Friday, September 23, 2011

Travel to Boston

After Fashion Week I felt the need for a break, a city that has nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with a really good beer accompanied by a great time. So travel to Boston it is! And I must say...I am liking the 21st century's approach to travel. I'm bussing it to travel to Boston and this bus has plugs to charge your phone, tables to work on and wait for it...WiFi! I'm literally blogging to you from the road right now which is insane.

My morning was a bit of a debacle though. My bus was booked for 9:10, I literally got there at 9:13 and it had already arrived, boarded, and left! What happened to board time and then leave? And isn't travel always running at least 5 minutes late? Well I had to wait an HOUR for the next bus, and praise God it didn't start raining until I got on the bus in the last Stand By Seat left! I was praying hard for that seat!

Source: via Cathy on Pinterest

So I've only spent..mmm...9 hours in Boston prior to this trip, and I absolutely loved what I saw. So I'm excited to stay for a long weekend and get to see a much bigger picture of it! I will report back with pictures of my own of course but I'm not promising perfection with this gross rainy weekend we have ahead of us across the whole East Coast. For now, here are some pictures that have me excited.

Source: None via Tracie on Pinterest

Enjoy your cyber travel to Boston!


Anonymous said...

Three minutes late and it already left?? That is crazy! Glad you made the next bus, have a fun weekend!

Jodi said...

Where are you staying? I live in Boston if you want to meet up. I plan to go to the SOWA market on Sun morning if you are interested.

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