Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pourquoi Pas? ...Have a latest obsession?

Obsessions can be good and bad, like lately I have a popcorn obsession (it is pretty much my side to every meal I eat...except breakfast) but clearly that is a good thing because it is my homemade popcorn yay! So pourquoi pas have a latest obsession of your own? Here are a few of mine...

Latest Obsession #1: Bad Verizon
I have been feeling a bit out of sorts the past week and a half because thanks to Verizon I have had no texts and no voicemail...oh and it's cost me a job...I called to reconcile the situation after going in to the store twice to fix the problem and their staff clearly does nothing above the bare minimum of what they are required and has no need to appease you as a customer any further. So BRAVO VERIZON.

Latest Obsession #2: Very Good Music
Holly Brook's Saturday has been nonstop on my repeat on my Playlist.

Latest Obsession #3: Amazing Gossip Girl Fashion
Spotted. One fashionista, who like the rest of them, can't get enough of Eric Damien's charm over the Gossip Girl closet. I am forever entranced by the costumes of the GG cast, but the latest episode (once I caught myself back up) was amazing. The funny thing was it was all Blair Waldorf!! I never like her style, I'm more a rocked out Serena, but watch out!

The Jenny Packham feature was phenom. Blair's backless sparkly number was showstopping and then her high waisted, wide leg camel pants was a not-so-subtle reference to the flawless Princess Grace of Monaco, whom she is now channeling for her character's latest fairytale scheme. These pants made her look uber tiny at her waist, I would don these with a big silk scarf wrapped around my head in a second!

{Merci FanPop}

So what is your latest obsession?

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