Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fashionspiration: Fashion Archive

I thought I'd pull out an oldy but goody from the fashion archive of The Embellished Life vault! The sad thing about blogs is you put up so much information from the beginning, but it takes time to build readers so your early, inspired pieces get seen by very few people!

This dip into the fashion archive is for some visual inspiration from the fashion photography world. Please gain inspiration today from the works of Richard Avedon, Annie Leibowitz, and Thomas Legrange (as pictured above) among other greats.



Wendy said...

Great photo! And so true!!! All the work and effort you put into your blog and how many really see it!!

Pattie said...

I second the greatness of the photo :) Off to check out the oldie goodie post!

ATTrio said...

What beautiful picture!

Jessica said...

So glad you guys like! I loved researching this when I originally wrote it, I felt it needed more attention!

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