Thursday, October 1, 2009

Moda Italiana

Now for part 2 of Milan. Italy has so many big name designers that it is impossible to capture their fashion week in one least not if you do it justice! *photos compliments of*
For a strong start to the second round, Blumarine makes quite a vintage statement with this fun, day outfit. Structured like the 50s but colored like the 70s, I absolutely adore the vintage air it holds, and I must get my hands on a soft leather jacket like this!
Roberto Cavalli has created a great juxtaposition of structured menswear against flowy, lady like fabric. Each attribute brings out its compliment stronger than if alone. Be in charge while still being swept away in a Spring romance with this suit!
As usual, Georgio Armani hits the nail right on the head. This outfit is so perfect for a girls night out on the town, and is sure to be a head turner. The extra fabric with lots of coverage makes the one bare shoulder incredibly sexy, and paired with short shorts and heels it is the perfect example of pairing compliments...Cover a little here + Uncover a little there = elegant sexiness! All it needs now are the perfect statement earrings and you're good to go.
I was very impressed withe s/s 2010 line of Luisa Beccari, but how show-stopping is this dress? It is the closest thing to perfect Hollywood glamor that I have seen on the runway in quite a few seasons. Dramatic sweetheart v-neck, cap sleeves, and lots of ruching...sigh...

And of course...VERSACE! Always an adrenaline pumped show and this season was no exception. These two pieces were my favorite though! How adorable is this suit for Spring? Yes, I know, to actually wear it any where "suit appropriate" you would need about 6 more inches on your legs but it is so Jackie O meets Serena van der Woodsen. Perfecto!

Then, this hot number is a nice soft color with a jaw dropping neckline that will turn heads from miles away. I personally would loose the split because I think that is too much skin, but I still love the dress either way!

All in all Milan was wonderful. Flirty, bright, and whimsical everything a Summer/Spring fashion week should be, but I wonder what Paris has up its sleeves?? I know it is the FW I have been dreaming about the last 3 weeks! All the lights, catwalks, starved all comes down to this coming week...Paris. Buckle your skinny waist belts its gonna be an exciting ride!


Miss Head Over Heels said...

One word - WOOHOO!!

Leia said...

Such gorgeous pieces. I can't pick my favorite!

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