Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NYC Digs: Gallery Opening

From years of being a die hard Sex & The City fan, there are many things on my NYC Bucket List a la Carrie Bradshaw and the gang. It occurred to me a few weeks back that I have yet to attend a New York Gallery Opening. After meeting a new friend who works for the Susan Inglett Gallery in Chelsea, I learned they had a gallery opening coming up, so I immediately made plans to check it out!

Although much more artsy then the TV glam of SATC, I still had a really great time! I hope you enjoy the pop art inspiration from artist Hope Gangloff!

Be sure to keep up with Susan Inglett Gallery for more fun happenings!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

well...speaking of bucket lists...i think it's on my life bucket list to watch SATC start to finish. i've only seen a few episodes. someday...(such a lofty goal, right?)

_kArLy[*] said...

whoa! those are neat! What a fun blog you have! I love it, and am excited to start catching up on all your posts!

Kathrine said...

New York is on my "cities to visit" list!!!! I've never been there, and I;m afraid I won't want to leave once I get there...you are so lucky to be there :)

The art shown is great, some of them are an excellent mix of pop art/expressionism. Great post.


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