Monday, August 1, 2011

Current Obsession: High Waisted Wide Leg Jean

Mes cheris, I have officially begun my search for the perfect high waisted, wide leg jean, and so far... not so bad, but I'm still not quite there yet. To say this is my current obsession is putting it lightly, I'm definitely a woman on a mission! 

I tried on style after style in a variety of Anthropologie locales, Urban Outfitters (no luck), and even J.Crew, Banana, and Zara (equally unfruitful) throughout this weekend, but nothing. Fortunately I have a bit of time before the weather turns cooler again, and it's permissable for me to sport jeans without turning into a sexy sweatbomb...yes that is what I said.

The closest pairs I could find were all in Anthropologie of course (constant obsession). I tried on a couple that were stunning, but not high waisted and that is really what my target is. I need a pair of awesome jeans that I can permissibly wear my crop tops with in the Fall and not feel like I'm trying to be "on display" what's a girl to do? I did find one pair that is too die for...but they are J.Brand and therefore out of my current price range. Maybe one day, but for now I still must be quite strategic about my purchases.

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High waisted wide leg jeans are just so classic and make for such a statement piece in an outfit. I love that they provide a different shape to my body, instead of the constant spandex skinny jeans I've been sporting as of late. I love that they are always made as Trouser Jeans which are always chicer. The high wait makes your waist look smaller and your legs go on for days, and the wide leg tones down any hippyness. Nice. I am also favoring the lighter blue washes lately as well. It provides an earthly refreshing breeze from my dark wash, all business jeans.

It wasn't a completely unfruitful shopping weekend though, I found my last current obsession at a store in Chelsea this Saturday. I finally found some taupe platform wedges that will go with everything and a perfect go to pair for chic put together looks and "Wowza" entrances...generally the only kind I care to make.

Will you wear high waisted 
wide leg jeans come Fall?


Amber said...

I am ALL OVER this tried, what with my ridiculously long torso and dire need to lengthen my silhouette! My high waisted jeans all came from H&M. What i'm looking to find is a pair with big belt loops and two or three buttons to close so I can wear my wide belts with them. The ones i've got have loops for a skinny belt and that's not really my thing. I'm not on the crop top train yet but I feel all 70's fab with a sleek top tucked in and some tall heels :)

Jessica said...

They are TOTALLY perfect for that! And I'm all for the big belt loops, they are just more substantial and fun!

Lola said...

Me too! Soo stylish!

Constance said...

Me too!! I'm looking for the perfect pair! Waiting to find my dream one in a vintage shop for under 40$! Hopefully!!

Jessica said...

I found some at Anthro finally...but they are J.Brand, so a bit out of my price range at the moment. The shopping continues!

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