Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome to, blazers, and color oh my!

Well out of nowhere Fall dropped into the lives on New Yorkers a few days ago and now everywhere you turn are great boots, adorable blazers, and floppy beanies. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, it has the most vivid colors and the layering is still fun rather than a necessity from the miserable cold. I have to say though, surviving last years Winter, makes me wary with Fall this year because I know what is looming in the future!

Regardless, I am embracing Fall for all it brings which yesterday was brunch with a friend followed by a street fair on the Upper West Side and then a casual stroll through Central Park! Best day ever! Here is my outfit (consisting of every great thing about Fall according to me). Gloves, blazer, boots...I was tres heureuse indeed!

How are you celebrating Fall mes cheris?

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