a while before I can. Far away from the glistening lights of Broadway, I must wait until I can get myself back to the Theater District. My first stop will be Wicked which I have been dying to see for years now, ever since it came out. Immediately followed of course by Junior's Cheesecake just down the block, if you haven't ever tried this cheesecake, your life is not complete. It is single handedly the greatest thing in all the world.

What is the next musical on your list?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Know Your Worth

Always know you are beautiful. Always know your worth, because if you base it on what the boy of the moment thinks about you, then you are only setting yourself up for heartbreak, disappointment, and disaster. Luckily for me this is never a lesson I had to learn the hard way, it was always ingrained in me by my parents from birth, but I know for many of my friends and many of you gorgeous darlings it can be a struggle at times.

If you know how beautiful and priceless you are, you can demand nothing less than that as treatment towards you. That is, after all, nothing less than what you deserve. You don't need to be Scarlett Johansson, you are YOU and that is just as wonderful, if not even better. Exude that confidence and you will find that person who lifts you up even higher than you ever thought possible.

*thanks tumblr for the pics*

Have a beautiful day Gorgeous!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pourquoi Pas?

Why not give that diet a break?

Walk into your nearest candy store...

*thanks weheartit*

...and literally be a kid in a candy store!

Fill up a bag with the most colorful,
fun looking goodies to brighten your day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Flip & Tumble Giveaway

Do you own a reusable shopping bag? Do you usually remember you forgot it while standing at the check out? ...Yeah, me too. The people at Flip & Tumble had the same problem, and thankfully, they did something about it.

1. What was it like taking an idea and turning it into reality?
Aside from just the excitement of occasionally seeing people carrying our bags, it's really exciting knowing that we started by just looking at the simple problem of forgetting your reusable bags, to getting to the point where we actually have customers letting us know that the bags are working for them and solving this problem. It's exciting to feel that your design is actually out there making a difference to people.

2. What has been the reaction of your consumers?
It's been really positive! I think the fun, squishy factor of the balls really draws people in, but I think it's the function of the design that keeps them using our bags. I think we've really struck a chord with shoppers who want a stylish, but easy solution that really works for all those unplanned shopping trips. We also find that most people find a ton of other non-shopping uses for the bags such as for travelling, carrying lunch, a light gym bag, etc.

3. Do you have a favorite moment or story with f&t where you realized you're really onto something?
Although it was tough at the time, one of our favorite company memories was when we stayed up until the wee hours sewing our first 50 bags, and then took them to a local farmers market the next day. We had no idea whether people would respond, or be excited, or buy the bags. Once the shoppers started to trickle in, we did our thing, and showed off how the bags work, and you could see the spark in peoples eyes, just wondering how this little ball turned into a full sized bag. I think it was then that we started to see that the bags could have real potential.

4. What's next for f&t?
Last year, we came out with the produce bag sets, and they've been a huge hit, largely because it gave shoppers a simple, affordable solution to the problem of plastic bags in the produce section. We're looking to keep up that same type of innovation where our products solve a real world need in a simple fun way. We've got some fun products in the pipeline that will come out before the holidays.

*thanks weheartit for the fun shots*

5. If you could have a super power what would it be?
Hmm. I think it would have to be be teleportation. It would be pretty amazing to be sitting in sunny CA one moment, and off to Tokyo, Brazil, or India the next. And you'd save a bundle on plane fares!

Great idea right? Is it as good as it sounds? YES!
I tried out the bag for myself and became an instant f&t addict! Its the size of your fist which can easily fit in your purse and will pop open and shove closed in under 30 seconds, no problem. It is my catch all bag for not just food shopping, but trips to the pool, and overnighters as well.

1. Unfold

2. Pull out bag
4. Enjoy an instant inner pocket
5. Fill with all your goodies!
*review photos belong to me*

Good news!
Flip & Tumble is going to award one lucky Embellisher
with their very own Flip & Tumble bag!!

This is a TWO WEEK contest
Doors close at Midnight NYC time Sunday June 6th

To Enter:
1. Comment below with your best "Reusable Bag" story

Extra Entries:
*Require additional comments*
2. Be a follower of The Embellished Life
3. Tweet/FB/Blog about this Giveaway (leave URL)

Good luck mes cheries!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Sunday & Giveaway Winner

Posting a little late today darlings, and I give my apologies. I slept in a little today and then frolicked in the waves and cat napped on the warm sand. But I didn't want the weekend to go by without the opportunity to brighten someone's day. So without further ado, let's see who is the lucky winner of the Jewelry by Vanya Giveaway!


True Random Number Generator

Powered by RANDOM.ORG

I hope you enjoy your new addition to your jewelry box!

*thanks Tumblr*

Make sure you stop by Jewelry by Vanya for some adorable pieces to brighten your outfit!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beachy Goodness

I am off to Belgium for the weekend to soak up some sun and some sand. France has, believe it or not, another holiday on Monday which is the 4th one in May! Hoping to come back sunkissed but we'll see if its warm enough with the English Channel breeze to be in my bikini for some much needed color.

*merci weheartit*

Are you a beach baby?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dans Mon Handbag

The wonderful Anna of Around the Way Girl (you should totally check out her blog) tagged me in "Whats in Your Bag?" and I am happily passing on the blog love.

The Bag:
A fantastic girly rocked out bag I bought at a favorite store of mine in France, Promod. I love that it has ruffles and studs, it is quite literally a bag! One of my favorite things about it, is when you open it, instead of the zipper running side to side, it runs front to back! So for those visually inclined like me, it zips hot dog-ways but the straps close hamburger-ways. I love that!

The Goods:
I actually have 4 bags that I regularly change between whether I wear black, brown, red, or something real casual. So, for the ease switching according to my Style Du Jour, on the ready, rests a pen, gum, lipstick, chapstick, and tampon, in each purse.

~Be prepared: Gum and Dental Floss because you never know when you may have an impromptu professional rendez-vous OR better yet a romantic spontaneous kiss with that special beau.

~ To-Do it Up: I always carry some kind of notepad with me, I'm afraid that if its not written down, it doesn't get done. I am VERY visual, so if I write it, I can remember seeing it, and do it!

~ Makin' Bank: A girl's gotta have something cute to carry her dough, after all we don't sit at home all day rolling it anymore! My Mom bought me this adorable vintage style clip wallet before I bon-voyaged off to France and I think of her every time I see it.

~My whole world: I LITERALLY go nowhere without my iPod Touch, it is my life. Its my calender, my Little Black Book, my entertainment, my motivation, not to mention my means of any communication. Apple has hands down made the invention of the century with the iPod, who would've thought it'd go so far?

~ C'est quoi?: Moving to France means you have a French/English Dictionary with you AT ALL TIMES! That way if I am looking for Bread Crumbs in the grocery store, they don't think I want them to sweep the floor for Les Miettes, they know I want Chaplure.

~ Ring-a-Ling: Of course my phone; used to be in use a lot more in the States, as in, I was glued to it, now I have a small pay-as-you-go phone so its really my watch, and in case of emergencies.

~Silky Smooth: A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I hate that feeling, especially in Winter, of cracked hands, I make it a goal to always feel comfortable in my skin, besides then they are always "touchably soft!"

~Book du Jour: I read...a LOT. So currently my book is Wicked (I am determined to see that Broadway pronto in NYC upon my return), I quite often find moments to catch for reading reading when I am in line for things etc, and I love unraveling a plot and learning new characters!

~ Call me: A girl can never truly be aloof unless she is prepared with a pen to leave her number on a stranger's handsome hand, right? Well my pen is my ally. I carry it with me in every purse for notes, and to-do's that I think of throughout the day. Actually it quite often comes in handy for song lyrics that I am randomly inspired with.

~ Smoochers: Lips are important, they are where people look when you talk other than your eyes, and I am sorry ladies, no lip gloss will you ever find in my purse, it ruins the mood when you are more concerned with pulling hair off your lips than being kissably flirty. In this purse I have my amazing Laura Mercier Truly Red (I kid you NOT I tried every brand in Sephora and Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, this is the only real RED I found) and it is kissably parfait! Also, Body Shop's 02, the perfect daily color, that actually FEELS like chapstick but wears like lipstick it is the perfect blend of both worlds.

~Spotless: You never know when disaster will hit i.e. lasagna over a lunch date, and I am on the ready for such a catastrophe thanks originally to my "Mary Poppins" Delta Zeta sister Megan years ago whom introduced me to this wonderment.

~Paparazzi: I live my life by photos, my 30 albums just on Facebook don't even come close to the fact that my camera is literally my diary. This amazing Casio Exilim is of course travel size, so my Nokia stays at home unless I know there's a photo-op. But I am always on the ready for the unexpected.

~ Working Girl: I carry business cards in every purse, quite often I wear my Embellished creations. As you know, in-person advertising IS the best, I never know when I will strike up a convo with a stanger about my shop and need the URL back to it!

~ Back to the basics: As I mentioned with lips before, they are important, and no amount of gloss or lipstick can cover cracked puckers. Carmex is this amazing creation that seriously when applied will cure your chapped lips overnight, no joke! I use it religiously and receive quite the compliments on soft lips...maybe you should try and report back darlings?...

~ Aunt Flo: If you don't come packin everyday darlings, then you just aren't prepared. You never know what purse you may be using when disaster strikes, and of course it will be mid-date in white pants, and you will need protection. Tampax Pearl is the one and only, comfort and strength, perfection of a product at its core.

Oops: I suppose I did forget my keys, they would be the driving force behind it all. Alas, by the end of the day they are on their key hook, ready for the next morning's action. The norm, car, house, food store card, flash drive...and of course an Irish bottle opener and some Lucky Brand flair!

Ok darlings, I spilled it so now its your turn! Passing on the gauntlet...and GO!

Cheyenne ~ The Shultzes

What's in your Handbag?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love is...

One of the greatest things about love is that it is indescribable. It can be everything and nothing at once; a million little things or one very big thing. After hundreds and hundreds of years of music revolving around the subject we somehow still haven't fulfilled all the words that could be said about this power that possesses us all at one point or another.

*merci weheartit*

Even in one person the word love varies as greatly as the ocean. You might love your daughter with an overwhelming blanket of hopes and dreams, and love your job with its rush of power and fulfillment, and then love your husband with a consuming fire of passion and selflessness that no language could ever properly define. How does one feeling manage to evoke such range and emotion as love? That is why I am convinced that love is not a feeling, rather a verb. Love isn't "lovely" it isn't dainty and light, its enthralling and pushes you to action. Love changes the world with just a whisper.

What is love to you?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jewelry by Vanya Giveaway

I love finding cute shops on Etsy and Jewelry by Vanya was no exception. So imagine my pleasure when I found she wanted to offer you Embellishers a chance to win one of her adorable pieces!

1.How did you get started making jewelry?
From an early age, thanks to the creative gene and encouragement from my mum, I have always made things. Whether it be my first dress made out of bin bags to the full customisation of my first car (a 1970’s mini painted purple and re-upholstered with black fun fur)! It was inevitable that I would end up with a creative career. I studied textile design at university, specialising in knitwear for fashion and became addicted to accessories. This led me to take a work placement during my holidays with a jewellery designer in New York. The experience there was invaluble and I started making my own jewellery straight away.

2.What inspired you to go from shop to hobby?
I started selling to friends and family, then after university I went traveling around the world. While I was away I was lucky enough to visit a couple of designers and see thier product lines and studios. This inspired me even more so when I came home to London I started working with a jewellery designer here. After a while I thought I could branch out on my own so Jewellery by Vanya was created. I made a small collection and started selling on Etsy.

3.What inspires you?
People inspire me. I love fashion and always follow what's happening but I prefer looking at individual style, seeing what people mix and match together is exciting. I often see an outfit and get an idea for a piece, then i'll draw it, source the materials and have a play. It doesn't always work out exactly the same, and sometimes I'll get more ideas during the making process. Mistakes are always constructive.

4.What is the best thing about having your shop?
My customers, it gives me such a boost when I get a nice email telling me they love thier purchase. I love the fact that people can be excited about what I have created.

5.If you could have any super power what would it be?
I would be able to click my fingers and be anywhere at any time. It would make visiting distant friends and relatives much easier and I could go back in time and experience the 1970s, it looks like a fun time!

This contest is 4 days so get in your entries now!
Doors close Midnight NYC time Friday May 21st
The winner gets to pick anything under $20.

To Enter:
1. Visit Jewelry by Vanya and Comment below on your fav item

Extra Entries
(Require Separate Comments Below)
2. Be a follower of The Embellished Life
3. Be a fan of Embellished on Facebook
4. Tweet or Facebook this giveaway
(be sure to include the URL)

Good luck mes cheries!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Wizard of Abroad

I got to thinking this week, living abroad is very much like being in your own version of The Wizard of Oz. You have been picked up in a whirlwind storm and drop kicked smack dab in the middle of Munchkinland where nothing and no one makes sense.

You begin to trot down your Yellow Brick Road in search of whatever, but along the way you are consistently blinded by the overwhelming color and vivacity that you had no idea had been missing your whole life. You begin to meet friends and feel a little at home, and they are your family and shelter from the Wicked Witches that come across your path. Nothing is easy, but at least you have them and your fabulous shoes to help you through it all.

Finally, you find your way home, the place you thought you wanted more than anything all along. Except its suddenly not quite what you want. Your life has been turned upside down and inside out and you assumed that something about home would have changed too, but nothing has, there is an unsettling stillness that is now too comfortable to live with. After you have lived in a constant world of change and color, how do you go back to the stillness of black and white? How do you find a middle ground where you can belong?

*thanks Vogue and weheartit for the photos*

Is there a way to live on the rainbow that bridges Kansas and Oz?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lovely Planet

One of the saddest things I hate to see is a street side littered with the trash of inconsiderate people. You really couldn't wait 20 steps to find the nearest trashcan? We have a lovely planet, if we'd only all take the small time to pitch in and do our part it could stay that way.

*thanks weheartit*

Why not pick up some trash today,
and make our world a little greener?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Soundtracks of your Life

Ever feel like there is an artist out there that is writing the soundtrack for your life? There are many songs that speak directly to me, but few consistent artists that do. But I seem to be consistently linked with Taylor Swift, I'm telling you, every song the girl writes seems like a page out of my diary...if I kept one.

*Thanks weheartit*

I've often felt like this girl, funny thing is I'm usually most inspired to write a song when love is going wrong, when its slightly complicated. I guess when everything's great there is no need for guitar therapy.

Who's your soundtrack singer?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Travel Confession #10

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

*thanks weheartit for the photo*

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to venture off the tourist path and stumble into the local restaurants and hidden boutiques that you don't find in the travel guides. A chance to really see the culture of this new place and find something unique to take home with you.

What hidden treasures have you found?

Spread Inspiration

Inspiration always intrigues me, it is something so intangible yet so real. It comes in a million different forms and is always evolving always changing. Even for the one person, what may be inspirational one day can become dead the next. Its an incredibly complex thing to ponder.

*thanks weheartit for the love*

What inspires you today?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cafe Service

Saturday was yet another bank holiday here in France (and we still have another Thursday). I met some friends in town for a coffee and got a whole tour of French customer service. In France the tip is automatically including in your ticket by law, and on top of that the servers actually have a real paycheck from the restaurant, not $2 an hour for example. Therefore, table turnover and good service is not a priority. This usually is not too bad, you just have to wait a long time to take your order, get your food, and then get your check (another reason lunch is 2 hours everyday). Saturday was a day full of bad service though and I thought I should share the comical experience.

My friends and I visited the only coffee shop in the area that sells Starbucks type coffees: big, latte flavors, in to-go cups. Being a bank holiday it was very crowded but we were able to steak out a table in not too much time. After not seeing each other since March, we had a lot to catch up on, so we're chatting and enjoying our Saturday. Some time after we had finished our coffees one of the baristas came up stairs and asked us to leave the restaurant because "its Saturday and we're busy and you're not buying anything else" we were shocked! We of course were not offered a free coffee to go or anything to compensate for their rude behavior, just a simple Au Revoir. We hiked across town to another quaint cafe that one friend had heard about. This cafe had specialty teas and I was up for a new spot to try. We grabbed a two-top by the window and pulled up a chair for the three of us, and were very promptly asked to move to an appropriate sized table. We moved, and proceeded to order a kettle of tea to share, upon asking for a second mug for the tea we were told sharing was not allowed even though the kettles held easily three cups of tea. We adjusted our order and got back to chatting while we waiting, only to notice another group of three come in and grab the same window table we tried, except this time the waiter seemed unbothered (even though the cafe was relatively empty).

We laughed it off, none of us pressed for time or stressed enough to be bothered by it, but we were all in unbelief of the terrible service constantly tolerated in this country. I even have a French friend here who, after her trip to NYC in January, was raving to me in disbelief of the amazing customer service she received everywhere she went. She asked if this was normal, and was stunned that so many workers would go so out of their way and be so friendly to her. I just laughed.

Do you have any good travel stories with customer service?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mommy Day!

Life cycles are interesting things to think about when it comes to days like Mother's Day, especially when looking back at old pictures. This picture was taken of my mom when she was in college, and its funny to think of my mom before me, a carefree woman in her early twenties experiencing life like I am now. Then its surreal to think of how one day it will be my turn, as my future family won't be able to comprehend my life before "dad" and a life that centered around me rather than putting their needs first. My mother is one of the most self sacrificing people I know, always caring for others, shopping for herself last, in fact, its nice to finally see her begin to start doing things for herself now that her children are basically grown.

So this post is dedicated to you Mom, thanks for always (and still) supporting me in any venture I decided to throw myself into, whether it was staying up late painting school projects or lending a shoulder when a boy had broken my heart, you have been amazing through and through and words just can't come close to touching an explanation for you. I love you so much and cannot wait to see you daily when I move back from France.


your baby

What does your Mother mean to you darlings?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Shopping for Mommy Gift Guide

Well another holiday is already upon us and it feels to me like 2010 is flying by! We all love our mothers dearly for all they do and have done for us and sometimes finding a special gift that is more than flowers and chocolate is daunting. To answer your prayers, Embellished is giving you a special Mother's Day Gift Guide to help you along your way! I know I love finding unique gifts and these all stood out to me, good luck!

*all photos are pulled from their respective shops*

1. Feather Headband $20 Embellished
2. Crocheted Bookmark $10 Good Knits & More
3. Venetian Earrings $14.50 Eclectic Orchid
4. Custom Scrabble Pillow $45 Design Lab 443
5. Arch de Triomphe Book Art $7 Simple Simon Prints
6. Eiffel Tower 8x10 Photograph $25 Embellished
7. Custom Embroidery Art $75 Bo Betsy
8. Felt Cocktail Coaster Set $24 Dimmalimm
9. Nautical Handbag $33 Bayan Hippo
10. French Press Cozy $12 BritGalDesigns
11. Custom Fingerprint Necklace $60 Rock My World Inc.

What are your thoughts mes cheries?
Do you have an interesting gift idea for mommy? Spill!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Internet, oh no!

Sorry for my absence this week mes cheries! Some cable to my house has been clipped and as a result I have been sans internet! It would be a nice break if I had been prepared with some prep work but now I'm sadly just really behind. C'est la vie.

*Kasey McMahon is an amazing artist huh?*

My fingers are crossed that it is fixed real soon or I will be making friends with this French fast food restaurant (which I'm currently sitting in) real quick, at least they are always dependable for free wifi!

*thanks flikr for the photo*

Hope you are having a fantastic week!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunny South of France

After a lovely Easter vacation in the South of France I thought it might be nice to get around to posting my pictures for you all. Also, they are being posted on Etsy as we speak, so enjoy the new batch!

The South of France reminded me a lot of Southern California, rolling hills, beautiful seaside and dry green landscaping that creates an interesting juxtaposition next to the rich color of the water.

I love...? This was the sign out front of a boutique in a village filled with artists.
It was so lovely to just explore all day.

Why not? Words to live by if you want to live a life full of adventure and surprise!

*all photos property of Embellished*
This pool floatie just made me smile and I couldn't resist capturing him by the seaside.
Doesn't he make you want to be in the South of France right now?!

Don't forget to stop by Embellished and have a look!

Bonne Journee mes cheries!

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