Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Faux Bob Hair Inspiration

I will tell you what, Busy Week, doesn't even begin to cover the warp speed I am traveling at this week. So sorry to be a bit delayed on posting this week! But it is nonetheless always a good busy when you are hitting the pavement and being productive right? Especially when you keep it in style. As you may be aware, I change my hair a lot and love finding new creative hairstyles to try. Some planned, some not. But unfortunately with long hair, the only downside is you can't have it short right? Wrong! Inspired from a Faux Bob Tutorial on Pinterest, I decided to take a whack at getting my old coiff back. Yes, believe it or not too long ago my hair was actually this short! I hope this hair inspiration gives your the motivation to try it for yourself!

The best thing about the Faux bob is built right in the title. You get to have a faux bob for just a day, a few hours, however long you feel like committing to the short do, without actually snipping any shears! This is a relatively easy hair do, that didn't take me too long the first time and it only gets easier each time. Plus it's always good to find new hair inspiration styles right?

It's as easy as 1,2,3...5?
French braid the bottom half of your hair and pin to your head. 
Tease the top. 
Ponytail at the back. 
Tuck under and pin. 
(And for me) Curl the shorter layers that fall out. 

Don't forget to layer on the hairspray when teasing and then when finished to keep your faux bob in place. But when pieces do fall throughout the day, don't fret! The messy strands give this bob the edge it needs.

I just love Pinterest and all the Hair Inspiration it provides! 
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