Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Almost Turkey Day: What to Wear for Thanksgiving?

I was thinking last night as I poured over old Thanksgiving pictures from 2010...it was A LOT colder last year. I was already in my full length fur coat. This year I didn't even wear tights with my dress on Sunday! But it is almost Turkey Day and the decision is looming...what to wear for Thanksgiving? Here are some fashionspiration pictures to get your juices flowing.

So the scarf may be a little much for this unseasonably warm Turkey Day, but maybe a large cowl knit sweater with some well tailored riding pants? That stretch of the legging will come in handy at meal time!

I'm very much a dress girl, and revel in finding any reason to dress up. This last dress really takes the cake (or the turkey) for me. What to wear for Thanksgiving? Check.

I have a not so subtle obsession with hats...I even wrote an article about it in Papercut Magazine. Hats are classy and timeless and statement makers. It instantly adds style to even the simplest outfits and is an easy way to look stunning but still feel comfy and ready for this great holiday! So now that you know what to wear to Thanksgiving!

Go get ready to get your gobble on!


Rissy said...

I am pretty much dying over that free people dress... and a cowl knit sweater with leggings sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving day option. Loved all of this!


Patricia Villamil said...

Hi Jessica, I love that oversized gray sweater! Listen just to tell you that I got my products, they are amazing, I already tried them, what a difference! I will do a post, and link to you!

Emily said...

its always so hard to decide! Im thinking ill go with a dress,leggings and a blazer over it . have a lovely week!

Jessica said...

Those all sound like lovely outfit choices!

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