Friday, October 28, 2011

Cocktail Dresses: Night to Day Tutorial

As fashionable ladies we all have our great cocktail dresses that we search for special occasions to wear. But why wait for a special occasion? You realize you can wear those sparkly numbers in daylight as well, right?! But fret not a night to day tutorial is on your way! Scroll down to discover the fine art of bringing that sparkle out into the sushine!

1. Start out with a show-stopping cocktail dress like this Alice + Olivia dress.
2. Layer a Flashdance sweater over it. Something very casual and soft, to balance the cocktail dress.
3. Pop bright colored accessories and some layered gold pieces.

And voila! You have your Night to Day look achieved!

Bring the Night to Day

How will you sparkle today?


Fashionista622 said...

I absolutely love the choices you have provide. The earth tones, glitter & accessories are all well styled! Have a great weekend. :)

MySkinConcierge Ava said...

okay I think I have found who I need to ask. Heading to NYC for the holidays and need to know what to wear so I will not look like a tourist and also be able to walk and stay warm! Help!!!

Also what is the latest fad for purses!

Ava Roxanne @MySkinConcierge

Chat soon and thanks for your help!

Jessica said...

Ava!! Thank you for your question, I would be happy to help! Look for your answer coming up soon :)

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