Thursday, March 22, 2012

How To Be Stylish and Still Be a Real Man

Today I was inspired by the Brad Paisley song I'm Still a Guy, and the all too often overlooked fact that being a man, a real man, is always sexy. Unfortunately, the drawback to living in my sparkly dreamy New York City is that the men seem to get girlier and girlier. And I'm not even talking about my fabulous gay guys who are always fashionable, I'm talking about the straight men I'm trying to date...and I own more tools in my tiny New York apartment than they do. Seriously? Not cool. Why does it have to be either/or? Why can't a man be stylish and still be a real man? So listen up boys, here's a little lesson to be a sexy stylish real man. A man's man is effortlessly sexy and stylish and dresses for women. A guy's guy dresses like an eternal adolescent an dresses for his video game buddies...who are you trying to be?

The Basics:

1. A Great Fitting Pair of Dark Jeans

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

These Bonobos jeans are a perfect example. FIT KEY: A nice slim cut, but just loose enough to not be innappropriate or mistaken for your girlfriend's jeans. And please STOP wearing Old Navy Carpenter Jeans. It's not working for me.

2. Properly Fitted Button Down Oxford Shirts

One of the most versatile items in your wardrobe, so don't worry if it's expensive, count it as an investment. You can them to work, church, dates, and casual events...they work for almost everything. FIT KEY: The shoulder seem should rest exactly on the edge of your shoulder. Hanging over is too big, resting on top is too tight. You don't want to look like you played dress up in your Father's closet!

3. Fitted V-Neck Tees

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

The All American jeans and a t-shirt and boots is always a great stylish man look. Just remember 2 things...FIT KEY: You are not on the Jersey Shore (nothing shrink wrapped). You are not 14 in your favorite team's shirt (nothing you can swim in). The same seam/shoulder rule applies from Basic #2.

4. Boots

You'll be great with one great weekend pair. Only buy high quality leather, authentic boots. Cheap ones are very obvious and loose the sexy man appeal.

5. Three Piece Suit

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Something every real man should own is a tailor fitted three piece suit. You will always have a place to wear suits, even if it's just weddings, funerals, and church, but most of you have jobs where you must suit up and that third piece makes your entire look go from careless to stylish. Plus, you can wear just the suit, just the vest with jeans, or all three for different occasions.

The Extras:

1. Hats

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Fedoras, golf hats, and even sometimes baseball real men look great in hats. Plus, it allows you to stand out from the crowd (well not baseball hats). It's that extra touch that is stylish but manly.

2. Details

Pocket squares, socks, jacket lining, suspenders. The most important about a real man being stylish is in the most minute details that says you care. Honestly it makes me jealous, as much as I love the embellished frilliness of womeswear, menswear has us beat with clean, impeccable craftmanship. Don't let that go to waste!

3. Sunglasses

Aviators or Wayfarers will improve your man look every time, guarunteed. And we notice.

4. Jewelry

Source: via Thom on Pinterest

I once dated a guy who was obsessed with really nice men's watches, and I don't blame him. Guys jewelry though less frequent is really nice, really quality, and really sexy. But please beware, do not wear the medium length chain don't want to be flagged as a dated Eminem lackey.

So who's a stylish sexy real man now?

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