Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tapping In To Your Inner Artist: Charcoal Drawing

I spent five and a half hours yesterday drawing...that's right the better part of my working day was spent on a commissioned charcoal drawing! It has been so fabulous to dig back into my art supplies and reek havoc on a piece of blank paper! I just love the feeling of having charcoal in your hands, running it haphazardly along, swiping it here and there, blending it across the paper. Charcoal is such a wonderfully messy medium, I get excited just thinking about it. Here are some things that hopefully will get you tapping in to your inner artist!

Source: None via Emergency on Pinterest

You'll see that the content is all people, because that is my thing. I am just captivated by people, in fact people watching is a favorite past time of mine. You may not know, but I was originally an Art Studio major before I changed to Marketing, so my degree actually holds a minor in Art Studio. All of the artwork in my room is my own work from college and after. Charcoal drawings, ceramic vases, black and white photography, it lends for some great home decor. The subjects vary according to the medium of course, but each piece maintain a romantic nostalgic feel, because that is what pours from my soul.

Source: None via Gemma on Pinterest

"Tapping in to your inner artist is something very important to do, no matter what your profession. It allows you to never be wrong which grants you the power to create the impossible and let that bridge you to your new destination." ~Jessica 

What do these images inspire you to do?

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