Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Choose My Outfit for Fashion Week!

Darlings, the time has come, New York Fashion Week has arrived...and I'm having YOU choose my outfit to rub elbows with the Glamazons of Lincoln Center. After much deliberation, and very creative wardrobe brainstorming (which did not end well for my room) I have all of my looks chosen, say for one! And who better to choose my remaining look than my very fabulous fashionable followers?!

 #1: Don't Step on my Blue Suede Shoes: 
Necktie Knotted D&G Silk Scarf
Accordian Pleated High Waisted Skirt
Blue Long Sleeve Tee
Suit Vest
Blue Suede Ankle Booties

 #2: Furry Frenzy:
French Faux Fur Vest
Aqua Long Sleeve Tee
Dark Skinny Jeans
Heeled Oxfords

#3: Vintage Vixen
1950s Vintage Lace Dress
Burgundy Mary Jane Pumps
Fox Fur Neck Warmer

So what do you fancy? Menswear, Fur, Vintage...I know you'll make a fabulous decision! 

Comment below with your choice!
Voting ends Monday at Midnight NYC Time!

ALSO: Don't forget to be an informed fashionista. 
Brush up on your Fashion Week history HERE!


Couture Carrie said...



Ronnie Dessaint said...

I like #3!

Pin said...

they're all tres chic, but #3! (#2 is good if you want something more casual, though.)

Anonymous said...

Vintage lace, giirl. You look totally hot and classy in it. <3


Amber said...

I think the third!

Janet Mazorie said...

Vintage Vixen all the way!

Lauren S. said...

Hey Jessica!!! I like the last look, the vintage dress! Hope you have an amazing time at NYFW, I'm so jealous! :)

VerdeAlive said...

Fur or Vintage... I love the dress but the off the shoulder blue is really nice too!!!

Rissy said...

I am torn between 2 and 3 but I am going with 3!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I vote #1 I like everything about it

Anonymous said...

#3, most definitely, vintage is so classic!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Thank you for comment :) I love #3 but I think #1 would be the best :) but I'm not overly good at fashion type stuff so don't pay attention to anything I say about it :p

Caddy Girl said...


Jenni Austria Germany said...

3 definitely :)

Angel said...

#3 I vote Vintage too!

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