Friday, September 18, 2009

Oscar Oh La La

I always can find pieces from every fashion show that I can pull inspiration from, but rare is it that I feel my closet craving an entire runway lineup! Oscar de la Renta gets my gold star for Fall 2010 as the best overall collection. Classic, colorful, and fantastic!
I love the folding of fabric along the neckline, not only does it add interest, but it lends a delicate quality to the look of the dress. The brooch brings a nice pop...I love brooches, and the natural waisted belt is so lady like. The best thing about the dress is it can be used all year! Its the perfect fall dress as well, I love it when fashion marries function!
Pink makes me smile, so I really like this dress. Although too many layers sometimes annoys me, I actually like the layered ruffles dropping down the length of the dress. This is definitely a modern day princess dress!
How wonderfully girly is this? I love the fade to transparent sheer at the bottom, it makes you want the 50's back immediately!
This feels very Carrie Bradshaw to me. The cocktail dresses are short, flirty, and fun this season and I am excited to go out on the town. The more interesting folds of the fabric gets me again with this dress and the brighter orange is not a color I wear...but I am loving!

I already love this deep Mediterranean Blue but in classic shorts paired with a slouchy casual sweater it is perfection! This will be the perfect season transition outfit, I can just see it now out shopping, or on a picnic. I'm telling you...Perfection!
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Saving my favorite for last as always, this dress is totally on my wishlist. I am not a fan of the shoulder pads coming back to the pages of Vogue, but I am a fan of how Oscar married the trend with a large ruffle. I love the compliment of the wider shoulders brought in by a plunging neckline, a staple trademark in my outfits. But then pulled in small with a dainty bow and then giving such a perfect hourglass figure puts the icing on the cake. And this amazing intense purple is to die for, as well as the whole collection. Bravo Oscar bravo!


Couture Carrie said...

Stunning post and review ~ I love this collection, too, especially all the gowns!


Miss Head Over Heels said...

The runway is super hot!

Jowy said...

DANG, the colours are so delicious and inspirational!

One Love,

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