Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pourquoi Pas?

Why not discover some music and some romance today as the holiday season moves forward? Here's a new song I am loving...and to go along with it the beautiful Tiffany & Co ad campaign for 2011. It's taken at the steps of Bethesda Fountain, my favorite place in New York City.

Source: via Terrene on Pinterest

Ron Pope - A Drop in the Ocean

May you feel romanced today...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY Christmas Decorations: Winter White Pumpkins

Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I go into Christmas decoration mode as soon as the Macy's Santa comes strolling down Broadway to Herald Square. So for my Black Friday, I strolled up Columbus Avenue to Michael's Arts & Crafts to get a couple tools to begin transforming my apartment into a winter wonderland. I began my DIY by turning my little Fall pumpkins into winter white pumpkins!

DIY Christmas Decorations: winter white pumpkins is a great project because it allows you to extend the life of your little Autumn here's what you'll need:

craft paint (cream/off-white)
paint brush
fine pixie glitter (white)
Elmer's glue
mini pumpkins

1. Paint the pumpkin white (except the base)
2. Let dry for 5-10 minutes

3. Flip over and paint base.
4. Let dry for 5-10 minutes.
**Repeat steps 1-4 for a second coat of paint**

5. Rub thin layer of Elmer's glue all over pumpkin with fingers.
6. Shake glitter on pumpkin immediately (over a clean-up paper). Be sure to coat evenly!

7. Allow to dry and then decorate chez vous!

I always love finding new DIY Christmas decorations for my home and this was first time attempting the winter white pumpkins. They turned out so great and took no time at all. I can't to show you the rest of my DIY Christmas decoration projects I have going on right now... so stay tuned!

What are you doing to DIY for Christmas?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving What I Wore & Cyber Monday Madness

It has been unseasonably warm for the holidays in New York City so far but I am soaking up every warm ray the sun will give us! So what I wore for Thanksgiving was the perfect Fall outfit without any evidence of winter's chill stealing the thunder. But Cyber Monday has arrived and you can kick start off this year's winter wardrobe with great deals just in time for Jack Frost to arrive.

What I wore for Thanksgiving was the softest, lightest, girliest angora wool wrap sweater I own with a flouncy mini skirt, tights, over the knee boots, and lots of layers of gold chains around my neck. PS: Any skirt with pockets instantly steals my heart.

Just as you thought you survived Black Friday, now Cyber Monday comes barreling in. Did you do any Black Friday shopping or have you been holding out for today? ...or have you even heard of Cyber Monday? (Click just above to learn about it)

Here are some of my favorite Cyber Monday madness deals just from skimming the web...

Ann Taylor is offering 40% off your entire purchase! Lord & Taylor has 50% off of coats like this gorg Via Spiga pictured PLUS they are running an extra 25% off with the promo code: CYBER. **Lord & Taylor scores my favorite deal** French Connection has 30% off your total purchase! And many stores such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue are offering Free Shipping.

Check out the Cyber Monday website to save some bucks on your holiday shopping list!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thankful Thanksgiving: What are You Thankful For?

Can you imagine if we tallied up our blessings as much as our complaints? I'm so glad that our country has a holiday focused on the question: What are you thankful for? And yes if you are wondering...there IS an App for that. I recently heard about the Thankful For App where you can see your growing list of the blessings you are provided everyday.

So to start off this Thankful Thanksgiving 
here are some things I am thankful for:

1- Living in the greatest city on the planet: New York City. 
Never a day goes by that I don't feel this way.
2 - Working in fashion. finally.
3 - A massively supportive family
4 - Life changing and encouraging friends
5 - Health, Home, and Happiness

May you find many things you are thankful for today as well.
And start making a habit of thinking - what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving Mes Cheris!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for your Wardrobe: Shopping Your Closet for a New Outfit

Brace yourself, because here is something you will never find in a magazine, how to be thankful for your wardrobe and find that fabulous new outfit by shopping in your own closet. I love magazines, they fed me my recommended daily fashion dosage my entire life, but they always are selling, always are pressing the buy, buy, buy mentality. But in times like these, you more often find yourself having to "make-do" with what you have. But what's wrong with that?! Being content with what you already have is the big hurdle to happiness...right? So here are some pointers to gather inspiration, shop in your closet, and create a fabulous new outfit for Thanksgiving...or any time.

1. Gather Inspiration
Pinterest is a very good site for building inspiration boards full of pictures that inspire your personal style. AND I personally make sure I post mucho inspiration for your fashionista pleasure like here, here, and here! Whether it is a color scheme in a modern painting or an actual piece of clothing from the latest runway of Oscar de la Renta, an inspiration board is important to push you to spin those creative wheels and think outside the box.

2. Evaluate your closet
Shopping your closet means you pull anything that reminds you of the inspiration you are pulling from. **Key Note: Do NOT think. Just pull. And mix & match. Being thankful for your wardrobe means appreciating the great pieces you already have and maximizing their potential.

3. Begin testing outfits - Start outside the box
Try on the first thing that comes to your mind from the selection on your bed. Whether this is a safe outfit you know, or a scary concoction that would never be fashionable. DO IT. To be creative you just have to start Doing and stop Thinking.

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

4. Try on more outfits
Yes this warrants a repeated step. Try on as many combinations of outfits that you can muster...and more. From the "pushing it" to the completely insane. Shopping your closet means you channel your inner quirky Carrie Bradshaw and can put the cookiest things together and look brilliant.

5. Evaluate your concoctions
Never look negatively at anything you try, remember you are thankful for your wardrobe. This is your time to find the perfect combination without scrutiny from peers, colleagues, or anyone in the world... What do you like about this look? What don't you like about this look? NEVER say "NO" and just take it off. FIGURE OUT why you hate it. LEARN from your evaluations, and allow your opinion to EVOLVE as you tweak your styling.

6. Test run your top choices - With Confidence
**Most important in this step: If you do not wear your look with confidence then no one will buy it.** You have to wear it knowing that the moment you step out of the door you are wearing the chicest, most fierce outfit in your city today and the paparazzi are in waiting for you to photo-opp your way around town. Be thankful for your wardrobe.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

CONFESSIONS: My greatest style strides were forged from living in cities (Like Lille, France and NYC) where I am encouraged to push the limits, wear what I want, and embrace it), this helped me tremendously... so stop caring and start pushing. Creativity needs limitless options and zero judgement.

Find your creative stride that makes your boots made for walkin' and feel fully confident that you are an amazing person that can be thankful for your wardrobe by shopping in your closet and still be 100% fabulous!

Give me your feedback! 
How did you go shopping in your closet?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Almost Turkey Day: What to Wear for Thanksgiving?

I was thinking last night as I poured over old Thanksgiving pictures from was A LOT colder last year. I was already in my full length fur coat. This year I didn't even wear tights with my dress on Sunday! But it is almost Turkey Day and the decision is looming...what to wear for Thanksgiving? Here are some fashionspiration pictures to get your juices flowing.

So the scarf may be a little much for this unseasonably warm Turkey Day, but maybe a large cowl knit sweater with some well tailored riding pants? That stretch of the legging will come in handy at meal time!

I'm very much a dress girl, and revel in finding any reason to dress up. This last dress really takes the cake (or the turkey) for me. What to wear for Thanksgiving? Check.

I have a not so subtle obsession with hats...I even wrote an article about it in Papercut Magazine. Hats are classy and timeless and statement makers. It instantly adds style to even the simplest outfits and is an easy way to look stunning but still feel comfy and ready for this great holiday! So now that you know what to wear to Thanksgiving!

Go get ready to get your gobble on!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Organize your Boots: DIY Boot Shapers

I did some major Fall cleaning this Saturday! After working for two straight weeks with only enough time to go home, sleep, and start all over...this weekend was a God send. My room however, was proof of my insane schedule, as it was in shambles. This is not my norm for acceptable tidiness and I was going crazy. Out of my Mary Poppins adventure I finally organized my closet further and found a solution to organize my boots! Enjoy this simple DIY Boot Shapers tutorial may it inspire you this Monday to reform your own closet and organize your boots!

DIY Boot Shapers

1. Start with some cardboard.

2. Cut out large rectangle pieces (one side of the box).
3. Roll them up, cardboard side out. Optional: Paint a fun color.
4. Hot glue in place to prevent unraveling. 

5. Organize your boots in your closet and enjoy your new found freedom of being able to find them all!

How chic will your closet look now?

Friday, November 18, 2011

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Lovely to see you mes cheris!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art and Fashion: Private Giorgio Armani Event

I hopped over to a private art event at the Giorgio Armani boutique this week on Madison Avenue. It was a great turnout to see the art exhibition with Evelyn Tompkins featuring artist Marta Luz Gutierrez.

The artist, Marta Luz Gutierrez, did a full wall installation made up of many small canvases that worked together. And a four piece tribal band had the crowd going all night along with the wine and mojito bar.

Here is Marta Luz Gutierrez with her installation. Thanks Billy Farrell Agency for capturing the event. I always love mingling at the different fashion events throughout the city!

How did you mix art and fashion this week?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pourquoi Pas?

Why not bundle up in some chic layers today? The Fall is here and it's my favorite clothing season, all the fun colors, and comfy fabrics without the miserableness of the cold winter wind!

How will you layer today mes cheris?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fashionspiration & Giveaway Winner

Sorry for going MIA recently but Time Warner decided to abandon ship at my apartment and with all the hours I'm working at my latest job I couldn't exactly call to fix it! Luckily, I am back and bearing good news for one of you! I have a giveaway winner to announce and some fashionspiration to through in the mix.

Unless you are French or a New Yorker, wearing all black may not be in your day to day is definitely not in mine, despite the latter! I enjoy rich, saturated, intoxicating colors like teal, fuscia, cerulean...I could go on and on. Given my constant obsesh with bold colors, I always struggle to feel cute and creative in my wardrobe during specific fashion seasons. ALL BLACK is the unspoken dress code of the chic fashion crowd and abiding by it (because it IS mandatory for market week as well as fashion week) can be a bit challenging day after day.

Here is an all black look that is business professional, sleek, and will make you feel like the powerful career woman you are:

Skinny Pants + Wedge Booties = Long Lean Legs 
Fitted Suit vest + Tailored Blazer + Basic Tee = Thin Waist. 
Don't forget your sleek pony for a polished final touch!

And without further suspense the giveaway winner is...

True Random Number Generator  12Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Congratulations Patricia Villamil of Bringing Up Emilu

 I hope you enjoy your new Paul LaBrecque Hair product set as much as I have. 
It truly is an amazing brand that treats your hair like a queen!

Keep rockin' the week mes cheris!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fashion 101: Market Week and the Long Hours of the Fashion Industry

I find myself, yet again, in another season of the fashion industry's notorious long hours. But truth be told, I still am so blessed to be living my dream! The long hours of the fashion industry do not only exist the month before each fashion week, every sector of the industry seems to have their busy time. For the sales team this is Market Week for every season.

So I am currently working on the sales team at a luxury brand that I have always admired. I have never worked in sales before so this is a great learning experience for me, as I build my professional portfolio. Market Week consists of selling all the looks you see walk the runways to buyers who in turn put them on the racks of their stores for YOU to buy!

When we work long hours it is because we are unpacking the samples (that just arrived from Milan, in my case). Categorizing them, pricing them, changing their hangers, and merchandising them so that what was once an empty space turns into a beautiful showroom for market week.

After the showroom is set up we are creating the market week buy books, which is the bible of the products for that season. Buy books include styles, fabric codes and colors, corresponding swatches, notes from production on any changes, and pricing and availability. Basically the answers to any questions a buyer from say, Bloomingdale's, may have about their purchase for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection they are piecing together. This looks similar to the one I found below:

Then the appointments begin and the orders start being processed. Of course that is a tale for another day, and other long hours of the fashion industry. But for now I'm enjoying teaching you about Market Week.

Be sure to try your luck before it's too late!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Visit NYC and NOT Look Like a Tourist

Today's post goes out to Ava, of My Skin Concierge Ava, who hit me up for some advice on dressing like a New Yorker. She is visiting NYC for the holidays (such a magical time), and wants some advice on how to NOT look like a tourist in NYC! Great question... I'm so glad you asked.

How to not look like a tourist in NYC
NYC and Not a Tourist

1. Black, Black, Black 
Black is the go to "color" of New Yorkers, it is always chic, and easy to put together. Most subscribe to the theory of the more black the better. Also it makes you look fierce, so no one questions your street smart...also important but we'll get to that later.

2. Bundle up in Layers
It gets really (really) cold in NYC. Fortunately, the holidays is when the cold is still charming winter chill rather than the wrath of Mother Nature like us locals have to endure from January - March. Start with a base thermal layer, then a hip sweater, topped off with a super structured (preferably rocked out) leather jacket. For pants switch between black skinny jeans and black leggings. Then add a statement scarf, a floppy beanie, and leather gloves (you may need more coverage than these half gloves but I couldn't resist). *Oh and the Starbucks is also crucial to your warmth as well as your New York street cred.*

3. Boots
New Yorkers pretty much wear boots all year round, don't get me started on the people that wear this exact outfit in July (yes I've witnessed this exact incident). The important thing to remember as a Tourist "New Yorker" is that you are not used to walking as much as we are everyday, and your feet will seriously hurt. But never under any circumstances are you allowed to wear sneakers unless you are coming from the actual gym in your workout clothes. Here are some adorable combat boots with only a slight wedge for style and all the right sass.

4. Backpack
You will inevitably have lots of tourist things to carry with you. Camera, maps, guide books, souvenirs, and maybe snacks. GREAT TIMING! Not only is the backpack the biggest accessory trend to hit the runways recently, it is perfect for hiding your tourist stash without leaving you unprepared! *Remember a smart phone is vitally important* it can give you directions so you don't wander in circles with a map, plus everyone wears them for good tunes to drown out the sirens.

5. Bling
Layer on the accessories and rock like no tomorrow. Multiple layered rings and bracelets are super hot right now. Grab a handful at Forever 21 and wear them all at once! *Let your confidence bling too* 90% of a New Yorker persona is in their demeanor. -When you go somewhere you don't Sunday Stroll, you power walk. -You wear an outfit likes it's the hottest thing from the runways of Lincoln Center. -And you definitely don't let people walk all over are NOT rude, but you are always assertive.

So what do you think mes cheris? 
You ready to visit NYC for the holidays and not look like a tourist?

Don't forget you can still win some NYC swag 
even if you're aren't 
visiting NYC for the holidays!

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