Sunday, March 14, 2010

Define: Moving On

What exactly causes us to finally "move on?" Are we eternally condemned to waiting on the next door to open before we can stop staring at the one that seems to have closed in our faces? Must it always be that we must find somewhere new to place our heart before we can find closure from the past? Or in the same sense but reversing roles, why must we always wait until that other person moves on for good before we feel we can close that chapter of our lives?

I have felt this way in a couple transitional times in my life, where I think I subconsciously clung to a certain someone to be my safety net...the person I could always run back to in between failed attempts of dating. What is it about that person that always holds your heart? For me, I never really closed that door until I heard he was engaged, it was then that I finally felt I could part with that chapter of my life and feel free of that force that he forever held on me. Because for some reason mes cheries, we may never know why things don't work out. It may seem like all the pieces are there for what should be a relationship filled with glorious displays of fireworks, but bad timing after bad timing all we continually get is an explosion. Therefore, in no small way, I am forever grateful for "Moving On." Even if it may stop me in my tracks every now and then, it forces to me to take back my heart and save it for something worthy; to quit leaning all my hope on a weak fortress and build it up for a future mansion.

What is "Moving On" to you?

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Katy @ Pie Bird Blog said...

I personally don't believe in "moving on" in the sense that you totally forget someone when they are no longer "available" to you. I've come to realize that it's hard to let past loves go from my mind completely because there are parts of me that only existed when I was with that person. You can't leave yourself, I guess :) Thanks for the great post!

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome post might I add, I was wondering the same thing. It feels like until something happens to me or the guy that's the only way I'll move on. It's kinda funny actually.
I agree, keep your heart until you find something worthy enough for it, don't give it to a fool, or fall wayy to quickly (like I've done) lol I hope all goes well :)

NekiNaturals said...

awesome awesome. I have been there and it is hard at first but keep your heart precious to you and you will find someone who will value just as much

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