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Flip & Tumble Giveaway

Do you own a reusable shopping bag? Do you usually remember you forgot it while standing at the check out? ...Yeah, me too. The people at Flip & Tumble had the same problem, and thankfully, they did something about it.

1. What was it like taking an idea and turning it into reality?
Aside from just the excitement of occasionally seeing people carrying our bags, it's really exciting knowing that we started by just looking at the simple problem of forgetting your reusable bags, to getting to the point where we actually have customers letting us know that the bags are working for them and solving this problem. It's exciting to feel that your design is actually out there making a difference to people.

2. What has been the reaction of your consumers?
It's been really positive! I think the fun, squishy factor of the balls really draws people in, but I think it's the function of the design that keeps them using our bags. I think we've really struck a chord with shoppers who want a stylish, but easy solution that really works for all those unplanned shopping trips. We also find that most people find a ton of other non-shopping uses for the bags such as for travelling, carrying lunch, a light gym bag, etc.

3. Do you have a favorite moment or story with f&t where you realized you're really onto something?
Although it was tough at the time, one of our favorite company memories was when we stayed up until the wee hours sewing our first 50 bags, and then took them to a local farmers market the next day. We had no idea whether people would respond, or be excited, or buy the bags. Once the shoppers started to trickle in, we did our thing, and showed off how the bags work, and you could see the spark in peoples eyes, just wondering how this little ball turned into a full sized bag. I think it was then that we started to see that the bags could have real potential.

4. What's next for f&t?
Last year, we came out with the produce bag sets, and they've been a huge hit, largely because it gave shoppers a simple, affordable solution to the problem of plastic bags in the produce section. We're looking to keep up that same type of innovation where our products solve a real world need in a simple fun way. We've got some fun products in the pipeline that will come out before the holidays.

*thanks weheartit for the fun shots*

5. If you could have a super power what would it be?
Hmm. I think it would have to be be teleportation. It would be pretty amazing to be sitting in sunny CA one moment, and off to Tokyo, Brazil, or India the next. And you'd save a bundle on plane fares!

Great idea right? Is it as good as it sounds? YES!
I tried out the bag for myself and became an instant f&t addict! Its the size of your fist which can easily fit in your purse and will pop open and shove closed in under 30 seconds, no problem. It is my catch all bag for not just food shopping, but trips to the pool, and overnighters as well.

1. Unfold

2. Pull out bag
4. Enjoy an instant inner pocket
5. Fill with all your goodies!
*review photos belong to me*

Good news!
Flip & Tumble is going to award one lucky Embellisher
with their very own Flip & Tumble bag!!

This is a TWO WEEK contest
Doors close at Midnight NYC time Sunday June 6th

To Enter:
1. Comment below with your best "Reusable Bag" story

Extra Entries:
*Require additional comments*
2. Be a follower of The Embellished Life
3. Tweet/FB/Blog about this Giveaway (leave URL)

Good luck mes cheries!


Dyche Designs said...

Oh and I also follow your blog. :0)

Dyche Designs said...

Wow what a great solution these little bags are. I have been trying to move away from using the plastic bags but my biggest problem is remembering to take something with me when I go out shopping. Those bags look like they would provide the perfect solution.

Amber said...

My best reusable bag story? That would probably be when I realized that when we move, we won't need boxes because we've got hundreds of reusable bags all over our house and in our cagibi too that will probably work for packing everything up. We routinely forget our bags at home.

I think the designs are cute, nice that you can get a reduction if you buy in bulk (which you'd have to) but they do seem a little expensive. Considering it costs me three cents in the store for a bag that's the same size that's also reusable(and biodegradable), nine dollars(or twelve for the really cute ones!) divided by three cents -- you do the math. It would be cute if they'd create a pouch that we could put our already purchased reusable bags in -- that would be something i'd love to have! Of course, i'm also thinking of this from a French consumer's POV -- reusable bags have existed a little bit longer over here, so a lot of the innovation has already been done. When Jeremie was an intern one of his "supplier gifts" were reusable bags in little pouches, covered with brands and logos of course :) ... I suppose I'll find most of those when we move too!

Cute though, and convenient. I wouldn't say no if you gave me one! lol

MrsScorziello said...

I have a reusable wetbag that I use for my babies cloth diapers. :) These are super cute, much more visually appealing than some of the ones our local stores here sell. I could see this being used plenty in our grocery/ errands trips!

bettilouise said...


I love this idea!!! I am now a blog follower :)

Reusable Bag Story:
I never used re-useable bags until last year when I was assigned to do an eco-friendly report for my textiles class, I chose re-useable bags. After reaching and doing my report, I learned about how much waste plastic was and how easy it is to re-use bags! I have been a re-useable bagger ever since and I believe that I swayed many others in giving my report!


passport in my pocket said...

hmmm... I don't know if I have a reuseable bag story!! but I would love to bring this little gem home with me ;)

Couture Carrie said...

Fab giveaway, darling!
I would totally use that bag for Trader Joe's runs!


Aestraea said...

Hmm...a story about reusable bags? I first saw my friend using one- hers folded up into a tiny strawberry, and it is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. We were shopping and she just took out this 'strawberry' at the checkout, and unfolded it into a huge shopping bag. Since then I've loved reusable bags that fold up into cute little shapes that I can stow away in my purse or pocket :)

Aestraea said...

I'm already a follower of this blog :)

BedBugg Boutique said...

I love to use reusable bags for moving too, I seem to be doing that a lot lately....5 times in the last 4 years.
And they are great for taking all the knick-knacks that my kids have to grandma's house and back!

vivelafrance said...

Remembering the bags is the hardest part. Having it in my purse would be the easiest way to go. I love that they are coming out with produce bags! That is my biggest pet peeve! Such a waste and not good for anything. I end up just putting produce in my cart whenever I can but sometimes you just need a bag!

vivelafrance said...

I love that they are coming out with produce bags! They are my bigget pet peeve. Right now I put produce in my cart whenever I can but sometimes you just need a bag.

Anonymous said...

aw, these are so cute! i always use reusable bags for my groceries.

Melissa said...

Hi Jessica!

I don't think that I have a reusable bag story now that I think of it. The ones that I've seen around here I haven't really liked so I haven't gotten one.

I think that the idea is great!

I follow both your blog and your twitter. :)

Have a great weekend!

Chrissy Ann Ceramics said...

These bags look great! What a fab idea! I probably own at least 20 reusable tote bags all of which stay home when I end up unexpectedly stop in at the market. I love the idea of having one tucked into my purse just in case.. AND they are handmade!!! : )
Thanks for introducing us to yet another great product Jessica! I love catching up w/ your blog!

Janet Mazorie said...

Hi Jessica,
I love the giveaway! The only reusable bag story I can think of is... When I was in Germany I bought these awesome reusable bags I found at the local markets and brought them back to all of my friends. So now we all have the same bag and often are caught carrying them at the same time...Yay for the environment!

Anonymous said...

I tweeted!

Twitter @sabrinaholly

Anonymous said...

I don't really have a reusable bag story...but I do have lots of reusable bags. From Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, CVS, Everyday with Rachel Ray Magazine, some other random company...I think my next one shall be from Target. 99 cents! But my favorite is this vintage bag I bought from I use it for everything! It's super cute. My mom had one just like it when she was in school, so she loves using it too.

Twitter @sabrinaholly

Anonymous said...

The best kind of reusable bag is one you remember to use, unlike the ones in my trunk that I usually remember at the checkout when it is too late.

This is an awesome idea and if I had it I would finally remember my bag sine it is the squishy ball in my purse.

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