Thursday, December 16, 2010

NYC Digs: Big Apple Lady

There are an unending amount of things you can dive into in this wonderful city at any time of year... but Christmas gives everything a magical spin. Twinkling streets that sing joyful music to you as you skip along 5th Ave in your button up Balmain Boots! But with so many options, how is a fashionista to decide?

You can start by leaving Manhattan for a smaller island dedicated to one lady that has had her share of dazzling magazine spreads over the years... Lady Liberty! Long before the ladies of Sex and the City, Our Lady has touched people with her independent spirit... not to mention her classic Greek fashion (that she always knew was stylish).

It is inspiring to see that New York never lost its zeitgeist as the place to go to make your dreams come true. I found 3 of my ancestors listed at Ellis Island signing in for the American Dream after a haul from Norway! But we'll dive more into the gateway to America soon enough, for now lets visit Liberty Island.

Liberty is full of history and things to explore literally! The museum sits inside our statue! But word to the wise when planning to rendez vous with this Lady... plan ahead! To tour all the way up to the crown (which is of course the raison d'etre to visit her) you must BOOK IN ADVANCE! This lady's fabulous headpiece is booked months in advance... she's like the next hot restaurant in Manhattan... no exceptions!

How to be fabulous for Our Lady? Easy for a snappy dresser like yourself right?! Climb those stairs in style with some comfy flat boots with a fancy flair like these Chloe Cutout Boots. Fight those harsh Hudson winds in something ultra warm and soft like this Karl Donaghue. And of course la meme chose pour ta tete! Try this Diane von Furstenburg beret bien sur!

Have you met Lady Liberty?

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