Friday, March 30, 2012

Funny Fashion Girls

For a funny Friday edition, I thought I'd honor the funny fashion girls I get to work with every day. I really love people, and love people watching. Fashion girls are always fabulous, a little neurotic, and very dedicated to their loves...let's watch and learn.

This is how the fashion girls I work with dress everyday. I do love working in an industry (finally) where everyone dresses with style, even when it's not your style it is done on purpose. I love the girl above for example but picture 2 and 4 are too loose and Olsen Chic for my taste. My style is girlier, with shape so I tend to have more fitted, less androgynous pieces.

Source: via Olivia on Pinterest

Funny Fashion Girls Obsessions:

1. Yoga
Bikram, bikram, bikram. It'd be a top trending topic if fashion offices got #Hashtagged. Where is your yoga studio? Who is your instructor? OMG She is totes AMAZING! How long have you been practicing? Did you see the latest LuluLemon yoga line?! I actually am a runner, and like to cross train with dance classes like Zumba and Hip Hop Abs, so yoga...not so much my thing.

2. Coconut Water
Fashion girls live and breathe by the hydrating promises of Coconut Water... How else would you survive the morning following the late nights of fashionably partying? I personally need a little sweetener and swear by VitaCoco, Rihanna endorsed, which tastes better than it's competitors.

3. Celine
This not so little trapeze bag can be seen all over town and in every fashion office at least once. It's the latest staple of the fashion girls for It Bag Status. I personally hate that the sides are designed to stick out like that, but if you love it, it absolutely is great quality.

4. Cleanse
Any craze that involves not eating solid foods to be "healthy" is an automatic go with the fashion girls crowd. I can't speak to the mood of the girls while on the liquid only 24 hour a day diet, but apparently they are a must. Personally...I love food. A lot.

I love my funny fashion girls and I love how entertaining my crazy fast paced industry is. Hopefully you've taken some great pointers on how to assimilate with this society! To watch them in their natural habitat even in you don't live in a fashion capital watch the hilarious video created by Harper's Bazaar, Shit Fashion Girls Say. Every time I watch this movie I feel like I catch something new that cracks me up!

Cheers and have a great weekend!


Emily said...

Gosh I am obsessed with that second outfit! haha and yes! I don't know what all the rage is with this cobnut water but I feel like if I try it then i'm just falling deeper into my already stereotype haha

Cathy of Under Eye Cream said...

Wow those outfits are really fabulous! Love them all.

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