Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for your Wardrobe: Shopping Your Closet for a New Outfit

Brace yourself, because here is something you will never find in a magazine, how to be thankful for your wardrobe and find that fabulous new outfit by shopping in your own closet. I love magazines, they fed me my recommended daily fashion dosage my entire life, but they always are selling, always are pressing the buy, buy, buy mentality. But in times like these, you more often find yourself having to "make-do" with what you have. But what's wrong with that?! Being content with what you already have is the big hurdle to happiness...right? So here are some pointers to gather inspiration, shop in your closet, and create a fabulous new outfit for Thanksgiving...or any time.

1. Gather Inspiration
Pinterest is a very good site for building inspiration boards full of pictures that inspire your personal style. AND I personally make sure I post mucho inspiration for your fashionista pleasure like here, here, and here! Whether it is a color scheme in a modern painting or an actual piece of clothing from the latest runway of Oscar de la Renta, an inspiration board is important to push you to spin those creative wheels and think outside the box.

2. Evaluate your closet
Shopping your closet means you pull anything that reminds you of the inspiration you are pulling from. **Key Note: Do NOT think. Just pull. And mix & match. Being thankful for your wardrobe means appreciating the great pieces you already have and maximizing their potential.

3. Begin testing outfits - Start outside the box
Try on the first thing that comes to your mind from the selection on your bed. Whether this is a safe outfit you know, or a scary concoction that would never be fashionable. DO IT. To be creative you just have to start Doing and stop Thinking.

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

4. Try on more outfits
Yes this warrants a repeated step. Try on as many combinations of outfits that you can muster...and more. From the "pushing it" to the completely insane. Shopping your closet means you channel your inner quirky Carrie Bradshaw and can put the cookiest things together and look brilliant.

5. Evaluate your concoctions
Never look negatively at anything you try, remember you are thankful for your wardrobe. This is your time to find the perfect combination without scrutiny from peers, colleagues, or anyone in the world... What do you like about this look? What don't you like about this look? NEVER say "NO" and just take it off. FIGURE OUT why you hate it. LEARN from your evaluations, and allow your opinion to EVOLVE as you tweak your styling.

6. Test run your top choices - With Confidence
**Most important in this step: If you do not wear your look with confidence then no one will buy it.** You have to wear it knowing that the moment you step out of the door you are wearing the chicest, most fierce outfit in your city today and the paparazzi are in waiting for you to photo-opp your way around town. Be thankful for your wardrobe.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

CONFESSIONS: My greatest style strides were forged from living in cities (Like Lille, France and NYC) where I am encouraged to push the limits, wear what I want, and embrace it), this helped me tremendously... so stop caring and start pushing. Creativity needs limitless options and zero judgement.

Find your creative stride that makes your boots made for walkin' and feel fully confident that you are an amazing person that can be thankful for your wardrobe by shopping in your closet and still be 100% fabulous!

Give me your feedback! 
How did you go shopping in your closet?


Ellen Einkauf said...

I completely agree about the confidence part. You have to remember to sell yourself & your own personal style!

Jessica said...

It's absolutely the most important thing! Glad you agree!

Patricia Villamil said...

I have to agree going shopping in your closet is a fab idea. I did the other day and some forgotten pieces that im wearing now as often. I love the dress in the last picture!!

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