Friday, November 4, 2011

NYC Digs: The Village Halloween Parade

I promised you guys photos of The Village Halloween Parade and I did not want to disappoint, especially since I was in it! If you are not obsessed with NYC or live here let me fill you in...every Halloween Greenwich Village has a massive Halloween Parade that way too many people go to, see for yourself...

 It took me 10 minutes to simply exit the subway and reach the street downtown. 

 Every group that passed had music and dancing, The Village Halloween Parade is a great time if you have a good seat and don't have to be pushed around at the back.

 It is so funny walking around NYC on Halloween, the city is crawling with weird people...more than normal. I love seeing everyone's costumes, especially the very committed ones.

Like this dad who dressed as Hagrid from Harry Potter even walked on stilts 
all night and talked like him! And his kids were Gryffindor students!
My favorite of the night!

So tell me mes cheris...are you ready for the holidays? Because they're here!

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kileen said...

very cool Halloween pictures!! really like the Hagrid costume!

cute & little

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

You have a great blog. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas. Following you :-)

Jessica said...

Thanks guys! It was a great Halloween!

Emreen said...

Wow ! Beautiful pictures.... Its good to see people dressed up in our favorite characters ;-) ....

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