Friday, March 9, 2012

Meanwhile at Paris Fashion Week

J'adore Paris. It's the city of love, the city of lights, and the city of fashion! I always love trolling the internet for the goodies of Paris Fashion Week and boy are there some great ones. I must say this Fall 2012 Fashion Week season has been a really great one. I have had hope restored in the creativity of the industry. More color, and beautiful feminine clothing has graced the runway this season than there has been in a while.

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 Still pretty new to the Ready to Wear scene, Louis Vuitton is not doing too shabby. Although I cannot say that this collection was my style exactly, I loved the execution, and I loved the inspiration. An actual custom steam engine chugged it's way down the catwalk and then each model, complete with her own bellhop carrying her LV bags, walked in three piece dress suits.

 Just like LV,  a lot of lines at Paris Fashion Week are sporting pants under a skirt. I'm not a huge fan of that look because I feel it does nothing for your figure, I do like how Mr. Lagerfeld executed it chez Chanel. The jewel encrusted lace skirt that wrapped around the sleek pants and plenty proportions of sheer...I seriously was swooning. And then many models also in gloves this year, but I love that Chanel has chosen Opera Length Fingerless gloves! I have never seen this. What a cool downtown edgy spin on the ultra uptown classy accessory!

 Elie Saab dabbled more with actual Ready to Wear this year than I have seen him attempt in at least 8 seasons, where I have seen more of his signature couture gowns. I seriously could not love this jumpsuit more. With his touch of that shimmering sheer fabric fit with a great pant, this woman is super chic.

 The line of Kanye West...yes THAT Kanye West, was surprisingly chic but not a lot of diversity, but he's new to the fashion scene...he has a lot of growth as a designer to make I suppose. I really enjoyed the leather looks he styled together. This leather vamp ensemble topped with fur I would so rock in NYC. I do wish he would've represented at NYC instead of Paris Fashion Week though, not sure I'm on board.

Sarah Burton has turned out another fun Alexander McQueen line. Many looks dealing with white and exploring this triangle shape, I was smitten for this cape with the gathered wide hem! Since the dress is cinched, it still allows you to look curvy and feminine and still fashion chic.

Paul & Joe played with lots of texture and rich colors which gets instant brownie points in my book. I also always enjoy men on the runways. I especially loved this last look color blocking along with mixing velvet, lace, and silk. They are dramatic and are all working together very well for a bold statement. Of course I would not be bold enough to rock a see through lace top braless, even with those pockets, but that's what models are for n'est-ce pas?

Valentino is no surprise to appear featured for fabulousness, but right out the gate, Look #1 is a leather cape. Seriously? Do you even need the rest of the line? It's amazing, and takes the cake. Bravo Valentino on my favorite caped look at Paris Fashion Week!

Vous aimez Paris Fashion Week my darlings?

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