Monday, February 21, 2011

Fashion Networking with Convertible Clothing

Pre-Fashion Week I got myself out to a Fashion Networking Event in Midtown that featured super hip 
convertible clothing line Tuc+Wes. I told you lovelies about this event before hand and I hope some of you got to make it there! 

 I was fortunate enough to speak with the lovely Orly, designer for Tuc+Wes, and she was a bubbly wealth of knowledge about the concept, the line, and what's to come! Passionate about fashion that is useful to an economy of post recession buyers, Tuc+Wes provides many different looks from each well designed article.

This event held a fun demonstration fashion show that showcased the clothing's versatility. Orly was hard at work changing the looks on the models for everyone to see, but I must say the idea of convertible clothing has me spinning with possibilities!

Here is a spread of the colors from the Fall line, I LOVE the muted jewel tones. J'adore Fall color palettes!
The event itself had many unrelated business vendors, but I did enjoy the clothing line and I met fellow blogger Carmi of the Madison Muse, who is just fabulous, so you never know what the night will bring!

Well I have enjoyed an amazingly uneventful weekend of detox from Fashion Week and oh la la I feel fantastic! Rested and rebooted I can take on the that warm weather? I'm talking to you! I was very successful in my shopping ventures though, and might I say that my Spring wardrobe is shaping up to be pretty nice!

So do you love convertible clothing darlings?

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